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The History of the Rolex Cosmograph part I : the pump pushers

 By: DrStrong : January 23rd, 2011-10:33
The legend says that the Daytona fever started in Italy in 1985, when a magazine published on its cover the photo of G. Agnelli on his boat, wearing a classic 6263 with silver dial. A simple photo that would breathe new life into a model that for 22 years...  

Neat post

 By: grigo : January 23rd, 2011-22:32
I am going to have to re-read this one carefully. Best regards, George


 By: midorosan : April 2nd, 2011-23:55
I bought mine in 1990 it has gold indices and the bezel is calibrated to 400 units per hour, I am interested to know more as I plan to sell this one and it's gold and diamond brother which has a bezel up to 200 units per hour and diamonds on the numbers n...