My Basel 2010 report.............

Mar 23, 2010,05:56 AM

Baselworld 2010


So we have to start in a cold morning with some snow at the sides of the road.

The regular lumeshot says 3:59 and it's 6,5 degree Celsius. The first long trip with this

car and it have 10054 kilometers at the speedo wich is the same as 6247 miles.

So here we go.

Just a satisfied guy that have put his new Glashütte Original at his wrist.

I have to put some old stuff on because I'm not that rich as my friend. LOL

It was a lot of fog at the swedish border.

But the guy is still happy. LOL

A danish guy will say you can see the light in the tunnel, I will say now we have definitely leave Sweden. LOL

After a quick ride in Denmark we have enter the ferry to Germany.

A warm welcome to Germany.

That only last for a hour.

Then we meet a expensive photographer that not appreciate when I try to compare what cameras we have. LOL

He told me he was selling tickets and I ask for 2 to the Basel Show. He just told me he was not selling that type

of tickes and I tell him then I don't want any tickets from him. But he was a great seller that convince me to buy

one from him anyway because he will not let me go further before I have to buy one. LOL

So I grab my VISA card and buy a €150 ticket that tell me I was going in 138 km/86 miles on a 100 km/62 miles road after

he have give me a huge discount at the speed. After that we have to slow down at least until we reach a new Police District. LOL

It's nearly a shame not to get a better speeding result in Germany. LOL

Later we fire up the turbo charger again and try to get a new speed record and I can tell you I was successfull. LOL

The Navigation System says:

Total distance traveled: 1616 km/1003 miles

Total average: 107 km/67 miles

Average transfer: 115 km/72 miles

Top speed: 202 km/126 miles

Total time:15:09 hours

Duration time: 14:02 hours

Rest time: 1:07 hours

Not bad in a truck I guess.

The first the guy do is to hook up the computer to check whats happends. LOL

Next day it was time to go down to Basel.

And the weather was great.

The people was enter the maindoor just before the show is open.

So we enter the Rolex house.

But there was no one there.

Maybe they haven't pay the electrical bill? No lights in the windows. LOL

I can't even see a guard. Maybe there is nothing to protect this year? Ok we come back later.

Just teasing you guys, of course there will be some news. What about a ladies model with a new diamond bezel?

Or the new blinged mini rootbeer for your ol lady?

And the big suprise this year, The SS Submariner in the supercase with maxi dial/hands.

This years circus watch from Rolex, The Popeye Submariner.

The Blue WG Submariner with diamonds index's, the true tool watch. LOL

A drumroll for........................

The 39 mm Explorer with the matte dial and blacked out numbers.

Not bad in my opinion.


Back to the roots, a vintage looking Tudor Heritage. WOW, me like.

The original one.

And the new one.

The grey dial.

The black dial.

It comes with both bracelet and a nylon strap.

So now we have to step up a bit from those hewn toolwatches.

Then we stop by at the Glashütte House for some goodies.

Then we got the nicest presentation in the house, beat that if yo can. LOL

The PanoMaticCounter XL.

A blacked out Panoinverse in SS, now we talking. Please bring up the order pad.

Or the grey Panomaticlunar XL.

The 60's with panoramadate.


One of the highlights this year, the 31 day alarm Senator Diary.

The new white dial at the Senator Chronograph XL.

A pocket watch limited to 25 pieces.

This one smiles at me.

Blacked out balance too, me like.

The GO displays where a little scary sometimes. LOL

Then we meet Dirk and Anja Dornbluth from Kalbe.

The Regulator have got a few new black dials.

They are made by 3 parts and in 2 layers.

The new 35 mm ladies models for the first time in public.

Of course with a new inhouse movement.

Two happy guys.

Then we stop by at Linde Werdelin and check out a few models.

This one is not complete finish, there is a few missing parts.

I hope you enjoy this little report.


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Great one, Jocke

 By: stromer : March 23rd, 2010-06:16
Sorry I forgot to tell you that since January you need a ticket to enter Germany! Thank you for your nice and funny report! The presentation at G.O. was really nice and the welcome as cordial as experienced before. Best, Martin

Great report, Jocke

 By: respo : March 23rd, 2010-06:39
Very entertaining...oh, and of course you included many beautiful photos of very nice watches. But I still like the Rolex wrist shot on the drive at the beginning the best. Thanks for sharing your trip. Sorry about the ticket you had to "purchase." Cheers... 

year after year my favorite report

 By: Ir77 : March 23rd, 2010-07:51
thank you for taking the time and posting this.

