Jaeger-LeCoultre SIHH 2014: Tributes To Geophysic, the Review.

Apr 10, 2014,10:54 AM

Geophysic... That is a name which sounds like honey for every Jaeger-LeCoultre Fan.

Let me fist sum in a few lines what was the Geophysic, to better understand the Tribute.

Born in 1958 to celebrate the International Geophysic Year, made for scientists and engineers exposed to strong magnetic fields, this Watch was also gifted by some Geneva Citizens to the Commanders of the USS Skate ( Mr Calvert ) and Nautilus ( Mr Anderson ) Submariners, who where the first to reach the North Pole in the summer of 1958.

The delivery ceremony, on the 16th of December 1958, mastered by the Rear Admiral WARDER to the 2 Commanders:

There were several Geophysics, as you certainly now: Basically, one movement, two references, and 3 different dials.

The most famous E 168, in stainless steel, yellow gold, and rose gold. 35mm big, amagnetic ( resistant to 600 Gauss ) :

Stainless Steel:


Yellow Gold:


Rose Gold:

The Reference 2985, better knows as the Deluxe, in yellow or rose gold only, 34 mm big, without the soft iron protection, so much less resistant to magnetic fields.

The three dials:



The last one was dedicated to the Deluxe.

The two others same for the E 168.

Two last important things to know on the Geophysic:

- The case back, which was very special, reminding that the Watch was made in honor to the International Geophysic Year; with this characteristic Logo.

- The movement, the Cal P 478 BWSBr, is an evolution of the 488 SBr, which is, itself an evolution of the 470. The 470 was housed in the Military Mark 7 A, the 488 SBr was housed in the legendary Mark 11, and had the hacking second ( which the Cal 470 didn't have ).

The Geophysic movement was, curiously, less finished than the military Mark 11 movement, but it added two things: a Shock Protection, and a swan neck.

The Mark 11 movement:


The Geophysic movement:

The Tribute is a long story, which raised many doubts and questions, for several years:

- Was it good to stick to the original size?

- Which version to choose, the E 168, or the Deluxe?

- Which dial?

- What movement, since JLC doesn't have any manual movement with the hours, minutes, and central second in their catalog ( at the exception of the Duometre, but this one also displays the foudroyante small seconds, and other complications, and is much bigger, too )?

- Does the Geophysic have to be amagnetic? a Chronometer?

- Sapphire or Plexy?

- Which hands? Luminous dots on the glass, each five minutes?

- What metal?

You now better understand why the gestation took a long time!

Let's focus on the decisions Jaeger-LeCoultre took for the Tribute.

1/ The cases:

Here, you have the answer to several questions. JLC favoured the E 168 case, for its stronger look than the 2985. A look, a character blending strenght and sensuality with these  protruding lugs which " cut " the round case.

Now, the biggest problem was to go for the best size. 35 mm was tempting, but it would have pleased for a minority of us, the " extremists ".

40 mm would have been too big, and maybe a bit boring, for this Watch.

Jaeger-Lecoultre took the decision to go for a compromise, with a 38, 5 mm case. Which is already big, despite what you can think when reading 38, 5 mm, for a good reason: The important aperture of the dial. The Watch looks much bigger than it is, in reality.

You will find the same characteristic lugs than on the Vintage.

The screw in case back bears the planisphere, but in a more vintage look, clearly inspired from the vintage Geophysic and Geomatic.

You will find the small thin crown, slightly domed, which is a nice detail borrowed from the Vintage.

It is water resistant to 100 meters, which is better, much better than on the original model, AND amagnetic, as the Watch can resist to 600 Gauss, due to a soft iron dust cover, and a thick dial made of soft iron, too.

The cases will be made in stainless steel, rose gold and platinum ( From Left to Right ) :


The height of the case is 11, 40 mm.

2/ The dials:

Since Jaeger-LeCoultre opted for the E 168, and not for the 2985, the choice was limited to two dials, the so called " Cross Hair " and the more known and classic one.

The Manufacture went for both of them: The " Cross Hair " for the Stainless Steel and the Rose Gold, the more known for the Platinum.

These dials have a different character, but are equally superb.

Applied indexes and numbers,slightly grained texture, one, the " Cross Hair " has more presence, maybe, while the " normal " has a more understated appearance.

