The different base movements ....

Jun 08, 2005,02:02 AM

It is true that in the somewhat fifteen years of its existence as fully privately operated company, GO has released an astonishing number of beautiful and very well-made movements. However, not every reference in the catalogue has its own totally independently designed and manufactured movement. GO watches are based on a number of movement families, each with its unique merits and capabilities, and "individualized" by different complication modules.

The Senators were until now based on the cal. 39, which is a completely re-designed movement, originating as cal. 10-30. Here is an article narrating the development history of the cal. 39:

The cal. 39 was found in all Senators, including the chronographs, which had a chronograph module, as well as in the Sport Evolution watches. The various complication modules, such as power reserve, moon phase, and the perpetual, were all developed and produced in-house in Glash?tte, and also set atop the cal. 39. Only now, beginning with autumn, the new cal. 100 will replace the cal. 39, preliminarily only in the Senator series, while the Sports Evolution keeps the tried cal. 39. One reason for this decision might lie in the fact that the cal. 100 has no date quick-setting via the crown, but via a separate corrective pusher. This pusher, as well as the second one, responsible for the unique second-reset function, makes it difficult to use the movement in a sports watch with extensive rating of watertightness.

The development and presentation of the marvelous cal. 60 and the PanoRetroGraph marked a distinct step in the history of the company. While the Senator series focussed on the more conventional watch design with perfect everyday capabilities (automatic, reliable movements that was a good base for various complications), the new Pano-series presented a new approach to high-end watchmaking in the company. The PanoGraph's cal. 61 shares some basic layout elements with the cal. 60, yet necessitated massive reconstrution in most areas. The PanoReserve's cal. 65 is unique, as is the cal. 90 of the automatic Pano-watches. This is again a movement family in itself, offering the capability to add complications, such as the moon phase or the power reserve indicator.

All round-cased 1845 watches were based on the cal. 49. This movement is very well designed to be used in a various of ways (small second, centre second, regulator, to name but a few), as can be read in John's marvelous review of the Union Glash?tte Bergter, which uses the smae movement base (with different finish, though) as the 1845 watches:

Then, there are the shaped movements cal. 42 and 21, both handwinding movements. The latter is the small movement for Lady Karrees. It will depend on the popularity of small ladies watches, if the production of this movement will be continued, or if the larger men's watch movements will be used.

Finally, the specialities: You spoke about the tourbillons. You are correct in stating that it is hard to imagine how the company could develop and release tourbillons in such a short time, while at the same time developing other movements and complications. While it is possible for a good master watchmaker to produce a tourbillon as an individual piece, by just fiddling around so long, until all parts fit, a series production is far more difficult to realize. Therefore, it is common to entrust parts of the development of series tourbillons to the few experts in this field. UN has Christopher Claret, Lange had Renaud&Papi for its "Pour le M?rite", and GO had Paul Gerber, at least for one of its tourbillon models, while the new PanoMatic Tourbillon has been fully developed in-house (the manufacturing of all parts always was done in-house in Glash?tte!).

So you see that a rather large variation of complications is possible by making use of several movement families. However, already these base movement families are so numerous, that the effort to develop and produce them within such a short time deserves the highest respect.

Hope this helps,

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A wonderful evening: 2nd Salzburg TicTac Talk with GO and Martin Braun - the pics!!

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 7th, 2005-07:07
It was a warm (better: hot) evening, one of these rare days in Salzburg when the sky did not even allow a single cloud to compromise its perfect blue-ness. In spite of the weather, which invited to sit in the garden, enjoying an ice-cold beer, Purists tra...  

Thank you for that excellent report Marcus.

 By: IanS : June 7th, 2005-08:08
I did not realise that GO would go to all the trouble to sort and grade the the blue screws. It is great to hear of that attention to detail. I will bet Martin tries to get his ideas in production faster in future! Imagine being beaten in both the EoT and... 

Glad you liked it! - nt

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 8th, 2005-07:07

Thanks for this marvelous report and the awesome pics!

 By: M&G Pfeifle : June 7th, 2005-11:11
Hi Marcus, thank you very much for letting us sneak a peek. It must have been a wonderful TicTac Talk night, and we wish we had been there. Maybe, next time ... Thanks again! Martina & Gerd

thanks for the lovely and extremely interesting evening Marcus

 By: Lutz : June 7th, 2005-11:11
Mr.Braun's watches are extremely charming astronomical complications,it was the first time I saw them in person and the Heliocentric is just wonderful,the planet earth in person moving through the cycle of 12 months so poetical. Many exciting news,that GO... 

The different base movements ....

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 8th, 2005-02:02
It is true that in the somewhat fifteen years of its existence as fully privately operated company, GO has released an astonishing number of beautiful and very well-made movements. However, not every reference in the catalogue has its own totally independ... 

Thanks Marcus for another splendid evening. The different approachs by -

 By: Jim Rothbarth : June 7th, 2005-10:22
Glashutte and Martin Braun show how intersting and significant watches all come from creative minds. For me its always neat to see the 2892A2 become the foundation of something new and unique.

You're welcome! - nt

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 8th, 2005-07:07

Thank you for the report.....

 By: Bluekutus : June 8th, 2005-03:03
Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.

Gotta salsa down to Salzburg >>

 By: MTF : June 8th, 2005-10:22
Thanks for the report. I have never been to Salzburg; a fact that the current Mrs MTF frequently gloats about, because she has ..... I spent a night in Wein too but it doesn't count because it was in a bunk bed at the airport waiting for the connecting fl... 

You made a funny typo ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 9th, 2005-07:07
You wrote: "I spent a night in Wein" ... I assume you meant "Wien", aka Vienna. "Wein" is German for wine, and when you really spent a full night in a cask of wine, I can image that you have no memories whatever of the city you were in .... Anyway, I real... 

Thanks Marcus for the report...

 By: -=EHH=- : June 8th, 2005-11:23
That Senator Perpetual SS looks BIG; it must weigh a ton or two in PT. The new dials do look very nice (that new Argente dial on the Senator Perpetual is just what that watch needed compared to the old 'plain' and 'flat' silver dial), although the placeme... 

funnily, the new Senator looks considerably bigger without being so ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 9th, 2005-07:07
The case diameter has been increased by less than a millimetre. However, due to the different shape, the diametre of the dial itself could be increased, making the bezel thinner, and the optical presence of the watch a bit stronger. Since the case could a... 

Oops, I meant RG and grey...

 By: -=EHH=- : June 9th, 2005-11:11

Great report.

 By: MaxH : June 10th, 2005-03:15