Hands on review of the Hublot Classic Fusion Jeans

Nov 01, 2013,10:55 AM

If our modern life seems to be far from the representation we have of the Wild West with its open spaces, long rides and mythical places, it is clear that it also has its lot of daily adventures! The Classic Fusion Jeans ultimately intends to remind us that the cowboy of our childhood with his resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit still exists deep inside us, allowing us to face all these day-to-day hurdles!

The Classic Fusion Jeans is the new fruit of the partnership between Hublot and Laurent Picciotto, the owner of Chronopassion who have already had the opportunity to work together with the Skull Bang. This is a watch that may seem anecdotal at first, but I did however find in it several points of interest and more importantly, a certain charm.

First, it is a limited edition that uses the Classic Fusion, in its 42 and 45mm versions, as a base. The Classic Fusion has not been used that often in special editions and this choice avoids the feeling of "déjà vu". Available in two sizes, it is equally suitable for large or small wrists, men or women. Hublot, faithful to its strategy and communication based on the fusion of materials, previously presented a "Jeans" watches collection using denim for dials and bracelets. However, this collection is made from a Big Bang base (for 3 watches, an additional one using a Oceanographic 4000 base) and chronograph counters tend to reduce the visual impact of the denim on the dial.

The choice of the Classic Fusion seems better to me because the surface of the dial allows us to fully appreciate the unique texture of the material. There is a very nice interaction between the denim and the index and the combination of these elements highlight them respectively. The choice of a red date disk is welcome because without that touch of color, the dial might fall into too much uniformity and therefore would become boring.

The two versions side by side:

The  "Classic Fusion" titanium case which alternates polished and satin-brushed parts has flawless finishings and is comfortable to wear in both versions, including the 45mm one. However, I am not convinced by the bezel lugs made of Black composite resin. I would have preferred another color as blue and black do not usually combine well in a pureaesthetic point of view, at least to my taste. In contrast, gold screws on the bezel add a touch of refinement while matching the color of the stitching of the bracelet.

The decoration on the left of the sapphire glass of the movement is coherent with the atmosphere of the watch:

The strap contributes a lot to the aesthetic success of the watch. I even think that the Classic Fusion Jeans is one of the few watches with perhaps the Romain Jerome Tattoo DNA for which the strap becomes the main criteria of choice. Made of black rubber (again I would prefer another color), it is,like a tradition with Hublot, very comfortable to wear. The folding clasp is easy to handle. Covered with denim, it creates an aesthetic continuity with the dial that instantly puts the Classic Fusion Jeans in another dimension, in where watchmaking and fashion meet. The strap stitching plays the same role as the date disc: it enhances the style by taking an important detail of the jeans ornament while reducing the risk of causing a kind of monotony.

The nice finishings of the strap:

The movement which powers the Classic Fusion Jeans is the Sellita SW300. As a clone of the  ETA 2892, we find similar performances with a power reserve of 42 hours with a 4hz frequency. The movement is visible through a see-through caseback. The movement isn't incredibly beautiful but I appreciate the hollowed rotor. The main objective is elsewhere. The limited edition includes a small side decoration which is reminiscent of the "jeans" context of the watch. I have to underline the fact that with the 45mm version, Hublot replaces the date disk of the movement with a larger one in order that the window is located correctly on the dial to create a balanced dial lay-out: I like this care to detail.

The 45mm version:

After putting both versions on the wrist, I do not have any hesitation, I have a strong preference for the 45mm Classic Fusion Jeans. Actually, the dial opening is limited due to the thickness of the bezel and the 42mm version bears a lack of surface to fully enjoy the visual originality provided by the denim. And as in both cases the watches are worn with comfort thanks to very effective folding clasp, I think the 45mm version is the best option when the wrist allows it.

With this Classic Fusion Jeans, Laurent Picciotto and Hublot created in my point of view a more convincing watch than the previous Big Bang & Oceanographic 4000 Jeans collection. It shows at the same time that the Classic Fusion can  also play with original aesthetic evolutions. It also gives the proof that the blend of watchmaking and fashion codes is possible. Its simplicity highlights the texture of the denim and gives to the Classic Fusion a "sport-chic" side.

It is the reason why I think that this Classic Fusion Jeans is interesting, especially in the 45mm version more suitable to the context of the main material which decorates the dial and the strap.

The 42mm version:

The Classic Fusion Jeans is available exclusively at the Hublot St Honoré (Chronopassion) boutique in Paris in 25 pieces for each size.

Thanks a lot to the Chronopassion team for the warm welcome.

+ The originality of the dial and of the strap thanks to the use of denim
+ The elegance of the Classic Fusion case
+ The small details like the strap stitching and the red date disk which enhance the aesthetic result
+ The comfort on the wrist

+ The black color of the rubber strap and of the bezel lugs
+ The 42mm version seems too small to fully enjoy the texture of the dial

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Thank you for the review of very unique model!

 By: KIH : November 1st, 2013-11:02
Yes, I, too, prefer 45mm version as it seems to be more "playful". This model is super cool and it must be fun to wear off-time. I wish I could see and handle one in person! Again, thank you for the review, Fx! Best, Ken

Thanks Ken!

 By: foversta : November 1st, 2013-14:53
The only way for you to see the watch is to come to Paris! That's a good reason to come visit us! Fx

No no no no no!

 By: Spellbound : November 1st, 2013-16:04
Seriously, this looks like a watch from Guess. Only people in advertising or fashion would like a watch like this. I really want to like Hublot. In every brand I hope I can find a watch I like, and one that connects with me. Every time I walk into a Hublo... 

Thanks a lot Dean for your point of view!

 By: foversta : November 1st, 2013-16:33
I can easily understand that a "denim" watch will not appeal to everybody. I'm far from loving all Hublot watches. But I found at least two I really like ie I would be happy to have in my collection: the Classic Fusion skeleton in 42mm: And the Bullet Ban...  


 By: guillaume140 : November 2nd, 2013-03:33
The bullet bang is Amazing watch

It is amazing because the fusion concept leads to something very useful...

 By: foversta : November 2nd, 2013-15:24
I consider cermet as a fusion of materials. The case is really scratch proof! Fx


 By: guillaume140 : November 2nd, 2013-03:31
Nice and fun thanks FX ;)

Thanks Guillaume.

 By: foversta : November 2nd, 2013-15:22
The watch looks much better in the metal than on pics. Fx

Looks like a fun watch. I wonder if Hublot will make a ripped jeans watch :)

 By: AnthonyTsai : November 2nd, 2013-11:38
jeans with holes! Cheers, Anthony

...and the vintage price would...

 By: KIH : November 2nd, 2013-21:33
... skyrocket? That would be very tempting to see! Ken

Nice review FX

 By: andrewluff : November 6th, 2013-02:38
I actually like the watch... only one thing I do not understand is the red date window. Personally, I think it would have been nice in the same orange as the stitching on the strap :-) I could see my wife wearing the v42mm as an everyday watch without any... 

Thanks Andrew!

 By: foversta : November 11th, 2013-10:12
I think they put a red date because there is always a red detail in a jeans like the small label with the brand name. Thanks for your comments! Fx