Jul 19, 2021,02:32 AM

Hey guys n gals,
So based on the post about the OnlyWatch... 15202...

The end of the 15202 has come... and the next gen for 50th anniversary is coming...

If this is correct... um... is this not something to be DISCUSSED???

helllooooo fans n friends?

Is this where we begin to discuss? 

For myself, my reaction is 100% favorable, according to my understanding of the Only Watch post.

My understanding is: the AP 15202 Only Watch is the very last to incorporate the 2121 movement. (A GIANT BIT OF NEWS!) And so, therefore, the end of this iteration, perhaps the most illustrious 15202 example ever? Except for the very first--if measured by demand vs supply, and stratospheric value increase within its run?.

This means that--to spell it out--the current 15202 is OVER--and the movement is also DEAD relative to the 15202--(HUGE NEWS) --and a NEW 15202 for 50th anniv is TBA!!

CURRENT 15202 is OVER.

Pls discuss! What's going on here? I'm only responding to the news in a generic post!

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