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A first look at JeanRichard in 2007, which may bring you closer to the brand

 By: PeterCDE : April 16th, 2007-16:47
Dear enthusiasts, hopping over to the JeanRichard booth, the main attraction for this year is the "Times Square" model with a completey new and original way to indicate time: Equipped with a manufacture-made movement based on the caliber JR 1000, it´s far...  

Ahh...finally get to see the 'thing'...

 By: Jacky : April 16th, 2007-20:09
I've heard rumours about a new way of telling this is it! Cool and unique! The triangle hour hands turn dont it? The chrono looks cool as well...seems like its got some retrograde functions. Give us more Peter!! Regards Jacky

A wrist shot of the new Time Square

 By: PeterCDE : April 16th, 2007-21:14
Hope you like it :-) Cheers, Peter...  

Peter I never would have recognized you in the picture - LOL

 By: Bill : April 16th, 2007-21:27
May be it is just late in the day. thx

LOL - you better not :-)))

 By: PeterCDE : April 16th, 2007-21:34

A side view of the Bressel 1665 Chronograph

 By: PeterCDE : April 16th, 2007-22:12
This may show the special crown and pusher arrangement better; actually these are in the same level, which is very rare among modular chronograph constructions! Cheers, Peter...  

Questions on the Bressel 1665 Chronograph

 By: HW : June 24th, 2007-23:17
Peter, Thanks for your posts. Appreciate it. Some questions: 1) The JR1000 movement - is this a fully in-house manufactured movement, or is it based on a GP caliber? 2) The Bressel 1665 Chronograph, which is based on the JR1000 movement - is the chronogra... 

Pleasure! Some points

 By: PeterCDE : June 25th, 2007-10:03
G'day, some answers! The JR1000 caliber is "in-house"; technically GP and JeanRichard do share some ressources, but the movement is designed, developped and manufactured in-house and for use by JeanRichard exclusively. So i think it´s as much JR as it get...