Stainless steel, or platinum?

One important detail, which has already been quickly mentionned, is that both dials are contributing to the amagnetism of the Watch, since they are made of soft iron, and are quite thick ( 1 mm ).

You will also notice that the hands are sword shaped, like on the original, even if it is very probable that Dauphine hands were also mounted on the E 168. But on the Tribute, JLC opted for the Swords, and filled them with a dark yellow luminova, to give some contrast and life to the dial.

One hint on the nature of the movement, the choice of the word " Geophysic " rather than " Chronometer " on the dials... Which means that we are not in front of a Chronometer. But we'll come back to that when we focus on the movement.

The rose gold is naturally warmer, the contrast is more evident, with an additional touch of class.

Stainless Steel, or Rose Gold?

On the " Cross Hair " you have these numbers " 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 .... 60 " which are very coherent with a Watch which had a chronometric purpose, in my opinion.

Last, but not least, the small luminous dots stuck on the.... sapphire glass, each five minutes, are matching  with the hands, another cool hommage to the vintage.

Two different characters, indeed.

3/ The movement:

Since Jaeger LeCoultre doesn't have a manual movement displaying the hours, minutes with a central second, the option was to choose between the creation of a new movement and an automatic movement, the Cal 899, for example.

The manual movement would have been a natural option, since the original Geophysic had one, but... BUT:

- How much would have the development of such a movement costed? What would be the impact on the retail?

Since it is difficult to make a movement for only one Watch, in terms of costs, the Geophysic would have been very highly priced. How many would  be ready to pay 25 K Euros or more for a Re Edition of the Geophysic?

- We saw the evolution of the Geophysic movement, it was a kind of " Swan Song ", at an era where automatic movements started to have more and more importance.

In 1958, Lecoultre released another Chronometer, the Master Mariner, for the US Market, which housed an automatic movement, the Cal 476/ 3, and a few years after, in 1962, came the Geomatic, with, as its name suggests it, housed an automatic movement.

The Geophysic Calibre, at that time, was less refined than the 488, in terms of finish. The purpose was to give it accuracy, and reliability, not necessarily Beauty.

In that spirit, the Cal 898/1, housed in the Tribute, shares the same purpose and is very close to the Cal 899. It is reliable, well know, long time tested, and accurate.

It is not a Chronometer, since it is not " COSCED ", but the COSC on several aspects is less demanding than the 1 000 Hours Control, with a big difference: The movement is tested IN the Watch, once cased, while the COSC tests are made on the movement alone, NOT encased.

The Cal 898/1 is a modern automatic movement, made of 202 parts, beating at the pace of 28 800 vibrations per hour, 26 mm big, 3, 30 mm high, offering a power reserve of 43 hours.

It is the " Heart " of many JLC automatic movements, the base  for some complications offered by the Manufacture.


4/ The straps:

Alligator for each version ( Black for the stainless steel, Brown for the rose gold, Blue for the platinum ), with a superb pin buckle, whose metal matches with the case.


5/ General thoughts.

The Geophysic was quite an intellectual Watch, at its time. A kind of elegant bad boy, a bit rough, with a lot of charm, suggesting adventures, trip, scientific experiences, but discrete, flying much below the radar.

Those who own the original know that. Nobody or almost will recognize this Watch, whose virtues and interest are hidden.

This is a Watch for Connoisseur, certainly not a Watch for show off guys.

The Tribute is in the same vein, even if it is bigger than the original.

The remake of this Watch was a quite tough and demanding challenge, in my opinion, as it is always risky to play with a Legend.

Like the original, the Tribute To Geophysic is a toolwatch you can wear in the most hostile environments, and its improved water resistance will allow you to swim with it.

I do think that aesthetically, it has the spirit of the original.One thing I would have preferred, though, is to remove the " JL " Logo, below 12 o' clock, and stick the " Geophysic name under the Jaeger-Lecoultre Signature on the stainless steel and rose gold version, to not break the " Cross Hair " design.

I would also have preferred a manual winding movement, but, as previously explained, would it have been realistic for the current market?

Here are some live shots, taken at the Manufacture, and outside!

Stainless Steel, limited to 800 pièces.

Rose Gold, limited to 300 pièces.


Platinum, limited to 58 pièces.



Looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts,


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You posted two minutes early! :)

 By: 4Js : April 10th, 2014-11:12
Well, you caught me off guard with the SS cross hairs. I did not mention due to the embargo, but there was an error by JLC on their website. If you googled Jaeger and Geophysic, it brought you to a page which showed the RG and the Platinum. When the Puris... 

It was not a well kept secret, indeed. ;)

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-11:36
But at least, the Boutiques which allowed ( ??? !!! ) their clients to take pictures of an internal document ( ! ) showed the Pt version, only... With some mistakes, such as a sapphire case back, for example... Best, and congratulations in advance! Nicola... 

small correction Nico

 By: dreamer8 : April 10th, 2014-20:55
If you are referring to my original post, I did not post any pictures of the sapphire back . I was aware of the different metals and the production numbers. Cheers,dreamer

No, I was not referring to you, but to many fellows who sent me PMs

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-22:48
About the Geophysic, and these fellows asked me if it was true that the Geophysic had a sapphire case back! Best, my friend. Nicolas


 By: blomman Mr Blue : April 10th, 2014-11:14
My initial thoughts are: - I would have preferred a manual movement. - I would have preferred a Chronometre instead of the name on the dial . - I would have preferred plexi. - I love the size, the dots on the inside of the crystal.. - Finally we see a bet... 

I agree with all your points and one more

 By: 4Js : April 10th, 2014-11:23
I really liked the black on the back. But, I am not complaining. Just looking forward to wearing it! Best, Joe

The sticker...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : April 10th, 2014-11:43
I see as a minor problem... I am used to be without it on the back... ;) Then I am more bugged about the "GEOPHYSIC" on the dial... One big part of the Geophysic character and charm is the some what badly printed "CHRONOMETRE" on the dial... What I mean i...  

Or a Chronometer stating that it is a Chronometer. :)))

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-11:55
No, more seriously, I tend to agree ith you, on that matter, but since it is not a Chronometer, it is not allowed to write this mention on the dial... And the Geomatic name was on the Geomatic dial... So, all in all... Best, Blomman. Nicolas

Well, the plexy is very low on the original, so I don't care that much about a sapphire.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-11:33
I would have much preferred a manual movement, yes. And Chronometer, even better... BUT maybe they gave it a fine adjustement? Best, my friend, and thanks for your input. Nicolas

But you are used to ...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : April 10th, 2014-11:48
A higher plexi - I am not...! ;) About the name - see my reply to Joe... Best, my friend - and again, thank you for a great report! Blomman

A time waited for so long has come

 By: Dje : April 10th, 2014-11:42
Hi Nicolas, Tonight marks the end of several years of discussion. And the beginning of many others... :-) I'm quite happy with the outcome, as I see it as a very well balanced compromise between the ideal Tribute to Geophysique (but probably unsoldable, a... 

I love your last paragraph, Jerome.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-12:06
We should pay an hommage to those who were involved in the JLC History, hence one of the goals of my article on the Chronometry... And to the Godfather who left JLC recently, too, of course. Those Tributes, and expecially the stainless steel one, could we... 

You are on fire my friend!!!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : April 10th, 2014-11:42
As well as JLC After chronometry post this....what's next??? Screaming of joy already :) This is awesome Although I'm rose gold guy I must say that Pt tribute is best by margin in my eyes Splendid times ahead So you got No 7 Pt you Devil??? ;) :) Sincerel... 

If someone knows

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : April 10th, 2014-12:14
than it's you ;)

You wouldn't be

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : April 10th, 2014-12:22
lying to Darko would you??? :) ;) Cheers D

Enfin !.. Attractive icon .. Careful re-edition.. With lots of feel for the DNA ! :)

 By: hs111 : April 10th, 2014-11:58
This is just a first spontanous response, as I have already read your post twice, and will re-read it soon, I am sure.. 1/ Many of us here have been hoping very much for a TT Geophysic, several had and will have reservations, a la " Why tamper with one of... 

The retail is 7, 500 K Euros in stainless steel, 16 K Euros in Rose Gold and 25 K Euros

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-12:02
For the Platinum version. As for the Pt version to answer your question, it is a trick of the light when I took the picture. Best, my friend. Nicolas

It looks very good ...

