Some Tornek Rayville Love: Back in the US!

Jun 09, 2011,06:35 AM

If there was a watch I had to bring with me during this small but intense trip in the US, this is, of course, the Tornek Rayville, as it was born there, after all.

You all know the story of this watch, which was, in the very early Sixites, in competition with Enicar, Rolex and Bulova, to win the right to be on the Navy SEALs wrists.

If you want to read more about that, please click here:

The purpose of the game was to try to get some live pictures of the watch in the best possble configuration.

What's better than a TR 900 on a boat, even if this boat is not a military one? smile

Even on a modern boat, a compass is useful:

A compass and the Tornek Rayville... An unavoidable Duo.

Some Marine Decorum, very à propos:

Tornek Rayville, or Snakeville, by the way? smile

An what about this last shot, on the USA Flag, with these matching writings?

I had a lot of " studio " shots of the TR 900, it was really tempting to get some outside photos of this legendary watch.

Hoping that you will enjoy them, and that you don't get too tired with these Tornek posts...



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never get bored....

 By: DivingT : June 9th, 2011-06:46
..of looking at that one! Nice back drops. Looks like you had some fantastic weather - the water around the boat looks very inviting!! Looking forward to the studio shots, with the watch/compass combinations! cheers Tony

I will, my friend, I will. ...

 By: amanico : June 9th, 2011-07:26
It is just that I'm getting tired of all these pics to take... I need some photographic rest. Best, Nicolas.

Love the compass

 By: Ubik : June 9th, 2011-07:12
and, as always, wonderful shots Au Naturale. So now all you need to complete this picture theme is a few like this....  

What do you think I'm doing, Eitan?

 By: amanico : June 9th, 2011-07:25
I am on the hunt for a Dephtmeter, a knife and a torch... Best, Nicolas.


 By: bimbeano : June 9th, 2011-07:39
Back to the roots ... well, almost ! I see you had a great trip Nicolas, i' feel a bit sorrow (for myself) i wasn't able to be there ... reading all these wonderfull posts. I also heard you met my "daddy" .. BigDaddy that is .... . Didn't you already have... 

I have the dephtmeter, yes.

 By: amanico : June 9th, 2011-07:51
But I would rather use it for a non US Milpsec, for my early FF, for example. I have to find a smaller one for my TR 900 and my Early Military Milspec, though, whose size is the same than the small compass. Yes, I met the Big Daddy in Vegas. A very cool g... 

This is another symptom for me…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : June 9th, 2011-14:53
Damn – I will have to stop reading your post! Stunning watch, my tempting friend! Best Blomman


 By: Briandumais : June 9th, 2011-16:45
Nice photos Nicolas. What state were you in? Brian

California, Brian. [nt]

 By: amanico : June 9th, 2011-23:11
No message body


 By: playtime : June 9th, 2011-18:11
great pics J

Thank you, Jason. A pleasure to share them, as it was a great moment for me!

 By: amanico : June 9th, 2011-23:13
And an important watch, too. Best, Nicolas. This message has been edited by amanico on 2011-06-09 23:15:08

Looking good there, Nico.

 By: Davo : June 9th, 2011-21:25
Great to see that watch out in the wild. Well captured too, I might add.

I should really take more outside pics ...

 By: amanico : June 9th, 2011-23:17
But in Paris, the light is not always that good. Thanks, Davo. Best, Nicolas.

The TR looks so charming.

 By: Goh : June 13th, 2011-22:40
A stunning piece. Never tired of it Nicolas. Best, Goh

Difficult to take it off the wrist, Goh.

 By: amanico : June 13th, 2011-22:49
It certainly belongs to the " Keepers " category. Best, my friend. Nicolas.

Totally lost .. Better Late than Never ;-)

 By: hs111 : July 11th, 2011-03:22
Hi, Nico: - somewhat belated this response, also 'triggered' after many nice shots, I had been privileged to take of Military and related wonders .. So, then - another dark and absolutely fascinating spell, I submerged into those hilarious posts of yours ... 

Your pain is my pleasure, hs.

 By: amanico : July 11th, 2011-03:35
This TR 900 is considered by many as a Grail Watch. And it is much rarer than, we can think, as it is true that around 1100 were produced, but how many are still alive? 100, 150? More important than its rarity, it is a strong, beautiful and captivating wa... 

Ahh.. Lucky I was to touch.. spelled I will remain ! ;-))

 By: hs111 : July 11th, 2011-03:47
At least had the immense pleasure to see in REAL several (!) of these marvels recently, AND FF MilSpecs, PLUS some stories about foreign countries where they were serving.. Well, again for me, I humbly realize: - Start LOW, go Slow .. Welcome back, sweet ...