1st live shots of the Panerai PAM341 L'Egiziano!

Jul 31, 2010,07:07 AM

Ciao Fellows!

As promised, some live shots of the actual production PAM 341 even though this is not my piece!

So far as i know, the specs for this watch is that it has a final specification of the following that differs from what even the profile page for the PAM 341 says so:

1. Water resistance of 100meters ( 10atm)

2. Seconds hand does NOT hack, nor does it zero-reset ( even though this is based on the PAM 2002 movement which has both a hacking second in the form of zero-reset seconds hand)

3. The crystal is plexi, not sapphire

A single point that I want to make, and this being very subjective, is that the watch somehow "feels" smaller than when i last handled the SIHH sample, i would even think that they altered the dimensions of the piece slightly, such that it "wears" better, and the lugs i really feel that they shortened it so much.

But of course, this does not take away the fact that this is one mighty piece! And one that i'm gonna get when my piece comes!

Enjoy the live shots guys!




The case is about 2.5 times larger than even a "normal" special edition

You receive a screwdriver, extra plexiglas, and a longer strap, the watch is affixed with the shorter strap of the 2.

The 2 belts in comparison

With a "puny" 45mm!

And a 47mm!

Interesting to note here is that the plexi side is entirely transparent!Love the effect!

On a VERY asian wrist, but none the lesser!

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Um koi! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : July 31st, 2010-07:36
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Thanks for these informations, Stephen.

 By: amanico : July 31st, 2010-07:23
A pity the Egiziano is too big for my wrist, I would have loved to get it! Thanks for the informations about the non hacking movement, and the plexy. I was somehow lost: Once a plexy, then a sapphire, then a plexy... As for the non hacking movement, it is... 

Non problemo!

 By: BluNotte : July 31st, 2010-07:37
Yes, so it seems that they settled with a plexy at the end. Also, yes while the homepage still says that it has a zero-reset function, in reality that is as far as my 2533 from coming into reality! Ciao Stephen

Fits perfectly on the wrist!

 By: peregrino : July 31st, 2010-07:36
If your name is King Kong! Or if you are a relative of his! ;-) Rob.

I think the relative might be good!

 By: BluNotte : July 31st, 2010-07:37
LOl! Stephen

Thanks Stephen

 By: Bruno.M1 : July 31st, 2010-08:16
I enjoyed your post ! I really like the looks of the watch but it's size If that was 50mm MAXIMUM, it would be great but 60 mm ?? I hope you din't mind that I try to be honest but this watch really looks stupid one somebody's wrist. If you can afford it a... 

No worries Bruno....

 By: BluNotte : July 31st, 2010-08:26
To each his own, and i always accept with grace everyone's opinions, whether good or bad. But as I have said way before when the 341 was 1st announced, I do not live for other's opinions, while i can accept advice, but in no way do i have an obligation to... 


 By: colantotte : July 31st, 2010-08:28
Hi BluNotte, Thanks for the review on the actual piece.. Awesome packaging and the attentive detail to supply a wearable length of strap, though the watch head is still huge.. Cheers,

Hey there,

 By: BluNotte : July 31st, 2010-08:36
No worries, glad you enjoyed it and is able to like the watch! Cheers Stephen

halo Stephen

 By: E.S : July 31st, 2010-09:27
Apa kabar, very interesting watch to see in flesh, as I have not seen one. i am curious, i see the watch bigger than your wrist, how do you feel on your wrist? does it move around or stay still. enjoy your excitement waiting yours. Eddy

Halo Kawan...

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-08:00
The piece is indeed an amazing one! Well, for me who loves gigantic watches, the Egiziano definitely feels great! I am unsure about whether it will stay still or move around, as I do not want to put the strap through the buckle as this is NOT my watch. Ch... 

Thank you BLUNOTTE

 By: ocwatching : July 31st, 2010-12:57
nice to see the piece arrive finally after two years..its big so say the least... thank you for posting... looking forward to your own piece... enjoy!

Yes , what a long wait it has been!

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-08:12
But for such a piece! Stephen

Thanks for the info and pics of a production piece PAM341

 By: AnthonyTsai : July 31st, 2010-14:19
Your should be arriving any day now! Cheers, Anthony

Looking forward to it arriving with zest! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-08:12
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Hello Kawan!

 By: Mirian : July 31st, 2010-17:08
Thanks for the 1st live shots of the L'Egiziano! I like it a lot especially this is one of the most iconic historical Panerai timepiece. Now 100m, so everyone can bring that to swin now at least! All the best for those who are going to get theirs! Nien

Thanks for this very informative post!!! Just excellent!!

 By: jchubb59 : July 31st, 2010-21:33
Hello, Thank you so much for posting these pics right away. They ( the photos) are very nice and you have answered some of my questions. I however could not tell from the Pics if it has gold hands?? Are they indeed gold?? Also does the plexi have a more r... 

