The spectacular Cartier Time Art exhibition in Singapore

Dec 17, 2011,04:06 AM

Three days ago Cartier Time Art opened in Singapore. An amazing collection of 159 watches and clocks are on display at the lotus-shaped Art Science Museum in Marina Bay Sands until Feb 12, 2012.


Conceived by award-winning designer Tokujin Yoshioka, Cartier Time Art spans the company's history as a watchmaker and includes the earliest known Cartier timepiece, a chatelaine watch dating from 1874.


Cartier Time Art is on level three of the Art Science Museum

The morning before the Time Art press conference


The Time Art press conference with Tom Zaller, director of the Art Science Museum, Pierre Rainiero, Image, Style and Heritage Director of Cartier, and Tokujin Yoshioka, Art Director of the exhibition 

The set-up for the opening party on Dec 13

The books at the gift shop - the massive red book covers vintage Cartier timepieces and is wonderfully comprehensive but incredibly expensive ($500) and heavy (20 lbs) such that it's almost impractical; the white and black Nadelhoffer book is an excellent history of Cartier covering everything; unfortunately the book for the Time Art exhibition is disappointing in its content and illustrations

This report covers the entire exhibition, with each part of the report covering one of the six rooms of the show.

All photos were taken on the morning before the press conference hence the empty galleries. I was very fortunate to be amongst the first people in the world to see this fantastic show.


The Art Science Museum and view of the Singapore skyline



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Part I: Precious Time

 By: SJX : December 17th, 2011-04:20
The first room titled "Precious Time" provides an overview of Cartier's watches and clocks all the way from 1874 to the mid-20th century. There is an eclectic but interesting and significant selection of timepieces on display here including the earliest k...  

Part II: Looking Outwards

 By: SJX : December 17th, 2011-04:42
The second room explores the various stylistic inspirations the Cartier brothers adopted for their creations, primarily Indian, Chinese and Egyptian. The colourful Tutti Frutti creations often used antique carved emeralds from India. This Tutti Frutti wat...  

Part III: The Mystery Clocks

 By: SJX : December 17th, 2011-05:03
This room is filled with twelve amazing Mystery clocks. These clocks are iconic Cartier and mesmerizing. The reason for the name is clear, almost the entire clock is transparent and thus mysterious. The mechanism is a simple idea and probably obvious to t...  

Part IV: Vintage wrist and pocket watches

 By: SJX : December 17th, 2011-05:15
No message body...  

Part V: 21st century watchmaking

 By: SJX : December 17th, 2011-05:15
No message body...  

Part VI: The ID One

 By: SJX : December 17th, 2011-05:16
No message body...  

Part VII: Fine Watchmaking

 By: SJX : December 17th, 2011-05:47
The final room displays the Cartier Fine Watchmaking collection in its entirety - an impressive spread of timepieces. Because the lighting was exceptionally harsh it was impossible to photograph most of the watches. Each of the display cases has a video p...  

Beautifully captured SJX!

 By: BluNotte : December 18th, 2011-02:52
WIsh i was there for the opening event, but nevertheless i shall make it a point to visit the exhibition early next year! Is this a free exhibition? Or do i need an invitation to enter? Cheers Stephen

Tickets must be purchased at the box office.

 By: SJX : December 18th, 2011-03:09
But if you want to go, let me know in advance. - SJX

Great report SJX

 By: Geo : December 18th, 2011-03:19
I enjoyed all the photographs a lot and I know how hard it is to capture the watches in their vitrines. What a fantastic exposition it is, at this location in Marina Bay. Well done! GEO

Thanks Geo.

 By: SJX : December 18th, 2011-04:30
Good to read you here. - SJX

Great post and thank you for posting!! [nt]

 By: Roni M : December 18th, 2011-05:47
No message body

thanks to your personal guiding tour!!

 By: Hororgasm : December 20th, 2011-13:43
which made it alot more enjoyable for everyone. my favourite is the first room. the turtle in the water one that you highlighted to me is arguably the most "interesting" piece. best, Horo

Great exhibition.

 By: MichaelC : December 21st, 2011-08:33
Thank you for the very thorough report!

SJX, will the Cartier books be available for purchase

 By: docsnov : December 18th, 2011-00:51
in the US? Although expensive I would love to have a look at the red book. I really enjoy looking at vintage Cartier pieces, and I imagine the photos in this book are quite nice. Stewart

Yes, Amazon has it

 By: SJX : December 18th, 2011-01:49
ISBSN 2080305336. - SJX

..and I didn't believe my

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : December 18th, 2011-13:11
best man that Singapore is best city in known Universe All this exhibitions, boutiques, stores, fellow Purists ...ahhh Thank you for yet another awesome report SJX