BaselWorld 2010: Laurent Ferrier

Mar 21, 2010,12:23 PM

Laurent Ferrier is a watchmaker in Geneva with over 30 years of experience at Patek.  After years of dreaming he set out to create with his son and two others a watch movement "to be the pleasure of watchmakers".
He has achived this goal.  Very classical, understated, his watch is a real beauty, here in white gold with a black dial.

The tourbillon movement stands out with it's use of a Straumann double hairspring.  According to Mr. Ferrier this double hairspring, two identical hairsprings placed at 180° and inverse to eachother to negate and unsymetry and center of gravity affects, produces results and an ease of regulation that he didn't expect.
Unfortunately these pictures taken under poor lighting conditions on a running watch do not show the hairsprings very well.

Notice the level of finishing of the cage parts.

The version in yellow gold with a white dial.

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