A Moment of Silence...

Aug 16, 2011,20:27 PM

I've heard from a very reliable source that Mr. Gerald Genta, designer of the iconic Royal Oak, and many other great designs, passed away on Monday.


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 By: Elements : August 16th, 2011-20:37

condolences to the watch world..... [nt]

 By: JMan : August 16th, 2011-21:05
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Condolences to the Genta family. [nt]

 By: DRMW : August 16th, 2011-21:19
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My condolences to his family...

 By: KIH : August 16th, 2011-21:35
... Please rest in peace..... Ken

our thoughts for his family........

 By: playtime : August 16th, 2011-21:43

Sad News indeed.Condolence to his family and friends

 By: dreamer8 : August 16th, 2011-22:53
Big loss to the watch world , but his designs will live on forever to remind us all in horology of his massive influence on some iconic watches from different brands, AP, IWC, PP etc. SALUTE.

Condolences to the family Genta

 By: Koen S. : August 16th, 2011-23:11
We will remember him by our royal oaks.

Sad news indeed

 By: Davo : August 16th, 2011-23:23
My condolences to his family and loved ones.

May he rest in peace :-( nt [nt]

 By: bimbeano : August 16th, 2011-23:31
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A true artist

 By: AndrewD : August 16th, 2011-23:58
It's always sad when someone important leaves us, but what an amazing contribution over his 80 years. Both a watchmaker and designer. In fact a true artist. And that will live on, just as we remember the other great watchmakers of history. I will be weari... 

No way...!

 By: R_Dorothy Wayneright : August 17th, 2011-07:50
Rest in peace, Mr. Genta. The Royal Oak and Nautilus are some of my favorite watches. A true horological artist that challenged the industry!


 By: Mr Green : August 17th, 2011-01:18
A moment of reminiscent and respectful silence Another great loss His work will always be with us as fondest memory....

Sad news

 By: nautilus : August 17th, 2011-02:54
His creative genius, timeless style and unmistakeable design DNA has left a clear stamp on the watchword.

it´s really sad - but...

 By: only5402 : August 17th, 2011-04:49
he will life on in his graetest creation - the royal oak! For any time in the future his name will be unforgettable associated with this watch. And for the reason that there will be allways collectors and enthusiasts that appreciate the royal oak - and sp... 

A true Legend. Very sad. nt [nt]

 By: MichaelC : August 17th, 2011-05:56
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My condolences to the Genta family and friends.

 By: Goh : August 17th, 2011-09:04
Sad news. RIP Mr. Gérald Genta. His designs give me much joy. Best, Goh

A true icon...

 By: roman : August 17th, 2011-09:38
whose ideas, designs, and productions led to so many iconic watches. Condolences to his family, RIP.

A celebration of a great legacy

 By: le_chef : August 17th, 2011-10:48
He certainly changed the watch world in no uncertain terms. We should be grateful for his amazing contribution.

My deepest condolences to his family

 By: foversta : August 17th, 2011-11:06
I keep the image of a person full of energy. Fx

Condolences to his family and friends.

 By: dxboon : August 17th, 2011-11:48
His legacy will live long after him on the wrist of many a watch aficionado, myself included. RIP Mr. Genta. *silence* Daos

Shocking news

 By: mjnoumoff : August 17th, 2011-12:18
So sorry to read about Mr. Genta's passing. He will be greatly missed.

Sad Sad Sad! R.I.P

 By: Tony.A. : August 17th, 2011-12:40
This was a great moment when i have the plesure to meet mr Gerald Genta in Basel....  

Sad news indeed...

 By: mrsnak : August 17th, 2011-13:59
..he was truly an innovator.

What a dude....the Naughty, the Engine...

 By: tom3 : August 17th, 2011-15:01
and the Oak. The 3 greatest bracelet pieces of all time.

My Condolences.

 By: JerryW : August 17th, 2011-17:12
I am honored to wear a RO almost every day and I am very grateful for his amazing contributions to the watch industry. He was a true artist. JerryW

Observe a moment of silence

 By: BluNotte : August 17th, 2011-18:03
To a super icon in watch making. God bless and rest his soul. Stephen


 By: ED209 : August 17th, 2011-18:06
This is sad news. Sincere condolences to the Genta family on their loss. Regards, ED-209

A true legend!

 By: PSV : August 17th, 2011-18:20
This is sad news indeed, he has had a profound impact with his designs and will remembered forever. RIP, Mr. Genta.

Heartfelt condolences to his family...

 By: Vinontre : August 17th, 2011-18:24
...his legacy shall live on forever in the hearts of watch collectors... C

My deepest condolences to his family, friends and the industry

 By: i_am_Sam : August 17th, 2011-23:15
I see Mr. Genta as one of the most influential person in the industry.. As a big admirer of his work, it is really a great lost for me as well RIP

Very sad news...

 By: stere : August 17th, 2011-23:53
He will live forever in his timeless watches! Very sad 12 month for watch industry: Hayek, Scheyder, Macaluso, Genta.....but I'm sure that they will have always a view from above to observe what happens on the watchworld stere

Truly sad news. I met Gerald Genta a couple of years ago and he

 By: 219 : August 18th, 2011-00:40
was a distinguished and knowledgable man. Greatly enjoyed talking to him and to Octavio (who introduced me). A picture from that time: My heart felt sympathies for his family. Andrew H...  


 By: Stryker : August 18th, 2011-03:32
His absence will be felt throughout the watch world. May he rest in peace.

Sad News...

 By: hetins : August 18th, 2011-05:15
May he rest in peace….while being remembered always. Hetin

my deepest condolences

 By: gcTIME : August 18th, 2011-07:47
if indeed this unfortunate piece of news is true. may he rest in peace.

The creator of the RO is no more, but his legend lives on.

 By: Hororgasm : August 18th, 2011-07:57
Condolences to the Genta family. Wear ROs Fridayas a sign of respect for the great man. Best. Horo

Shock and sad

 By: Watchlover78 : August 18th, 2011-12:31
My condolences to his family! He will forever be missed. Baxter


 By: ocwatching : August 18th, 2011-13:04
the world lost a visionary...