Visiting the New SEIKO Museum

May 07, 2012,02:24 AM

I had an opportunity to visit the Museum and as a SEIKO watch fan, had a very good time there.  Here is the highlights of the Exhibit for those who cannot make it here.  Those who visit Tokyo and have time, I highly recommend to visit this place.  Note also that it is close to other popular tourists' spots like Asakusa and the Tokyo Sky Tree (see the bottom of this post).

First of all, I thank SEIKO PR Department (Mr. Matsumoto, Ms. Naruse) who accompanied to there and the Museum Executives (Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Mukoyama who guided us through with many interesting episodes).  I had been meaning to visit there as I had known about it, but never had time to do that, but now that I have more free time, it was my great pleasure to visit after renovation.

SEIKO Museum is open to public for free!   English guided tour is available.  I would recommend to make reservation, though.  For more info:
  Official website:
  Also, please see MTF's introduction post here: /

It's time to go smile

Subway Asakusa Station.

The oldest subway line in Asia and therefore Asakusa is one of the oldest subway stations in Japan.

(The poster at the time of start of operation in 1927)

Here it is!  10 min cab ride from Asakusa Station.

Museum Shop

To be continued....

Please read on to the post below for Part 1 and Part 2.

  Part 1 - Evolution of the "Timepieces"
  Part 2 - SEIKO history and Wa-Dokei (Historical Japanese Clock) Collections


1. Tourists' Spot #1 - Asakusa Senso-ji Temple.
THE most crowded place in Tokyo with the tourists from all over the world all the time.

(2) The view from Asakusa - The soon-to-be-opened Tokyo Sky Tree (634m) afar, which replaces the Tokyo Tower (333m) functionally, and nearby buildings along the Sumida river.  (Note: the Golden Torch - not xxxx - on the right is the head office of Asahi Beer smile)

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Part 1 - Evolution of the "Timepieces"

 By: KIH : May 7th, 2012-02:26
Part 1 - Evolution of the "Timepieces" 1st Floor mainly focuses on the evolution of the timepieces. (1) The Start of Time Measurement Equatorial Sundial made in Qing Dynasty, China Chomon points the Polaris, and it casts the shadow on the dial parallel to...  

I guess I have shown too much :-)

 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:25
... so that those who can't visit would benefit! Thanks! Ken

Yes, that was a horrible memorabilia....

 By: KIH : May 9th, 2012-06:02 first, I didn't realize it was the mountain of melted pocket watches.... The history of this country is full of natural disasters, and will be certainly more. Sigh... Ken

Part 2 - SEIKO history and Wa-Dokei (Historical Japanese Clock) Collections

 By: KIH : May 7th, 2012-02:28
Part 2 - SEIKO history and Wa-Dokei (Historical Japanese Clock) Collections The 2nd floor has two sections, (1) SEIKO history, and (2) SEIKO's Wa-Dokei (Japanese historical clock) collection. (1) SEIKO history with historical timepieces. Founded in 1881 (...  

Thank you Ken

 By: cazalea : May 7th, 2012-09:34
Based on the article by MTF and your excellent report, I very much look forward to making a visit to this museum. And it suggests a few more Seiko items I might add to my collections. Cazalea

Is there anything missing in your collection? :-)

 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:26
You already have fantastic range of SEIKO collection even I envy! Ken

A thousand thanks, Ken. Seiko fans everywhere . . .

 By: Dr No : May 7th, 2012-11:12
. . . are indebted to you for this magisterial effort. Deeply impressed, Art

They are serious about watchmaking....

 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:27
... and tenacious, never give up

This is my post of the week!

 By: dxboon : May 7th, 2012-23:56
I'd love to visit the Seiko museum! I think Seiko offers fantastic value for the money, and at the higher end has technically amazing and soulful (in a uniquely Japanese style) finishing. Your post is fantastic, Ken! Thank you! Cheers, Daos

Thank you!

 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:29
Yes, you should come and you can enjoy Asakusa Tempura and this museum See you soon! Ken

Great report.

 By: VMM : May 8th, 2012-01:23
Thanks for sharing. Vte

Thank you! [nt]

 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:29
No message body

Excellent report

 By: Damo : May 8th, 2012-04:39
The first thing I will do when I return home today, is to put on my Seiko. Damo

Please do...