 By: small-luxury-world : April 10th, 2014-12:23
and the new buckle (at least to me) looks very good, but with an automatic movement it is a no go for me. It is just not what it was famous for. A missed opportunity in my point of view. Nico, thanks for the very nice coverage! Oliver

I want one!

 By: sfoskett : April 10th, 2014-12:43
It's wonderful - a "wear anywhere" watch for dress or sport. I really feel that it's something special - a great balance and a beautiful watch. Regarding the dials, I wish they would have "kept" the crosshair for the platinum since it's the limited editio... 

That is a tough decision, the choice between the Pt and the SS.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-12:59
I would say both, as they are very, deeply different. I woud say stainless steel, if only one is possible, because it is a toolwatch. And it is more coherent to own a toolwatch in stainless steel than in platinum. But the platinum has a lot of charm, too.... 

Not what I was expecting at all..!!

 By: Andy : April 10th, 2014-12:48
But like Oliver said they missed the main trick of it being a chronometer.....I understand why, but if JLC couldn't pull one of those out of the bag with their phenomenal history nobody could. Thanks for the report Nico, Andy.

Well, there may be a better choice than a COSCED Chronometer ( sorry for the redundance ).

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-13:28
I am still waiting for a confirmation ( or an infirmation, or an information ;) ) but there might be an interesting detail here. Now, if you meant manual movement, I can't disagree with you. But as said, they would have to do a dedicated movement for this... 

I thought I read this will be regulated to -1+4 sec

 By: 4Js : April 10th, 2014-16:00
I will take that any day Joe


 By: vitalsigns : April 10th, 2014-13:07
After your recent Chronometry post I was considering a new topic on the forum querying which of the vintage chronometers the forum participants would most like JLC to reissue. The Geophysic was my top pick! I think I will start working on some more wish-l... 

Thanks for your feedback, John.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-13:35
A new old stock dial is very white... I will show you that a bit later... Too modern, the buckle? Well, this is a modern re intepretation of the Geophysic, rather than a re edition. In that sense, it is a good choice to FINALLY have a nice buckle, in my o... 

A lot to commend

 By: jml_watches : April 10th, 2014-13:42
Hi Have to say there's a lot to commend here, despite some of the reservations voiced. Think I'm relatively agnostic about those, but can understand them. It seems a most restrained piece - very much like the idea of the platinum version - think pretty mu... 

An efficient and elegant toolwatch, that is the Geophysic.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-13:49
Add a touch of character, and you have a superb cocktail. Despite the reserves, which are long discussed choices. Best, and thanks for your input, JML. Nicolas

A tribute, really?

 By: ztirual : April 10th, 2014-14:04
As usual, a great presentation, amanico! I am not a tribute watch type of guy... And here again I actually think it would have been best to have left this legend of a watch alone. Or rather it would have been best to pay a real tribute to it. If not a par... 

Now you are thinking like a vintage collector, which is no way wrong, of course!

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-14:22
For a vintage Collector, or, let's say a lot of them, the originals are the originals, and the re editions / Tributes / Hommages, cannot compete with them. It is logical. Let's think about that in another way... The current Patek Chrono, the 5170, is, lik...  

Lots of good arguments, amanico

 By: ztirual : April 10th, 2014-14:40
All good economical and rational arguments. I invite you to let your guts and your heart speak. I know you have lots of both. :-) Not your logical understanding of the way things currently work at JLC. For better or for worse. You know, other watch compan... 

Even JLC has some very nice manual movements.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-14:50
On both affordable watches ( a simple Reverso has one ) and of course on more expensive watches ( Duometres, for example ). But the Reverso manual movements have been massively produced, and the Duometre watches start at 30 K Euros. In between there is no... 

Thank you, Nicolas

 By: ztirual : April 10th, 2014-16:32
I sense some emotions... JLC could have done better. I won't drive the knife deeper into the flesh. To issue a correct re-edition, worse a tribute watch is in my opinion mission impossible. Your know my passion for vintage Longines and my interest for Ome... 

Fully agree with zritual

 By: RDL : April 11th, 2014-01:37
- automatic not manual? - 40mm instead of 34mm? - platin? - really chronometer? - 2014 no jubilee of 1958, nor is 2014 in any way significant for geophysics or science Does the mere design similarity of a dial (and even here are important differences) rea... 


