Speedmaster Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon

Jul 03, 2019,06:24 AM

Hi all

I was lucky to have managed to pick mine up on 21st June 2019 as fell in love with it on first sight and I have to say pictures just don't do it justice IMHO. What drew me to this version of a DSOTM is the fact it is much thinner than the others at just under 14mm achieved by using a highly finished and decorated 1861 which becomes the 1869 as found in this version.

The laser ablation and balckened bridges on both sides of the dial really add depth to the look of this watch as do the way the 3 sub dials with the small seconds being smaller and less intrusive then the main chrono counter dials as they seem to float in a 3D like way. I was also drawn to the racing style minute track around the outside of the dial which harks back to its racing heritage IMO. The use of Yellow is quite subtle and not overpowering but adds some highlights to the dark dial with just the Chrono second hand and small counters having this colour as well as the 5 minute on the outside of the minute track and of course the Speedmaster writing below the Omega logo and name plus of course Tachymetre on the lumed bezel.

I also think Omega do Ceramic cases better than most as they manage to achieve both brushed and polished finishes on their case work which I find visually stunning. Of course the well tried and tested and even famous movement based off the old Lemania movement works as expected and the pushers have a firm and reassuring click to them.

I may be in the minority here but I really like the strap and the ceramic buckle and feel they really suit the watch well this may be famous last words but I have never had an issue where I have dropped a watch due to the strap having a buckle. But as I have now added it to my home insurance which covers not just loss or theft but also accidental damage should the unthinkable happen at least I'm covered.

Finally what's a review with out pictures so here are mine hope you like them. 

Omega Box

Omega Box Open

Omega Goodies

Apollo 8 Face

Apollo 8 Back

Apollo 8 Thin

Apollo 8 Brushed case

Apollo 8 Lumed Crown


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QUITE drawn to the moon surface etching of the plates and bridges seen through the dial. Marvelous! But the size just overpowers my wrist. At least some of the other editions

 By: halgedahl : July 3rd, 2019-11:38
have seemed to. IF my AD had one I'd certainly slip it on, though! So happy you have one and are pleased with. Enjoy! FH

Well done, you!

 By: farkbinder01212 : July 3rd, 2019-12:42
Omega is doing excellent work with these models. Very well executed piece. Your pics show a nice real world perspective,too. Cheers. Harvey

A great evolution of a classic!

 By: fernando : July 10th, 2019-03:06
Another thing to add is the winding experience; it's much smoother and lighter than other Speedies IMO.

Beauty, Marc. Definitely one I have considered.

 By: MichaelC : July 10th, 2019-05:45
If I am not mistaken, this model is a bit thinner than other Omegas? I have tried on some modern Speedmasters that have casebacks which stick out a good bit. You last photo makes this model look less, I hope that is the case as I see this watch as one I c...