Agreed! No one tells it . . .

 By: Dr No : March 23rd, 2010-09:48
. . . like Jocke, with perspective, humor, and great photos to boot. 35 mm ladies Dornblüth? Hmmmm . . . maybe a compact men's model is in the works, too . . .

What a great report!!!

 By: submarino : March 23rd, 2010-08:42
I wish I could've been there. Congrats!!

Thank you Jocke, especially for the Tudor Heritage!

 By: Mostel : March 23rd, 2010-09:39
I am having a wonderful indecision, whether to go gray or black dial, and you've made it even more confusing! I asked for gray dial, but now... possibly black? Both winners!

Enjoy it!

 By: =RWK= : March 23rd, 2010-10:57
Thanks! -- Richard.

Very nice, sounds like you had a great journey to the "holy land"

 By: doubleup : March 23rd, 2010-12:46
So was that a cop then in that car?

Fantastic report !

 By: bimbeano : March 23rd, 2010-13:18
Well done Jocke .... for the speeding ticket ... 202 kph with a Caddy ? Very nice .... that's 6 better than my 15 year old Golf TDi (90hp) .... . It seems everybody's favorites are the Tudor heritage and the Glashutte SS PanoInverse .. Cheers, Filip


 By: aldossari_faisal : March 23rd, 2010-13:28

Thank you!!!!

 By: big daddy : March 23rd, 2010-14:46
I loved the report and hope to see more!!!! PM me on where you live in Sweden as we have friends in Vasteras and visit fairly often...

Well done, Jocke!

 By: Davo : March 23rd, 2010-14:48
Twas a great report! Thanks for sharing.

Love the review Jocke

 By: gazoz : March 23rd, 2010-15:27
thanks for the pics looks like a great trip maybe i can go to basel one of these days

What an entertaining review!!

 By: sidneyc : March 23rd, 2010-15:52
Loved every bit of it! Thanks Jocke! Your review is so funny!! Pity about the German roadside ticket seller you bumped into!

Thank You...Love it!

 By: wmurphy49 : March 23rd, 2010-16:10
Please keep the stories and pictures coming! It's my dream to go to Baselworld someday. Please go over to Breguet and put in a good word for me!! This message has been edited by wmurphy49 on 2010-03-23 16:14:12


 By: Ogygia : March 23rd, 2010-23:55
Especial the GO display! lol

Thanks for a wonderful post Jocke! [nt]

 By: fernando : March 24th, 2010-00:52
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Very great report ...

 By: p@trice : March 24th, 2010-01:44
Thanks Jocke ! Best Patrice

Great report Jocke.........................

 By: Topcat30093 : March 24th, 2010-04:31
And your photos are as stunning as ever. I do like the Dornbleuth, as well as the GO Original.

Excellent report Jocke!

 By: neo : March 24th, 2010-21:39
Just what I was looking for. Can we see some more pics of the Green Sub, plz?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jocke!

 By: GP&MP : March 25th, 2010-12:52
Your annual Baselworld reports are even better than an own visit to Basel! You should really publish your printed reports as a book and sell them in Basel. I'm quite sure there would be enough enthusiastic buyers in order to refinance your traveling expen... 

thanks , wonderful report ! [nt]

 By: chronoman19 : March 25th, 2010-23:59
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 By: pilotsnoopy : March 26th, 2010-01:11
thanks for a wonderful report finally see what is the ferry to Germany like from Denmark, only heard about it verbally before...

Thank you all for your kind words. [nt]

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : March 28th, 2010-12:32
No message body

A Wonderful photo essay. Thank you [nt]

 By: emcquillan : April 1st, 2010-11:17
No message body

This is real dedication...

 By: nitediver : April 3rd, 2010-22:29
...driving 15 hours to Basel...and another 15 hours back! I like the Tudor Vintage style Chrono, it looks great - especially with the nylon strap. I never thought much of Tudor, but this one is tempting... the other piece that catches my attention is the ... 

Nice and funny report. Thank you.

 By: VMM : April 7th, 2010-03:04
So you changed from orange to yellow? NIce van. While reading about the Panoinverse in SS, I guessed from your 2008 report, you were gonna love it (as me). Very nice watch. Already ordered mine. Thanks for sharing. Vte