 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-01:44
The original was 35 mm big, not 34 ( The De Luxe was 34 mm big, by the way ). The Tribute is 38, 5 mm big, not 40 mm. Automatic movement, on that point you are right. Sad, but at least, it SEEMS ( I need a confirmation on that point, that the specs are mu... 

Your points

 By: RDL : April 11th, 2014-02:03
Your are right, I got the size wrong but my point and message still is valid: the TT is bigger, a lot in relative terms. And your point about platin: ok, also a precious metal, butnif there was no platin version in 1958, why doing one? Why not steel, RG a... 

My last comment does not apply to JLC

 By: RDL : April 11th, 2014-01:48
I would like to clarify though that whilst I do not like this TT, I do think JLC is one of the most innovative houses, investing in th future (see Duometre, Gyro etc). It was more a general comment as an observation (after Basel 2014)

A very interesting issue

 By: long71 : April 10th, 2014-14:09
Many thanks for bringing this to the community Nicholas. You have done much to promote the historical importance of the original, and I believe that without your efforts, this edition would have struggled to come to fruition. I find it a very interesting ... 

Yes, seeing it in the metal is the only way to be sure.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-22:35
Thanks for your feedback, Conor. Best, Nicolas

Mixed emotions here...

 By: foversta : April 10th, 2014-14:41
First of all, thanks a lot for the presentation and the detailed review. About the watches, it is a matter of perspective. If we consider them as stand alone watches, they are nice. And more surprisingly, I find the SS and PG dial much nicer than the PT o... 

To forget high strategies and favour the core fans, I cannot agree more, Fx.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-22:45
That is nicely put, and that is so important! As for the manual movement, I too would have preferred it, more coherent with the history of the Watch. Or, at least, an automatic movement with soe chronometric virtues... Thanks for your input. Best, Nicolas... 

What a joke in a double sense...

 By: Ilja : April 10th, 2014-14:51
First , as I told our dear Moderator and host, he is doing support marketing, which is on record here , what he tried to trivialize... with full full blow back within hours me thinks. Never ever on Richemont's pay roll. ;) Second , a watch that is hailed ... 

Aaah, here is our dear Ilja: Always complaining, criticizing, suspecting...

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-23:38
In that sense, you never disappoint. ;) There is no reason to suspect me, by the way: Marketing support because I write an article on Chronometry, and several posts about the Geophysic trying to explain what is a Geophysic, and allowing our readers to com... 

but is Devil Advocacy something to be proud of, in this manner?

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 11th, 2014-06:51
Provoking reaction can be done in a number of ways. Watches, like most other things in life, cannot be defined into "right or wrong". One person's taste will differ from another. Vive la difference. There are many things about this new Geophysic that comm... 


 By: Ilja : April 11th, 2014-07:53
it is a necessary evil to be played - to keep the balance. Proud would be a mental impulse - in this case not applying. Now it is -at least in my understanding- important if someone is paid for (regardless if cash or goods) to play a certain role, it shal... 

Sorry to disappoint you, but...

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-08:08
Not paid in goods or in money to write that. Yes, there is still some room for passion in life. Just to be clear... Best, Nicolas

Not an disappointment at all.

 By: Ilja : April 11th, 2014-08:35
Nice to receive your clear answer to this. (y) It actually bothered a couple of people here and there. Never mind. Cheers. I.


 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 11th, 2014-08:10
So it seems you are NOT proud of your actions....that at least has some redeeming quality. Yet, on the other hand, you simply continue your actions as if they were justified. Baffling. A necessary evil is one that is there for the common good. Evaluating ... 

the concept of

 By: Ilja : April 11th, 2014-08:46
test balloons is known to you, I assume. Your Rolex story is not my cup of tea, I even can't judge if a Sub is real or fake holding it in my hands. ;) Well, I guess I totally overestimated Richemont's marketing strategies. Now I stand there corrected and ... 

I think what you mean is a "trial balloon" not a "test balloon"...

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 11th, 2014-09:03
......as I am sure you know, its important too be accurate. Glad to have been of service.

While I agree with most, the JLC forum is sponsored, right?

 By: Goldenlutin : April 12th, 2014-00:10
Dear Baron, I fully agree with you that personal critics are not the right way to express a different opinion. But we live in a world which asks for more transparency. Regarding the relation between the JLC company (and/or Richemont) and this forum, do I ... 

