Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium Rainbow 🌈 mini Review

Mar 23, 2023,17:45 PM

Hey everyone! I'm super excited to share some photos of my recent addition, the Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium Rainbow🌈. 

Hublot describes this amazing timepiece as "a stroke of daring, a stroke of brilliance," which I think captures its essence perfectly.

This 42mm watch isn't just eye-catching—it showcases skilled craftsmanship as well. The 18K white gold bezel is adorned with 48 baguette-cut colored sapphires, amethysts, rubies, topazes, and tsavorites. The titanium case features 170 gemstones, including rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts, blue sapphires, blue topazes, tsavorites, yellow sapphires, and orange sapphires.

At its core, the watch is powered by the HUB1280 UNICO Manufacture Self-winding Chronograph Flyback Movement with Column Wheel. 

The strap is just as striking, featuring a vibrant rainbow of colors that complements the watch's design beautifully.

For those who prefer something a little more subdued, I've included photos of the watch with a racing grey strap. I think this alternative gives it a more understated feel. What do you think about this strap option?

I am absolutely thrilled with this watch ❤️ and can't wait to hear what you all think, whether you love it or not! I always enjoy engaging in conversations and hearing different opinions.

Thanks for checking this mini-review!

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You're a....

 By: InHavenPro : March 23rd, 2023-17:58
brave man Christian!
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thank you!! well here in Switzerland is not so risky I would say

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-19:23
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I used to say that about where I of the 'nicer' parts of California...

 By: mdg : March 23rd, 2023-19:34
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Congratulations. That's quite an acquisition.

 By: vitalsigns : March 23rd, 2023-18:20
I couldn't ever pull off the look -- it's just too much for me -- but I think it's a very visually pleasing design. The watch definitely screams out; and you can't avoid noticing it. Both straps are nice, but the gray one better allows attention to focus ... 
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Thank you John! great feedback 🌈!

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-19:26
I have been wearing a lot the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Magic Red which is also pretty bold so may fits my latest acquisitions! is bold, but actually not that much not being in Gold. I like your opinion on the straps. Both are great but the grey does tone... 
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And speaking of watches you can't wear in public...

 By: mdg : March 23rd, 2023-18:56
...unless you can afford armed security...
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He is fortunate enough....

 By: InHavenPro : March 23rd, 2023-19:14
to live in Switzerland, so that alleviates the issue to some extent. Otherwise, I'd never be able to pull off wearing that watch on the rainbow strap, it would have to be the grey one, and even then I'd be far too self-conscious about it most of the time.... 
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right here in 🇨🇭is generally safe but much depends where you go and at what time

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-19:29
perhaps not to wear everyday but still so far so good 🌈
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I would only wear that in Tokyo : )

 By: mdg : March 23rd, 2023-19:32
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do tell! Is Tokyo very safe too ❓

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-19:34
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Never been to a safer place...

 By: mdg : March 23rd, 2023-19:36
...people leave their phones, keys, laptops, etc. at the Starbucks and go outside for 20 minutes to smoke a cigarette. I saw it every day. Very few people put a lock on their bicycles...
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very fascinating, may be a place to visit 👏

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-19:40
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here in Switzerland not really...

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-19:27
I regularly see people with much more expensive (OK but perhaps not as flashy but still Richard MIlle, Nautiluses etc.) watches around. But I guess it depends on lifestyle too, I don't really go in dangerous places. Sad that in many countries there is not... 
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Huge congrats

 By: Ambiorix : March 23rd, 2023-19:45
Extraordinary timepiece. Top mouvement, high jewelery. At the moment Hublot is one of the only manufacturers with dare. Grtz,Dom
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thank you! Indeed I like that Hublot is more daring and...has watches to sell without too many games!🌈

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-20:12
love the watch, very annoyed by some big brands like AP and Patek making it hard to get anything..but there are many options !
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It really tells the time!

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : March 23rd, 2023-19:52
I like the hour hand and the minute hand! I'm only kidding, I love rainbow watches, enjoy greatly and wear in good health! 🌈 P.S. The first strap is my pick for sure!
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thank you 🌈 so you prefer the rainbow strap ?

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-20:14
I like both, the people are asked are also leaning toward the rainbow as fitting perfectly..but I find the racing grey makes me feel a bit less guilty 😅I even imagine it makes it more understated
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 By: sschew : March 23rd, 2023-20:10
You're a badass Christian.
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haha 😅 I just wanted to go big and enjoy something very daring or even crazy

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-20:15
but uber cool. Too many "understated elegance" 🥱 in my collection commanded for a big move 🔥
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mission accomplished

 By: sschew : March 23rd, 2023-21:45
That Hublot is wild
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yes, to be honest for a 🌈rainbow this is almost a good deal if compared to ...

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-21:48
this I liked it a lot but the price ...I can't explain it!
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If you're married or have a gf

 By: sschew : March 24th, 2023-00:49
know that this watch will be on her wrist as well as yours especially with the rainbow strap-no way out for you my friend.
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Congrats Christian, as flashy as it is original! And at this point, I'd definitely go all the way in with the first strap! ;-) Enjoy.

 By: FabR : March 23rd, 2023-21:31
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thank you! also for voting for the ! 🌈 strap! I would agree of course!

 By: christianch : March 23rd, 2023-21:43
I first tried the watch in a boutique and then went to my trusted AD which toned it down with the grey. Initially I thought I was trying the wrong watch! I love the quick changing strap system, I find it (for any brand) truly amazing as it opens to so man... 
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I can't wait for someone to complain that the screw heads don't line up !

 By: Gregineugene : March 24th, 2023-00:21
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😅 but the gems are well aligned 💎!

 By: christianch : March 24th, 2023-00:30
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I'm sure you're sweatin' it. 😅 indeed !

 By: Gregineugene : March 24th, 2023-04:33
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😅getting used to it, may be is an acquired taste

 By: christianch : March 24th, 2023-08:34
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agree daringly brilliant piece

 By: Gelato Monster : March 24th, 2023-01:46
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very 🌈! interestingly the rainbow trend really got picked up by many

 By: christianch : March 24th, 2023-08:35
like Patek, Moser lately Carl F. Bucherer with a rainbow tourbillon
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I absolutely love it!!

 By: fmc000 : March 24th, 2023-08:15
It's of course way out of my budget but if I could afford it I would wear it without a doubt. Both straps are gorgeous and completely change the look of the watch. Wear it in the best of health and congrats again.
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thank you👏 glad that you love it too !

 By: christianch : March 24th, 2023-08:37
the straps really change the look! I also have a black rubber strap which I think will also tone it down quiet a bit.
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Congrats and bravo! Very daring references…but it works here!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : March 24th, 2023-11:17
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thank you 👏 today on the grey strap much more "understated" 😂

 By: christianch : March 24th, 2023-15:45
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All in or go home....

 By: nacelle : March 24th, 2023-12:12
Love the rainbow strap with it...
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thank you yes I agree the 🌈 is really go big! but fits perfectly

 By: christianch : March 24th, 2023-15:46
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