PAM510 vs 111

Jan 27, 2013,05:40 AM

I was absolutely pleasantly surprised when I saw the new P5000 based pieces AND when I was made aware of the price point, I knew OP got a winner here:


We loose the stripes and gain a full 5 day of power on this in-house movement.    All at the cost of ~10% premium.    Which one would you choose?

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Oooh yes! ;)

 By: amanico : January 28th, 2013-02:09

I presume you don't mean

 By: Jester : February 7th, 2013-00:50
the going price of Pre-A 1 were half the going price of 111 from the SAME time period?

with a PR indicator

 By: patrickh : January 27th, 2013-06:23
on the back side, without any doubt the new PAM 510. None of these 2 for me. Wait for 2014 collection.

Fair enough

 By: Jester : January 27th, 2013-09:08
Do you feel that PR indicator is essential on an 8-day movement but not critical on a 3-day one?

I had a PAM 190

 By: patrickh : January 27th, 2013-09:18
and the PR indicator was very useful. I like a turn over in my collection every 1 to 2 weeks and do not have to move hands on all of them to correct time. In fact for a 3 day movement, I expect the same but in your proposal only PAM 510 is a new model and... 

I'm sure

 By: Jester : January 27th, 2013-17:15
Adding the pr indicator is possible. Question is the associated cost. i would guess that OP is trying to keep the cost low on the entry levels models such as this.

Perhaps I shud rephrase my question a little:

 By: Jester : January 27th, 2013-09:05
As a newbie who's getting into his/her first Panerai, what would you choose for him/her then?

another information would be the ease to turn crown

 By: patrickh : January 27th, 2013-09:22
on PAM 510 to fully wind the 8 day movement? How many turns? Any idea? Thanks Patrickh

That's a good question...

 By: Jester : January 27th, 2013-20:34
It was pretty smooth to wind. But to know how many turns it takes to wind it from stop to fully wound, I guess we have to wait for a more detailed report/review.

I also like this one

 By: d-star : January 27th, 2013-09:42
And I think we will see different iterations of it in the future : titanium case, brown dial

yep, titanium, brown dial, no second hand

 By: Jester : January 28th, 2013-00:30
3-6-9-12 w/ gold hands w/ in-house 8 day PR P.5000. I'm in!

I like the 510

 By: Nicko16 : January 28th, 2013-00:06
Well the 339 didn't have a PR indicator and no one had a problem there, but I would like a PR indicator on the back. My 320 has a PR indicator for 3 days power and I find it useful so I guess it has its merits.

I'm not crazy about the "8 days" which, in my view, clogs...

 By: sergio : January 28th, 2013-02:13
the dial some, but I think it's a SOLID Panerai model :-) Cheers

You guys are TOUGH to please...

 By: Jester : January 28th, 2013-02:38
So loose that '8 days' on the dial, we should have a solid winner as entry level Panerai? Having said that, I think OP would like to have a LITTLE differentiation to tell the PAM510 from PAM111, what would you suggest then?

There's one thing you have to understand...

 By: sergio : January 28th, 2013-03:52
for the Italian true blue Panerai chappies, english words on a Panerai dial (8 days, Black Seal etc) are really...REALLY, unwelcome. Same feeling we have for a nice espresso vs a vast amount of hot black water, called coffee everywhere else in the world :... 


 By: Jester : January 28th, 2013-04:19
So I presume you'll happily settle for 8 Giorni on the dial instead? :-)

The "life saver" 8 giorni brevettato.....

 By: sergio : January 28th, 2013-04:27
of the Egiziano, 203, 339 is, together with MarinaMilitare a mouth watering detail indeed, on the dial (for us A-I-talian PAM junkies) Ciaooooo ...  

The truth hurts, but as Chrysler is no longer an American car...

 By: docfink : February 1st, 2013-16:46
...but an Italian, Panerai is Swiss and NO LONGER Italian. Maybe instead of "8 Days" it should say "8 Jour"?? :)


 By: flamenco : February 7th, 2013-00:55
But I strongly agree it does spoil the aesthetics. DO AWAY with the "8 days" I echo !

The 4 liner dial has a nice balance layout, who

 By: Mech : January 28th, 2013-03:23
wouldn't want one? convert it into a base model and it'd be a perfect modern pam to own. Mech.

PAM510 definitely for me!!

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 28th, 2013-09:39
I'm very delighted to see these new P.5000 movements. It's the beginning of getting rid of all the Panerai's with Unitas movements! Woo hoo! Great step IMO! Cheers, Anthony

Alec, do you have any better pictures of the PAM510?

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 28th, 2013-15:10
Any that aren't blurry? :) Cheers, Anthony


 By: Jester : January 29th, 2013-06:21
Unfortunately I was in a rush and didn't take any more shots of the PAM510.

Waiting for this in titanium to replace the 177

 By: Stefan2 : January 28th, 2013-20:51
When this comes out in Titanium to replace the 177, (one of my favorites) I'll be very ecstatic.

2 lume colors?

 By: gmark2800 : January 30th, 2013-11:18
The 510 looks like it has both white and patina(yellowed) lume. It makes the dial look odd.

It may look odd at first but the 2 lume colors reminds me a non-matching Pre-V

 By: AnthonyTsai : February 2nd, 2013-10:41
So that's why it doesn't bother me when I see the 2 colors. I don't know if others feel the same way as I do though. Cheers, Anthony

No brainer -- the 510 for me

 By: Mr.Gatsby : February 17th, 2013-11:17
Definitely bang for the buck relative to the 111 and I'm a sucker for power reserve. Question is, will the servicing be very costly? Getting a 111 service is very cheap as the ETAs so so easily serviced.

Very good question indeed...

 By: Jester : February 17th, 2013-20:01
And we probably won't know until they ramp up the production of P5000. However, my guess is that if they can make the movement at a cost that's comparable to the ETA then hopefully the servicing cost should be on similar level.

510 would be wise [nt]

 By: watchlux : April 23rd, 2013-02:30