Also one further question......

 By: jchubb59 : July 31st, 2010-21:40
Hello again, The box is made of teakwood correct? And the construction of the wood box has corner finger joints for each corner?? I looked like it might, but I couldn't tell from the pictures. Thanks, Jonathan

Hey there John!

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-08:16
I'm glad you liked them! As for your questions, the hands are NOT gold, they are black, like a regular PAM. The plexy on the edges are i would say 90 degrees, so not rounded as you say. And the piece does feel lighter than i had expected it to be, all due... 

Good job, thanks for posting

 By: Asimut : July 31st, 2010-22:10
that was very informative. Still unwearable IMO, but a beauty, Asi

Prego Asi! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-08:16
No message body

Thanks Stephen...

 By: Jester : July 31st, 2010-23:09
Looks like the box is of similar size to the PAM203? But I don't really need another coffee table!

Ma man!

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-08:17
Hey Alec, I do not own a 203 so i do not know how big that box is! but this is indeed gigantic!Much bigger than any watch box i have ever seen in my life! Cheers Stephen

congrats...great post and info (nt) [nt]

 By: swjoseph : August 1st, 2010-00:11
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Not my watch yet! But glad you enjoyed it! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-08:17
No message body

Wow! Look at that!

 By: patrick_y : August 1st, 2010-03:35
Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Especially photographs of the packaging. I always like to see the box these things come in. This box is not only bigger, but the wood grain is more like mahogany where the normal boxes are made of pear wood. I ho... 

Good things come to those who wait!

 By: AlexSunrise : August 1st, 2010-10:04
Hi, Stephen, Thanks for sharing the pics of the 341! It looks massive and cool! I am very glad to hear the depth resistance was increased to at least 10atm, as now some of these will be able to be put to the test where they belong; underwater! Hopefully y... 

Ciao Alex!

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-18:26
Havent heard from you in a while, and i hope all has been fine! No worries, it's my honour to always bring in the 1st news to you lot! Glad you enjoyed it! Cheers and take care too mi amigo! Ciao Stephen

i will turn it into a pocket watch!!!

 By: Hororgasm : August 1st, 2010-14:59
looks great...thks fr sharing

Glad you liked it! Cheers [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 1st, 2010-18:23
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No worries! It fits mine, in my opinion! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:06
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Way too big!

 By: VMM : August 2nd, 2010-04:38
I like the look and the concept, but I see it as a collector item, that's all. Thanks for sharing, Vte

You're most welcome Vte! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:06
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Awesome report bro!

 By: H2F : August 2nd, 2010-05:07
I would so wear it too!

High five bro! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:07
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that thing is a monster

 By: brett_nyc : August 2nd, 2010-07:35
thanks for posting. very cool piece.

Glad you liked it! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:07
No message body

Thanks for sharing

 By: aldossari_faisal : August 2nd, 2010-08:46
another piece of art from panerai in panerais own definition of art , a new watch full of heritage taste in our contemporary dimensions . thanks for the update on technical information . Faisal

Thank you! Will you be getting one then? [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:08
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i hope

 By: aldossari_faisal : August 4th, 2010-09:11
by the time im ready to put my hands on one there will be a remaining 341 for me . Faisal

Then i wish you all the best my friend! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 6th, 2010-06:57
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Thank [nt]

 By: aldossari_faisal : August 6th, 2010-08:00
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Thanks for sharing, mate!

 By: Indohorology : August 2nd, 2010-08:53
Ciao Stephen! This is Alex Foe by the way. I am just a regular lurker here...=)

No worries! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:08
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On 6.75" wrist...

 By: Conan1833 : August 2nd, 2010-11:05

Xie xie nin!

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:09
Glad you got yours so fast! Congrats! Stephen

Beautiful watch...but

 By: MarkSiegelDDS : August 2nd, 2010-11:46
I was really hoping that the final production model would have had gold hands and a sapphire crystal. Thank you for taking the time to post images

Unfortunately not the specs as you had wished!

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:10
Glad you liked it though! Cheers Stephen

Thanks for sharing the live pics of the Pam 341

 By: ED209 : August 2nd, 2010-18:42
Very nice Blunotte. Thanks for sharing the first live shots of the 341. It looks huge! Hope you get yours soon. Regards, ED-209

Grazie! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:11
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Great shots , thanks M8 :-) [nt]

 By: Reneo : August 4th, 2010-00:00
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You're welcome! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : August 4th, 2010-09:11
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WOW Stephen!! your 349 looks tiny next to the Egiziano!

 By: i_am_Sam : August 13th, 2010-06:43
Thanks for the report! Can't wait for yours to arrive! Terimakasih sudah share dengan kita semua SamRotandi