I had the chance to see the 344 today (pix enclosed)

Jan 13, 2010,09:47 AM

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Thanks Nad.

 By: Davo : January 13th, 2010-12:14
Looking forward to checking it out myself. I like it but I have to say, I've always thought Panerai's PG needs to be a bit more Pink .

Nice pics, but not sure about the design...

 By: Poktori : January 13th, 2010-13:46
Thanks for those pics. Always interesting to see new designs. I don't really like this one, though; too much bling (for me) and not enough "oompf". I hope to see more solid designs at Basel...

Thanks for the live pics Nad

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 13th, 2010-18:30
What were your first impressions of it? As what Davo said, I too wish Panerai's pink/rose gold is more pink/red because it's too similar to yellow gold IMO. Cheers, Anthony

Hi Anthony, sorry to say I was 'underwhelmed' by the watch

 By: Nad : January 14th, 2010-01:56
It seems to look flat and dull with no 'wow factor', but that's just me Btw, will you be at SIHH and when?

thanks for the pics nad

 By: aliu0311 : January 14th, 2010-00:09
are you in shanghai? was this taken at the boutique in plaza 66?

If I had to choose between this and my 289

 By: P@trick@Belgium : January 14th, 2010-10:56
there'll be no doubt I'll take my 289 again ..... hate to say it but the 344 doesn't do it at all for me....  

Thanks for sharing this Nad! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : January 14th, 2010-11:49
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