The Return of L.U.C @ SWA

Oct 27, 2007,11:37 AM

Hello Everyone

Just received some nice pictures from Mr.Harry Tan.
Thanks Harry.

I've selected some of them and here it goes .... enjoy!

Waiting for the session to start.

Tonight have 2 Patricks it was Patrick introducing Patrick.

Mr. Patrick Wehrli, the L.U.C specialist.  Worked as watchmaker for 4 years in AP & GP before.

That's Dick... he was wearing the Chopard St. Moritz.

The 2 Chiefs....listening attentively.

Mr.Maxime Labey, Managing Director - Chopard Asia.

Mr. Patrick Tan, Head - Sincere Watch Academy

The animated Master Patrick.

Prof Ooi & Wife, all ears.

Florence...a watchlover.

Another lady watchlover...just like to see more ladies starting to appreciate mechanical watches!
Hey ...see the 1860 clock above her!  Nice!

Now for the watches...courtesy of Master Patrick....these are most of his show-pieces.  Only 2 pieces are prototypes,
the rest are working!

Ms. Julien Wong, Marketing Manager of Chopard Asia.

Maxime modelled his L.U.C Grand.  Looks cool with his suit.

George Ho with Julien...he was supposedly to show his L.U.C Fleurier...

Master Patrick answering questions and at the same time explaining the uniqueness
of each individual L.U.C model.  Its like the continuation of the session for more
inquisitive learners.  I'm one of them.... so we stretched the session till over 10pm!

That's all folks....have a good weekend.


For more closeup look at the watches, please click here

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Btw, why are all the cranks there?

 By: AnthonyTsai : October 27th, 2007-18:34
Is this to prevent fingers from scratching the watch case if someone wants to wind the watch? Cheers, Anthony

Good question...

 By: Kong : October 27th, 2007-21:19
Hi Anthony The crank is one of a kind. I believe the concept is from the love of vintage automobiles. However the crank also serves as luxury treatment to owners of of L.U.C Tourbillons with Calibre 1.02 ( Quattro technology with 4 barrels to have approxi... 

Nice photos from Prof Harry Tan

 By: MTF : October 28th, 2007-08:12
Hey Kong, Thanks for these photos from Harry.......we all have to admit that his are always good quality (sigh) I was a little puzled by Anthony's question: "Why are there so many cranks?" I thought he meant crazy Chopard lovers until I saw the photos! Re... 

Thanks MTF but why the sigh?

 By: Horolographer : October 28th, 2007-09:44
With some practice on your newly acquired photo gear, you will be shooting great event images in no time. Cheers Harry

It's the >>

 By: MTF : October 28th, 2007-11:09