SIHH 2009: Panerai comprehensive report with LIVE PICS of the new models at SIHH 2009

Jan 23, 2009,10:45 AM

Panerai's major debut at this SIHH 2009 was not the watches IMO, but the introduction of its new P.9000 movements.  There are NO new complications such as minute repeater, double tourbillon, etc.

Brief summary of the P.9000 characteristics:

    3 day power reserve. P.900x movements are automatic.  No manual wind. The P.900x was made to be convenient for the customer - simple and tough. Watches w/ P.900x movement are priced between the ETA & P.200x watches, so it's a great strategic fit for Panerai to release this entry level in-house movement. Crystal is slightly domed and flatter - not as domed as the 1950 crystal. Increased water resistance to 300m instead of 100m water resistance found w/ P.200x. Has seconds hand zero reset feature for easy accurate setting of seconds. Has quick hour set enabling you to easily change hour hand in +/- 1 increments.
  • On the bezel, the numbers are more inside and flush with the bezel.

Quick Cheat Sheet of P.900x:
    P.9000 - Automatic winding, Time, Date
    P.9001 - Automatic winding, Time, Date, GMT, Power Reserve Indicator on back
  • P.9002 - Automatic winding, Time, Date, GMT, Power Reserve Indicator on dial

- 44mm 1950 Luminor Marina automatic w/ date.
- P.9000 movement
- estimated retail $7,350

- same as the above PAM312 but just the bracelet version
- estimated retail $8,550


- 47mm Submersible in titanium
- Dial is similar to a historic watch (notice the hour markers at 12 and 6 o'clock)
- P.9000 movement
- estimated retail price $9,600

PAM320 (strap version) & PAM 329 (bracelet version)
- 44mm Luminor Marina GMT w/ Power Reserve on the BACK
- P.9001 movement
- estimated retail price PAM320 - $8,850
- estimated retail price PAM329 - $9,900

Notice the power reserve indicator in the below picture.  The power reserve indicator turns black to red.  When it's red, then it's time to wind up the watch!

bracelet version PAM329

PAM321 (strap version) & PAM 349 (bracelet version)
- Same specs as the above PAM320 but this time the Power Reserve Indicator is on the DIAL
- P.9002 movement
- estimated retail price PAM321 - $8,850
- estimated retail price PAM349 - $9,900

Below is a comparison picture of the old bracelet (left) and new bracelet (bracelet).  Notice that the 1st bracelet piece that connects to the case is more curved in the old bracelet on the left?  This is because the case is not as curved at this section.

Take a look at the below 2 pictures.  The picture below shows the new end piece of the bracelet which connects directly to the case.  See the part that sticks out at the bottom of the piece at the left and right corners?  These 2 protruding parts are for sitting on the case now resulting in a more sturdy and better fit for the bracelet.

In the below picture, notice the milled out section between the lugs where the above end piece will connect with the milled out section on the case.  You will now see these milled out sections in all Luminor cases which have bracelets.  Also, models which come with the option of both strap and bracelet will have these milled out sections as well.

This bracelet milling is only on 44mm Luminors since there are no 47mm Luminor bracelet versions yet.  So if Panerai ever does make a 47mm bracelet version, I'm sure those models will have these milled out sections.

PAM326 (strap version) & PAM327 (bracelet version)
- Daylight Chronographs w/ the Firenze blue dial
- Base is 7753 Valjoux movement
- Titanium case
- Quick date pusher at 10 o'clock
- estimated retail price PAM326 - $9,300
- estimated retail price PAM327 - $10,650

- 44mm automatic Luminor Marina
- The PAM296 is the same model as the already existing PAM240 w/ brown dial but this time with bracelet instead of strap.
- Estimated retail price $8,250

- 40mm Luminor Marina on bracelet.  It's the same thing as a PAM50 but now on a bracelet
- Estimated retail price $7,050