 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:29
... show us the wrist shot! Ken

After visiting SEIKO some years back...there are no factories in the west that can compare

 By: bernard cheong : May 8th, 2012-10:41
I say this with care. It is the parameters of comparisons I take most seriously. Keiko Naruse, Kaoru, and even Mr Shinji Hattori were present during my time some years back. I was so impressed...words were not enough. I bought over 6 GS, and the solid RG ... 

Seiko prople would be very flattered....

 By: KIH : May 9th, 2012-05:53
They do read this forum and they appreciate your comments. Thank you! Ken

Ken, thanks for the educational report.

 By: ling5hk : May 8th, 2012-16:45
I know Seiko is capable of producing high quality watches but I didn't know that Seiko has such a rich history on time pieces. Regards Ling

And the founding family is still at the helm...

 By: KIH : May 9th, 2012-05:55
... of the company, like Toyota. Good company with serious watchmakers. Ken

Brilliant, Ken.

 By: BDLJ : May 8th, 2012-18:15
Thanks for taking the time to put all this together and to share it with us.

My pleasure!

 By: KIH : May 9th, 2012-05:58
.. actually, my pleasure Can't keep this unknown to watch lovers here! Ken

Incredible report...

 By: patrick_y : May 9th, 2012-00:08
I'll have to read it twice to fully appreciate all of it. But thank you for the fantastic report! I have always wanted to visit the Seiko museum during my trips to Japan, however my trips which are very short 2-3 nights never seem to allot enough time. Th... 

Next time...

 By: KIH : May 9th, 2012-05:58
...let us go both places! Ken

Thanks, Ken - this museum will definitely...

 By: mrsnak : May 9th, 2012-07:41 on the top of of my list of places to visit if I have the chance on my next trip. As was mentioned, the melted pocket watches were a poignant reminder of that great tragedy. This message has been edited by mrsnak on 2012-05-09 07:42:12

.... and the tragedy will...

 By: KIH : May 10th, 2012-15:51
... hit again some day. Not a question of if, but "when". Well, human being can't escape from the natural disaster no matter where you live, after all.... Please come visit! Ken

I hope to come in July or August...

 By: mrsnak : May 12th, 2012-08:31 I will certainly let you know if a diversion is feasible.

Hope I won't be on trip either!

 By: KIH : May 12th, 2012-08:34
Let me know anyway. Ken

Very interesting report...

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : May 10th, 2012-13:04
... Only thing I regret I didn't go there myself last time I was in Tokyo.. Fascinating these ultra high beat on the video. Do you have any story on them? Best Hans

Higher beat was one of the answers...

 By: KIH : May 10th, 2012-15:52
... for the Observatory Chronometer challenge team to make the caliber more stable and accurate. It started in 60s and that was the start of the challenge to the higher beat. But for practical purposes, there is the limit (for durability of the parts)....... 


 By: flamenco : May 7th, 2012-05:33
me of tempura !!! Streets outlying Sensoji Never knew the Seiko Museum was round the corner ! More reason to ASAKUSA ! Thanks for the post !

Yup! Tumpura is also famous around there.

 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:30
Nice foods, tourists spot, and now this museum. Please come and visit! I will guide you Ken

Thanks a lot Ken for this superb report!

 By: foversta : May 7th, 2012-12:59
I enjoyed both parts! Thanks! Fx


 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:31
Like many other brands, there are lots of human history with this brand. Ken

Thanks for the report KIH.

 By: SJX : May 7th, 2012-22:40
I look forward to seeing the renovated museum soon. - SJX

Are you coming again soon?

 By: KIH : May 8th, 2012-08:32
... I will be your guide then Ken

Golden Sperm and Teppanyaki

 By: MTF : May 8th, 2012-19:01
Ken, Thanks for the tour. I always thought the Asahi Golden Torch sculpture looked like a golden sperm Then again, I can be excused as I was in Japan as a pharmaceutical R&D head. Our portfolio included 'relationship enhancing products'..... As we were al... 

I thought it was something else, also starting with "S"....

 By: KIH : May 9th, 2012-05:52
... Asakusa has lots of Class A and Class B Gourmet places and Tempura, Teppanyaki, Ningyoyaki.... are a few of them. Asakusa also has an amusement park with roller coaster and such! Thanks! Ken

You are always welcome!

 By: KIH : May 10th, 2012-06:47
I will be your guide Ken

Ken, I appreciate that. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : May 10th, 2012-16:13