17 year anniversary and celebrated with favorite new watch and some Paella and Pulpo

Sep 13, 2020,21:55 PM

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Thanks Beckyjax! I am lucky my better half

 By: darrony : September 13th, 2020-22:08
Puts up with me taking pictures of my watch before we eat LOL

Congrats on your 17th anniversary :-)

 By: Mr.Gatsby : September 13th, 2020-22:26
When people make it this far, it shows commitment, dedication, faith and above all love. Truly happy for you and thank you for sharing this beautiful memory. The watch is a bonus, but a really nice bonus. I’m now a Lange convert. So I can understand your ... 

Thanks for the nice words Gatsby

 By: darrony : September 14th, 2020-00:39
I have been an admirer of Lange for a couple years now but until recently never really considered these watches, even as grails within “the budget”

Congratulations .

 By: Watchonthewrist : September 13th, 2020-23:41
A beautiful and iconic ALS

Thanks Watchonthewrist. My wife chose the

 By: darrony : September 14th, 2020-00:42
Cuisine to remind of us our recent rip to San Sebastián and Barcelona a couple years back. It was a wonderful time and great food

Both beautiful cities. 🤗

 By: Watchonthewrist : September 14th, 2020-12:32
Hope we can travel freely again soon 🙏🏻

Congrats again!

 By: TheReturn : September 14th, 2020-03:23
Congratulations man!

The Paella reminded of us the one we made in our Barcelona cooking class.

 By: darrony : September 14th, 2020-22:44
Actually this one tasted better LOL

I love Paella (who doesn’t)...

 By: myles721 : September 14th, 2020-05:42
A very difficult dish and interpretive...I love dishes like Cobb Salad that you can have a hundred times and each one has its own personality.

Congrats!! [nt]

 By: DarrenKats : September 14th, 2020-08:21

Thanks CR, it was tasty! [nt]

 By: darrony : September 14th, 2020-22:49