- Radiomir Egiziano 60mm in Titanium (aka "Egyptian")
- Uses the 8-day P.2002 movement
but modified to remove GMT & linear power reserve indicator
- 300 pieces only
- Available through both retail network and Panerai boutiques
- Strap looks to be a 6 or 7mm strap.  Very long strap.
- 26mm strap width
- Sandwich dial with slight vintage looking brown colored luminova that is found on the PAM249
- Strap has the sewn-in "GPF - Mod Dep" buckle
- Ball on the bezel at 12 o'clock is super luminova covered with a sapphire cap
- Bi-directional turning bezel
- estimated retail price $28,500

- 2009 Regatta Rattrapante Chronograph
- black DLC coated
- 44mm 1950 Luminor Marina case
- 500 pieces
- Notice the super luminova hour blobs and numerals are thicker
- estimated retail of $16,500

- 44mm Luminor re-edition of the PAM28
- Black DLC coated
- Power Reserve display has been slightly modified
- Notice there is no "Power Reserve" writing on the dial.  This is Panerai's first PR watch in this family without this writing.
- 1000 pieces
- estimated retail price of $9,500

- Rose gold 47mm 1950 Luminor Rattrapante Chronograph
- Uses the P.2006 8-day rattrapante movement
- Brown dial
- Chrono pushers are on the left side instead of right side of the case because the crown guard is in the way
- 300 pieces limited edition
- Movement # is engraved in the movement plate as well as caseback.  Other Panerai models which have this feature are the Panerai Tourbillons and Radiomir Minerva pieces. 
- estimated retail price of $43,500

Now let's go and take a look at the Ferrari Engineered by Panerai watches.

These new Ferrari pieces look different than the prior years because the bezel is now thinner so the dial looks larger.  A very improved look if I may say so.  Good job Ferrari design team!

Cases are all still the usual Ferrari 45mm size. 

FER28 - red Scuderia - basic chronograph - estimated retail price of $9,600
FER34 - yellow Scuderia - basic chronograph - estimated retail price of $9,600

FER26 - yellow dial - rattrapante chronograph - NO DLC coating - estimated retail price of $14,700
FER33 - red dial - rattrapante chronograph - steel case w/ DLC coating - regular production piece - estimated retail price of $16,200

Last of the Ferrari pieces I'll be sharing with you are the 2 limited edition pieces - the Ferrari California pieces.

FER30 - Ferrari California - flyback chronograph - 300 pieces - estimated retail price of $16,500
FER38 - Ferrari California - regular chronograph - 100 pieces - DLC coating - estimated retail price of $12,600

And lastly, there are 2 new Panerai Tourbillons.  Watches are exactly the same but now offered in different metals:

PAM330 - 48mm Radiomir Tourbillon in Pink Gold - 100 pieces - estimated retail price of $133,500
PAM331 - 47mm Luminor Tourbillon in Titanium - 150 pieces - estimated retail price of $121,500

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Excellent report, Anthony.

 By: AlexSunrise : January 23rd, 2009-16:35
Thank you for all the details. Do you know if Panerai plans on using their P900x movements in the Radiomir case sometime in the future? Best regards, Alejandro

I don't see why they wouldn't

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 23rd, 2009-18:04

Great Job, here, Anthony.

 By: amanico : January 23rd, 2009-21:55

Excellent report Anths!

 By: BluNotte : January 23rd, 2009-22:05

good news

 By: Bruno.M1 : January 23rd, 2009-23:20

Amazing report!

 By: Allen : January 24th, 2009-01:00

Thanks for the coverage Anthony! [nt]

 By: MatNic : January 24th, 2009-06:54
Will the 233 be discontinued now with the new 9000 movements and gmt's? Best, Mat This message has been edited by MatNic on 2009-01-24 06:58:30

GR8 stuff Anthony

 By: Mr.Gatsby : January 24th, 2009-09:47

Excellent photos and commentary ...

 By: Chrisfrombyron : January 24th, 2009-15:06

1950 Braclette

 By: MatNic : January 25th, 2009-11:54

Great report, thanks.

 By: Krieng : January 26th, 2009-23:04
all in very details with prices info. Cheers

Great post

 By: usctrojan99 : January 27th, 2009-22:26

Amazing waste of resources

 By: peezie : February 5th, 2009-12:46