Part II of the 600 M and 1200 M comparison

Jun 30, 2009,22:59 PM

Hello everyone..Well my photo essay was cut short when my 600m stem broke.  I want to thank the group of watchmakers at the NYC Omega boutique they were able to get the crown to screw down.  I have gotten emails asking about the case side by side comparison of the 600M and 1200M.  The numbers that I published are correct (see part I of this article).  For better shots I removed the bracelets on both watches.
Strap width opening on the 600 M 23.8 mm . Strap width opening on the 1200 M  23.8 mm.When it came to setting this photo .. .My old 600m was able to stand on its Lug edge without any assistance.  The 1200M I had to prop my 8 gig USB thumb drive in the space between the lugs to keep it from tipping over..

and the crown edge view…

As you can see the 600 M has a more sculpted crown guard detail then the 1200 M.   I also prefer the old fashion thru the case spring bar holes.

The weather finally stopped raining on everyday I had off !

Ok lets talk bracelets…. I finally had a chance to do a close side by side comparison of the new modern mesh bracelet for the 1200 M and the original 600 M. The 1200 M bracelet is on the left and the “classic” 600 M spring loaded bracelet is on the right.

The wrist side of the bracelets

Side by side on its side..

The Clasps…
The new clasp is a lot easier use in comparison to the Two part mesh of the 600 M.  I have on more then one occasion pinched the underside of my wrist attempting to put my watch on!  The new clasp is great as you will not have that issue.   I also had a chance to compare the 600 M spring bar and the 1200 M spring bar.  The 1200 M bar is double shouldered (you will need this as it’s the only edge you have to compress the bar so you can remove the bracelet.   Close up of the spring bar ends  ( 600 M on the Left ).

Here is a chart of the measurements of the bracelet and spring bars.

I then took the rare opportunity of having the new 1200 M mesh band and a 600 M without a bracelet on it. 

The big question of will the new mesh band fit the 600 M watch ?  Well I tried it out.  The answer for me was yes.  The tolerance is very tight and for other it might vary.   It took a while to get it to fit.  I had to use the new spring bars on the old watch to get it to work actually.

I am just sorry that I did not ask for a 1200 M mounted on the rubber strap.

The new bracelet is very nice with its micro adjust and built in divers extension.  The additional thickness I feel is slightly out of proportion when you compare its use on the 1200 M. One of the few things I did not attempt was to try to remove the removable links from the bracelet.  Without any knowledge on what the correct procedure would be, I thought it would be best to hold off and wait until I can ask one of the Omega watchmakers at the NYC store. In my humble opinion the New 1200 M is a stunning watch.  It is a great modernization of a 70s Classic.  With the He valve and the 8500 under the hood. It will be a new classic.  I would also like to leave you with one bit of additional info for the die hard 600 M fans.  Every 600 M  was tested at Bienne to 1000M before it was shipped out for sale.  ( This in was printed in the Technical guide for the 600 M ).

Good Hunting

Bill Sohne

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You must be having a ball comparing the original with . . .

 By: Dr No : July 1st, 2009-00:29
. . . the new edition, Bill! Terrific reporting, and thanks very much to the folks at Omega for sharing their latest masterpiece with you for our benefit . . . cordially, Art

Very interesting Bill

 By: DrStrong : July 1st, 2009-03:26
thanks a lot for these pictures ! Cheers Jeff

nice comparison Bill

 By: G99 : July 1st, 2009-13:02
the 1200m is indeed a true modern interpretation of a classic Omega. i wonder how many will actually be used for diving? Graham

Desk diving :-)

 By: mrsnak : July 1st, 2009-15:21
Actually, I think more than a few will. They did a great job on this one. I look forward to seeing a live one as soon as they start to populate the local ADs.

Satisfying conclusion to a great article, Bill!

 By: dxboon : July 2nd, 2009-01:00
The new PloProf is very, very attractive. It is one of the watches that I definitely want to try on my wrist. Thanks for the thorough and most interesting write-up comparing these two watches. Cheers, Daos

Bill, Thank you for both post 1 and post 2....

 By: KtownGreg : July 2nd, 2009-04:37
Your side by side comparison not only educates but allows one to easily see the evolution of the model. Unfortunately, it has also whet my appetite for the Ploprof. I've been attempting to avoid but not it may be impossible. Ktown

I love these comparison posts between the re edition and the original!

 By: amanico : July 2nd, 2009-10:56
Very nice job, Bill. Complete, informative, and very interesting. Will read it again and again, as this watch ( modern and original ) is intriguing me a lot. Best, Nicolas

getting mine...article making me excited!!

 By: Hororgasm : July 2nd, 2009-12:34
great comparo and thorough pictorial comparisions..getting mine the next few days. after reading your posting, getting excited!!!

What a great post!

 By: Marv : July 2nd, 2009-17:04
Your post is very enlighting. So, thank you for this interesting comparison and for sharing with us some of your personnal views on this new PloProf.

Yesterday I had the possibility to see ...

 By: small-luxury-world : July 12th, 2009-05:45
the new one in metal. What shall I say? It feels like a real "tool" watch and is well done. It is not my style of watch, but I can totally understand if someone falls in love Thanks Bill for sharing you comparison with us which was much more interesting a...