Passion meeting 2012

Sep 10, 2012,06:02 AM

Thanks to Philipp and Bernhard, this year again the Passion meeting in the Netherlands was a blast ! What a fantastic event, gathering some of the most passionate vintage Rolex collectors from around the world: USA, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, etc…


First thanks a lot to Steven for picking me up at the airport with his Batmobile…it was the first time I was feeling like Robin…lol



And what an interior…wow…



Nothing is like friendship and watches….and when people start to unpack the watches…the party really begins ! You know that I completely crazy about chronographs…so here are the most remarkable I have spotted….


My favourite are definitely the Paul Newman Daytonas…here’s a stunning example with screw down pushers…what a beautiful watch !



Another one from the same owner, but on a leather strap. To me eyes this combo is even more breathtaking



A ultra rare 6239 in gold: An awesome watch that you don’t come across everyday. Even the riveted bracelet is in great condition



I have fallen for this older Antimagnétique chronograph with a lot of charm: these early dials and hands are really pure and beautiful, what a lot of vintage charm.



Some more features here on this Jean Claude Killy….it’s a grail for any Rolex collector and this one is in perfect condition !



This Tudor Homeplate has been on my wrist during most of the week end. It’s really in great condition and I am seriously thinking about buying it. I’m just in love with the funky 1970’s dial !



This is of course a much later Daytona, but it’s so unique: just look at the color of the subdials and you understand why collecting Rolex can drive you crazy at some point !



There were not only Rolex watches, and I have to say that this tropical Omega  Speedmaster ref 2998 has really caught my attention for some mysterious reasons…lol



Of course there were also some incredible other Rolex sportswatches, like this crazy very early GMT Master ref 1675 with a brown dial



What can I say about this 5513….except that it’s incredible to see a dial turn to brown in such a uniform manner….breathtaking !



By the way, I hope this bag belongs to the same owner, as it is perfectly matching with the watch !



A Submariner Big Crown ref 6200 is a very, very special watch: the Big crown, the fat case, the Explorer dial, the unusual coronet…it’s really different from all the other Submariner !



And a Sea Dweller mk2 is also a 1665with a twist….the thin case, the tropical dial, etc…make it an incredible watch !



A couple of Comex watches on a Comex bag and knife…



And let me finish by a wristshot of my friend Philipp’s 6538…sometime a ray of sun turn an incredible watch into something magic !



The mandatory table shot illustrates how crazy we all are and how many fantastic watches I have not been able to present here…





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All I see is the

 By: flamenco : September 10th, 2012-06:59
Moet !! Mercedes and Mercedes hands ! This is epic ! The Antimagnétique chronograph is amazing ! Do you have more info on that ?

All I see is

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : September 10th, 2012-07:25
too many brown thing is one place Was there some non brown dialed watches??? :) Thank you for awesome report Best D

My pleasure [nt]

 By: DrStrong : September 13th, 2012-00:34

You're welcome [nt]

 By: DrStrong : September 13th, 2012-00:34

Fantastic report Jeff

 By: Bill : September 10th, 2012-08:25
Too much eye candy to have in one place. Looking for ward to hearing and seeing more. Many thanks Bill

Thanks for coming my friend!

 By: bullibeer : September 10th, 2012-09:41
Hi Jeff... thanks for joining us my friend!!!! Woooow what a weekend. THE MAASTRICHT MEETING of passionate Collectors 2012 has been a blast. What more to ask for then so great company of new and old friends, fantastic/mindblowing watches, 26-29 degrees an...  

Fantastic, breath taking!!!...

 By: MattS : September 10th, 2012-12:01
thanks for the great pictures of all these rare beauties. A special mention for the tropical dials, just soooooo miammy!!! Matt

Images part 2

 By: bullibeer : September 10th, 2012-09:42
Part 2… And we have a NOS Omani… NEW OLD STOCK!!!! MINT MINT!! The condition of those watches… mind-blowing!!! And i missed about 30 % of them… to much watches.. to little time. And to much fun talking instead of shooting LOOL. The light is so hard and un...  

That Khanjar Omani 1665...

 By: gensiulia : September 10th, 2012-12:26's embarrassing, really. thanks again. chris

My favourite Souk! :)))

 By: amanico : September 10th, 2012-12:48
6200 and 1675 U.A.E for me, please. A dizzy post, my friend. Best, and thanks! Nicolas

Wow! What a meeting.

 By: VMM : September 10th, 2012-13:00
Beautiful pictures, fantastic and rare timepieces. Thanks for sharing. Vte :)

WOW ! Gorgeous, stunning, breathtaking, I am speechless !

 By: Mike H : September 10th, 2012-09:57
Many thanx to you and to bullibeer for sharing. Best, Mike

Now that is what I call a GTG.............

 By: Topcat30093 : September 10th, 2012-12:49
Thanks to both Jeff & Bullibeer for allowing us to sample a small part of what the atmosphere and sights must have been like :) Regards Tony

As always with this kind of report...

 By: foversta : September 10th, 2012-11:38
I'm speechless! Thanks a lot jeff for the superb pics, what a gathering! Fx

Wow, stunning!!!!

 By: MattS : September 10th, 2012-11:59
sounds like a head scratching WE!!! fantastic report! thanks. Matt

Thanks for sharing. [nt]

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : September 10th, 2012-12:09

It drives me crazy...

 By: i_am_Sam : September 10th, 2012-16:04
Just by looking at the photos... I can't imagine how it feels to really be there.... Those vintages are really fascinating.. I see many of the best vintage example around Thanks for brought us along the meeting Jeff Best, Sam

You guys really know how to have fun!

 By: fernando : September 10th, 2012-18:12
Thanks for sharing :)

My Little Contribution to This Amazing Event .........

 By: Addict : September 11th, 2012-03:18
Thanks P and Bulli ...  

Thanks for your contribution

 By: DrStrong : September 13th, 2012-00:40
it was good to meet again ;-)


 By: mjnoumoff : September 15th, 2012-08:59
drool-worthy!! that white-dial submariner is incredible...never seen one 'in person'!!! WOAH!! the other models are stunning. love those GMTs!!

Did I see a Patek Philippe?

 By: MTF : September 13th, 2012-12:09
Like a thorn amongst the roses, did I see a Patek Philippe aamongst the Rolexes? Surely, it would spontaneously combust in its watch carrier?!? Is it open to anybody with a Rolex or is ther a minimal entry criterium? Should I have sold my ref 5517 ten yea... 

What a blast of a GTG...thx for sharing [nt]

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : September 13th, 2012-12:47

Thank you for the invitation!

 By: aikiman44 : September 14th, 2012-07:31
Can anyone tell me where I can get a brown strap as shown in the photo with the 5538? Thanks very much.


 By: Mike1066 : December 20th, 2012-05:46
I'm late to the party as I continue to search this forum after joining, but WOW. I saw this posted awhile ago over on RPR. Don't know which my favorite is - either hte 6538, 5513 with red triangle bezel, or Omani 1665. I'm undecided - guess I'll have to b...