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Sep 22, 2008,09:44 AM

Hi Guys

I would appreciate any info on a watch that I inherited from my father last year. It has great sentimental value, and I think it is around 10-15 years old, although not sure and originally came with a brown strap (I bought a new black Panerai strap) has a magnifier over the date and no secondary dials. It is simply beautiful, but I have no paperwork, box or any information other than that my father was living outside Florence at the time.

Can anybody help?

Thanks so much in advance


PS: The more information the better!

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Tony, can you take a picture of the watch and post it up here?

 By: AnthonyTsai : September 22nd, 2008-17:53
You can use our PhotoUploader, and directions are here: Seeing a picture would help immensely. Cheers, Anthony


 By: denbunn : September 24th, 2008-03:27


 By: Asimut : September 23rd, 2008-05:43
Just an observation, if it has a date with a magnifier, there should at least be a seconds subdial. The oldest version would be from 1999. Cheers, Asi

more info

 By: denbunn : September 24th, 2008-03:19
that's the strange thing - it doesn't. I serached through the photo gallery here looking for a direct match, but all date magnifiers had a secondary hand - mine doesn't. I'm trying to upload a couple of photos now It has c1190/1300 on the back which I pre... 

The letter "C" designation means your watch is from the year 2000 production line

 By: AnthonyTsai : September 24th, 2008-06:11
A=1998 B=1999 C=2000 D=2001 etc. Cheers, AT. This message has been edited by AnthonyTsai on 2008-09-24 06:11:40

Emailed photos to Asimut

 By: denbunn : September 25th, 2008-06:41

not a good sign

 By: Asimut : September 24th, 2008-09:50
I don't know any date/magnified model w/o small seconds and to make things worse, I don't know of a 'C' millesimation of 1300. Pictures would be a good idea at this stage. If you can't upload them, feel free to mail them to me and I will upload them for y... 


 By: denbunn : September 25th, 2008-03:53
so much Asi - I have a couple of not very impressive camera phone pics with I will email you - thank you so much