A VERY special OMEGA event (part1 of 3)

Jul 12, 2007,17:59 PM

First off..in this series of 3 posts over the next 3 days, we will see MORE much MORE watches that are REALLY interesting.

Next, I am not going to have a rant. Omega is a fantastic company and the good people Shawn and his wife and Kong, a great member of this community organised an event for the purists and any watch lover who happened to be here was more than welcome.

Logistically..it must have been a tremendous effort as this was done on their own finances and time.

The location was to me..most appropriate...the Heirloom Gallery...why? Because we all wanted to see a gathering of collectors who had some serious heavy weight Omega watches from the past. It was not a sales or advertising event.

Being a person who is very much a part of the social scene here in Singapore, I observed a thing or two about watch paries..there are the glamorous ones where we see all the socialites and a mix of a few collectors. And these ones where we see the REAL passionate collectors..and it is NOT about the brand. This event is not a social glamour puss event, but a genuine collectors or enthusiasts event.

Look at the watches that are the gems found among the collectors here..look at the paraphernalia!

These are what owners have kept in Singapore over the years!

David Ponzo was the guest of honor...and I think he could see that the collectors had about as much interesting stuff as the Omegamania event!

Much more pics to come...

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Hey Bernard, looking eagerly for your next 2 parts...

 By: Kong : July 13th, 2007-08:51
Here I need to thank all of you - Bernard, Shawn, the collectors for loaning their precious collections, Lucy, Thomas, Kenneth and all the guests and friends for making this vintage-watch gathering fun and enjoyable. Now we have to think where we are goin... 

wow...that was interesting !!

 By: Jokoh : July 13th, 2007-21:56
can't wait for the next 2 parts ;-) cheers joe

Yes..and here it is. nt

 By: bernard cheong : July 15th, 2007-02:38

Thank you, Bernard

 By: Dirk : July 14th, 2007-03:11
Your report makes interesting reading, as always, and I like your candid shots (I must have been chewing when you caught me - either chewing something over the Professor told me or actually some of the nice tidbits that were served). Here's looking forwar... 

Fantastic !! it great to see the REAL Collector community ....

 By: Bill Sohne : July 14th, 2007-07:53
Hi Bernard i have to agree with you when real collectors come together is a very special event. I have attended the Omega cocktail party in NYC. I can tell just from your first set of photos that the level of watches on display. It is as good if not bette... 

coming right up! nt

 By: bernard cheong : July 15th, 2007-02:39