Let me be very clear

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 12th, 2014-00:54
I am the Moderator of the Rolex forum. Whether Rolex sponsor the Rolex forum or not is something that is the responsibility of the PurisS management. Personally, I have no idea what happens in this respect. As Moderator, I am asked by management to give a... 

Believe it or not, but...

 By: amanico : April 12th, 2014-01:34
A moderator never discusses business with the brand he moderates. It is not his role, his function, his business. We have an Executive Team who deals with believe it or not, but I don't even say if ,this year, JLC is one of our sponsors. Why? To keep our... 

I hope that you know how much I appreciate your contribution..

 By: Goldenlutin : April 12th, 2014-21:40
I was not questioning your personal integrity / passion but rather the economical background of brand forums in general. I only raised the question because some moderators claimed in the discussion that there was not financial relation at all. My (simple)... 

This question comes up from time to time ...

 By: AndrewD : April 12th, 2014-03:22
... and I guess I can understand why people are curious about our independence. But as a fellow moderator let me make some additional comments from my perspective and experience over the last few years: ThePuristS was paid for by Thomas Mao from his own p... 


 By: Ilja : April 12th, 2014-04:36
At least my post leaded so some insights and answers. Good thing! And somehow re-establishs my believe marketing departments know their job. As for the unknown 'big collectors' they attend websites like this and come back with open questions via privat ch... 

Do you see anything other than passion in what you read.

 By: Bill : April 12th, 2014-10:58
Is there any doubt of the dedication and commitment of the team that is here 24/7/365. Every word and every sentiment expressed is their personal and passionate view. Just step back and have a look at what a rich resource is presented by passionate member... 

nothing more than...

 By: OlivierT : April 11th, 2014-04:55
your words sir! bad joke, uggly like a fake, no way. ,-((

You have very strong view points IIja......

 By: Sandgroper : April 12th, 2014-22:46
That's your rights. All of us (well, at least the great majority) are here because of our love in horology, so, discussing and giving opinions is the role the platform of this forum has been created for. This forum is not a place which has been designed t... 

April fool hoax again!

 By: HerrK : April 10th, 2014-14:57
Well, Nicolas, we are on the alert, so you cannot fool us this time! Of course JLC would never take an off-the-peg movement and dress it up as an iconic watch - that is Hublot’s business conduct! ;-) Moreover a watch with an automatic movement would rathe... 

That is sure that, with a date on the dial, it would have been a superb modern Geomatic.

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-23:40
But we already have a Tribute to Geomatic, with the Master Control. Best, Christian. And thanks for your input! Nicolas

And they did it...

 By: Goldenlutin : April 10th, 2014-14:59
Thanks for the report and historical background Nicolas, As expected and discussed previously, JLC finally relaunched the Geophysic.... It is not very surprising as they don't have much models left to which they could pay tribute :))) I dreamed of this wa... 

+ 1, as he said

 By: ztirual : April 10th, 2014-16:40
In this instance JLC's lack of ambition. I am sorry not much of a tribute for one of the company's most iconic watch.


 By: AndrewD : April 10th, 2014-19:00
Hi, I purposefully didn't read through the other comments before committing my thoughts to 'paper' (see below), but I can see that we are on the same 'page' with our views. Perhaps JLC will hear and one day come up with the Uber Chronometer we crave (and ... 

Pushing the concept one or several steps further...

 By: amanico : April 10th, 2014-23:58
That would have been great. A fusion ( even if I hate this term, to be honest ) between what is a Geophysic ( a macho case / an interesting movement / Chronometer and Amagnetic ) and some elements of modernity, horoligically speaking. I think there is som... 

Small correction....

 By: BDLJ : April 10th, 2014-16:49
....on otherwise enjoyable Nico post: USS Nautilus visited the North Pole in August 1958. In his book, Nautilus 90 North , Commander Anderson describes being presented with a watch for his achievements (Though I don't recall any mention of style or brand.... 

What I would have liked:

 By: AndrewD : April 10th, 2014-18:56
Thanks so much for the excellent write up, history and comments on the place of the Geophysic tribute, Nico. It is a brave watch for JLC to reissue. Very hard to keep the vintage aficionados happy, but it will have an appeal to a modern audience who don't... 

It would have certainly be better with a manual movement.

