Oh my... What a wonderful watch

Jan 08, 2004,05:05 AM

Hi Will,

sincere congratulations!
That?s indeed a pretty rare bird and certainly one of the nicest (if not the nicest) watch of this variation i?ve seen so far.

And it is an important watch.
These are special watches. Not only this is probably the most accurate timepiece ever made in serial production, but it started a new direction in watch production towards the faster beat rates.
And it is a special model for the brand: Until today, the certificates of the 3 prizes GP won at the Chronometer Trials with these Observatory Chronometer movements are visible placed in a conference room at the GP head quarters in La Chaux-De-Fonds and testify this outstanding achievement of our beloved "little brand".
And like the vintage 3-bridges in GP?s museum, the past success at the Chronometer Trials is a motivation to strieve for excellence in the future.

So it is truly a remarkable piece and i?m very happy to see it turned out so nicely; of all past GP watches, this is certainly among the most interesting watches.

What i like very much is the "understatement aspect".
It does have a special history and it is a special watch, but it is a piece for those "who know".

Again, sincere congratulations on a very special watch, which obviously got a great revision by GP and is a true gem.
Thanks a lot for sharing!



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My Gyromatic Observatory Chronometer has just come back from service . . .

 By: Wm. Jay Roseman : January 7th, 2004-10:22
Hi Everyone: I just wanted to share my excitement and let everyone know that I just received my Observatory Chronometer back from GP USA and I must say, they really did a fantastic job - I could not be more satisfied with the results. My picture taking ab...  


 By: Miguel : January 8th, 2004-03:03

Gorgeous piece!

 By: syuji : January 8th, 2004-07:07
This is a gorgeous piece of GP! Could you tell me how much the overhaul at GP was? Also, do you have a "Before overhaul" photo? Thank you!

Could you email personally? . . .

 By: Wm. Jay Roseman : January 8th, 2004-04:16

Plain Jane

 By: PeterCDE : January 8th, 2004-07:07
Here?s a Observatory Chronometer (albeit not Will?s watch): GP caliber 32A Observatory Chronometer, tested by Observatory Neuchatel (serial numbers edited out) Keep in mind only movements were tested (and still are, by COSC today). By contemporary standar...  

Thanks for the photo of the movement . . .

 By: Wm. Jay Roseman : January 8th, 2004-04:16
Peter: Thanks for the photo of the Observatory movement. I have never seen one so close-up. And many thanks for the additional information about the watch - your knowledge of GP and watches in general never ceases to amaze me. Regards, Will

My pleasure!

 By: PeterCDE : January 8th, 2004-08:20

Thank you everyone - two more shots (with the correct color on one of them) . . .

 By: Wm. Jay Roseman : January 8th, 2004-04:16
Thanks Everyone: I rediscovered two things having gotten my Gyromatic back - the first is what a great community this is. As soon as I got the watch back from GP USA, the first people that I wanted to show it to was everyone on this site. Not to be boastf...  

that watch rules

 By: ei8htohms : January 8th, 2004-04:16
Hi Will, That piece is truly amazing. I'm glad you let GP CH do the work and delighted to hear they did it justice. Dare I ask? How's the timekeeping. Thanks for the pics! _john

1967 results...

 By: PeterCDE : January 8th, 2004-08:20
... from a Bulletin d`Marche by the Observatory Neuchatel of September 1967 for a GP like Will?s: Different from COSC bulletins, the Observatory ones are four pages with each listing the results for the specific testing period (10 periods over 4-5 days ea...  

I know its good but . . .

 By: Wm. Jay Roseman : January 10th, 2004-09:09
Hi John: Thanks for your kind words. The watch appears to be keeping excellent time but I have only compared it to an Internet Atomic clock as I do not have a watch timer. I know that GP Swiss did a great job with the overhaul because that is something th... 

These are very nice shots!!

 By: PeterCDE : January 8th, 2004-07:19

beautiful! (nt)

 By: AndyThurman : January 8th, 2004-06:18

Where to service?

 By: DON : January 9th, 2004-05:17
Is there a difference as to service between these two locations? GIRARD-PERREGAUX USA 201 Route 17 North 8th Floor RUTHERFORD, N.J. 07070 Tel 877-846-3447 Fax 201-507-1553 SERVICE Tradema of America Service Center 801 West Main Street Mount Joy, PA 17552-... 

they'd get serviced at the same place

 By: ei8htohms : January 9th, 2004-05:17
Hi Don, I believe RGM still does all the repair work for GP USA so they'd end up with the watch either way. _john

Re: they'd get serviced at the same place

 By: DON : January 9th, 2004-06:18
Thank you for the quick response. I am looking to have my mid '40 Sea Hawk overhauled, so was wandering where to send it.

An alternative would be to "send it home"

 By: PeterCDE : January 9th, 2004-10:22
Hi Don, John is correct. In fact, RGM/Tradema USA does the service for GP USA. As an alternative, it?s possible to send it to Switzerland. Will?s watch was serviced back home in La Chaux-De-Fonds - and obviously, it paid to do so In any case, i think eith...