some vintage...& radiation i wanted to show.

Apr 02, 2008,15:21 PM


radiation ; -(



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Wow! Please do share more if you have it!

 By: AnthonyTsai : April 2nd, 2008-18:41
Btw, I added the below pic as the new masthead picture for this Panerai forum Cheers, Anthony Picture by Philipps...  

Wow, Philips, seems that we have the same pleasures

 By: amanico : April 2nd, 2008-22:37
I made a post last week about 3646 and 6152/1... And I'm the happy owner of a pre v log, too! Your set of 3646/tools is beautiful, Philip...Wow, I'm impressed! Best, and thanks for these beauties! Nicolas

Great post Philipps.

 By: Krieng : April 3rd, 2008-02:34
Thanks for sharing all these numbers. Your 201/A is perfect! If I can pick only one Panerai...this will be the one. Cheers

here another 201/A...

 By: Philipps : April 3rd, 2008-05:47

Hi Nad, I remember that your watch box has one more space left...

 By: Krieng : April 3rd, 2008-07:59
201/A will complete it beautifully. Cheers