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-00:20
Now, if is all about the philosophy of the Geophysic, IF this movement is finely adjusted, then the philosophy is respected. I can't wait to have this information. Nonetheless, I find the idea to create a new manual movement, which would be used for furth... 

+1 Andrew…on the new movement use ..

 By: moc : April 11th, 2014-00:48
Exactly my thought,If JLC does not produce it,who can? It was just a corner cut strategy in my opinion. Shame. Mo

I'm happy to have another clean, beautiful adventure offering, since I

 By: watchthatman : April 10th, 2014-19:40
haven't seen many like that in the current market. Successors to the 1016 and the original geophysic are what I have in mind. Milgauss, explorer 1, the ranger from tudor, maybe an omega or two come to mind, but that's about it. True there is panerai - but... 

The original will always stay an icon, curiously a not that known icon.

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-00:27
An icon for connoisseurs who don't care about its " relatively " small size ( I am very happy with its 35 mm case, to tell the truth ). The Tributes could have gone some steps above, I agree with the general comments, but at least, in my opinion, and acco... 

Thinking about this overnight

 By: 4Js : April 11th, 2014-04:26
I went to bed looking at a pix of all four watches as a set. The original, in its 35mm size is just perfect in all aspects. It stands out in the whole set. For those fortunate to own (or find) the original, our as our dear Blomman have both colors, then y... 

Any chance this could be a community watch?

 By: Echi : April 10th, 2014-19:42
not sure why it narrowly missed the mark for me. love the PT version. not so hot with the crosshairs. manual wind would have been preferred as the others have stated but to my not so discerning sensibilities, an auto is ok and understandable... but did i ... 

Well, we can also consider that...

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-00:44
The Geophysic is less famous than the Reverso and the Polaris. When you have a Reverso or a Polaris on the wrist, people notice it. When you have a Geophysic on the wrist, only Watch nuts notice it. That is a fact based on several years of tests. ;) No do... 

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa....

 By: dreamer8 : April 10th, 2014-20:18
i am the culprit that posted this JLC Boutique Experience - Edited as per forum rules. Not the Original poster's fault, to say all . I was not aware of the embargo ( SIHH was in january ) and i will never knowingly break forum rules. After reading Joe ( 4... 

I totally agree with you about Embargoes.

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-00:09
Putting a Watch Under embargo in an internal document is too challenging, if you want the secret to be kept. These last months proved that it was an impossible challenge. As I wrote, not your fault. Thanks for your input, my friend. Nicolas

Thank you Nicolas. Wonderful news and......

 By: Sandgroper : April 10th, 2014-20:32
wonderful reading first thing in the morning with a nice cafe;) The automatic mouvement doesn't perturb me at all, it's practical. I love all three but my heart swings between the SS and the Platinum...somewhat I think I'll go for the SS. Thank you again ... 

Love the SS model with the cross hairs

 By: rnaden : April 10th, 2014-21:38
Have rung up the boutique and asked them to call me when they get something for me to see in the metal.

Wow - a lot to digest here.....

 By: Darren : April 10th, 2014-22:01
After my first read-through, I adored these re-issues. After thinking on it a bit, I still like them quite a bit. I think JLC really nailed it on the case, dials, size, lugs, etc. etc. But, I must agree with some of the other posters here that the movemen... 

Thanks for your input, Darren. It seems that the TT Geo movement...

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-01:29
Has been adjusted to work in the -1 / +4 secs per day range. If it is the case, as I am still waiting for a confirmation, this is uch better than the COSC spécifications! But like you and many others, here, a manual winding movement would have been more e... 

My last few months mantra.."watchmaking or moneymaking?..watchmaking…."

 By: moc : April 11th, 2014-00:45
Well, a mantra that resonate so much in my head lately and that make s me see things differently…much differently.. I am the last person to judge on Vintage watches or re/editions,tributes etc,but from what I can see and ponder for myself this is a big hu... 

Like you, I would have preferred seeing JLC opting for a manual movement.

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-00:59
But what makes me laugh is to see Vacheron, since you quoted that brand, using an automatic movement for their Chronometre Royal, you know, this close JLC Geophysic cousin which housed the same manual movement, without anybody ( or almost ) being shocked ... 

Any tribute would have opened a can of worms here Nico..

