SIHH 2013: Ballon Bleu tourbillon with double jumping second time zone (live photos)

Dec 13, 2012,07:27 AM

I am still travelling so this is a concise overview of the pair of new watches just announced. Detailed info to come soon.

New for 2013 is the Ballon Bleu tourbillon with double jumping second time zone. This is  regulator style, dual time zone, jump hour with tourbillon. This is unusual and beautifully executed.

Each of the twin time zone indicators are jump hours, with the open dial revealing the beautifully finished twin jump hour mechanisms with their racks and levers. They move slowly over 60 minutes, and then jump at the top of the hour. The movement has a Geneva Seal, and the calibre decoration is top class.



The jump hour module is built on top of the flying tourbillon calibre currently used in the FWM line. Because of the height of the module, the tourbillon carriage has been raised up in order to bring it level with the jump hour display.

Though the jump hour module is quite large, the base movement is quite small, as visible from the back. 

The second time zone indicator is advanced by the pusher at 10 o'clock.

The case diameter is 46 mm, while maintaining a relatively slim 13.8 mm height.

This is available in white or pink gold, each being limited to 50 pieces. The retail price will be approximately EUR96,300 and EUR90,000 respectively.




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Thanks SJX

 By: foversta : December 13th, 2012-12:48
I have mixed emotions here. The dial lay-out is nice and the watch, as a whole, reminds me the Grande Complication. But seen this small base in such big case is not very enjoyable. Thanks for the presentation! Fx

Strictly speaking it is not a small movement

 By: SJX : December 13th, 2012-15:32
since the module is big, only the base calibre is small. But I see your point. - SJX

the 10 o'clock pusher

 By: lien : December 13th, 2012-13:05
would be nice if it's designed to complement the 3 o'clock crown:) cheers, Ed

I think a rectangula pusher

 By: SJX : December 13th, 2012-15:31
in this case would look better than a round pusher. My subjective opinion. - SJX

Nice live preview.

 By: VMM : December 13th, 2012-15:35
Nice pics too. Not my kind of watch, but I like that movement. Thanks for sharing. Vte

SJX, it seems Cartier is on a roll ! This is a truly

 By: kpk : December 14th, 2012-21:02
impressive piece. I look forward to your SIHH report sometime in Jan.

Wait to see what else is in store for Jan

 By: SJX : December 18th, 2012-20:23
the mystery will be uncovered soon. - SJX

Looking forward...

 By: kpk : December 20th, 2012-04:31