Hublot Atelier Brazil edition

Jun 13, 2014,01:32 AM

The World Cup has kicked off with Brazil winning the first match and of course the Hublot team are concerned about all the safety of guests wearing their Big Bangs and King Powers around Rio.   

So here is the solution:

Its carries all the same DNA at a regular version but of course is a quartz watch like the Atelier version.  I think it looks very cool indeed but whether you will still get your arm chopped off for one, is still a question in my mind.

I have been told that they are also for sale through some Hublot boutiques...


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Great idea!

 By: KIH : June 13th, 2014-01:35
Yeah, those who are there cheering up your favorite team, please be careful..... Anyone traveling abroad should be careful, for that matter. Thanks for the info, Andrew! Ken

How do you get this watch if say, you're in Rio?

 By: Rei : June 13th, 2014-04:09
Hublot also has a Hublot Palace there, is it meant for invited guests/celebrities/athletes only? And any idea how much does the watch cost? :) Thanks Andrew.

I am sure...

 By: andrewluff : June 14th, 2014-01:21
You need to be a guest of the brand, work for or ambassador to have one, likewise to stay in tbe Palace. I will PM you the price Rei. Cheers Andrew

Visitors to Brazil should err on the side of austerity!

 By: jmpTT : June 13th, 2014-08:47
I like the colourful band! These quartz watches are a well-intentioned wink and nod to the safety concerns that have been flooding the news wire, but most of the criminals won't care to discern between a real Hublot and a knockaround. That can be done in ... 

Great advice!

 By: andrewluff : June 14th, 2014-01:22
I think if I were going I would probably only wear one of these when in the hotel or when in hospitality and not when walking the streets. Why make yourself a target... Cheers Andrew