 By: moc : April 11th, 2014-01:02
You are doing an excellent job as a moderator….and this is not an easy task this time,tough audience…you are a warrior! Ha ha.. Mo

LOL. ;) More seriously, I encourage and appreciate these discussions, and divergent

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-01:18
Points of view, as long as they are elaborated. It is a pleasure to have these discussions, which is the main reason we are HERE. All the best, my friend. Nicolas

Nice redesigned Master Control my good friend.

 By: cisco : April 11th, 2014-02:33
That "geophysique" is not antimagnetic, is not a chronometer and is not manual wind (but actually, the first two points are even more important in the spirit of the Geophysique). That is definetly NOT a tribute, but an appealing design of a Master Control... 

Interesting discussion, Cisco.

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-05:31
The CR started as a Pocket Watch, didn't it? The movement was manual, as well as the movement housed in the contemporary Geophysic, wasn't it? The movement of the VC and of the JLC was the same, better finished ( which was ont tough ,as the JLC was not fi... 

I missed the antimagnetic part, one good point, some corrections

 By: cisco : April 11th, 2014-06:24
the Crab Lugs had a 1072 coming from JLC identical to Audemars Piguet 2072, and that standard of finish was exclusive for the two high end brand. It is another glorious part of VC history, supplied by JLC. One can compare to the Geomatic in JLC part, grea... 

So well articulated, moc!

 By: RDL : April 11th, 2014-02:15
Funny to imagine what we all would say if Rolex did a TT to the James Bond Large Crown Submariner, but with manual movement, not waterproof (cheaper!), and maybe in yellow gold. BUT! Same dial design and hands

Interesting point to make here MO........

 By: Sandgroper : April 12th, 2014-22:09
Firstly, "....its like trying to excuse our cheating wife just because we love her so much." Well, yes, if you love you "excuse" or forgive, that's what love is all about, is it not? Secondly, you mention Vacheron, "What if Vacheron or GP payed tribute to... 

Well Francois,like cheating,this leaves a bad bitter taste in your mouth..

 By: moc : April 13th, 2014-23:56
I know people who will never forgive cheating…….It s not love we are questioning here but the act of someone we love… This watch ,however you want to re dress it ,is a complete failure for what it SHOULD represent,not for what it looks like,it s actually ... 

Yes, surely, if you're cheated it leaves a bad taste......

 By: Sandgroper : April 14th, 2014-03:02
an I agree with you, it is not love we are discussing here;) that would take a much longer post:) Personally I find this watch very nice, I will most likely acquire one. I love the dial and particularly the hands, it is a simple and somewhat elegant tool ... 


 By: Mark in Paris : April 11th, 2014-02:46
As you know I'm not really a vintage connoisseur but I know what the Geophysic represents and means. This is a main novelty and I'm glad it looks very close to the original one. Very elegant with some unique style characteristics. A very nice move from JL... 

My message to JLC....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 11th, 2014-03:08
I have a simple message to JLC...and I really do hope they read this. This message is regrettably not about the watch itself, but rather about the customer service surrounding the watch. I have collected JLC longer than any make of watch. My father collec... 

For me....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 11th, 2014-05:52
...... 1) I was a definite buyer of the platinum...i had made that clear in my messages. Is this a good way to treat a defined buyer? OK, if i had been a journalist at some magazine, then maybe the approach is different. But to a customer who is committed... 

An update on customer service....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 15th, 2014-11:04
Today, two weeks after I first contacted JLC, I received an email from Carolien Jame regarding my enquiry about the Geophysic. She acknowledged the email sent on Friday 4th, but said that the two telephone messages left on 2nd and 3rd....where i spoke wit... 


 By: amanico : April 15th, 2014-11:21
Aren't you paid by the Rolex Boutique, which is JLC closest neighbour? ;) Hmmmm?


 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 15th, 2014-11:30
....they pay us....no....it is i who has been paying by buying all their watches!!!

LOL! [nt]

 By: amanico : April 15th, 2014-11:38

I am not disappointed

 By: Clavi : April 11th, 2014-04:06
I won't say that I am disappointed, because honestly I wasn't really expecting it would be any different. Cutting lots of corners to make a product that will sell, certainly quite profitably, is probably what made short term business sense. Geophysic was ... 

Agreed that making a new movement would have been an interesting base for further

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-05:37
Developments, in the Tribute line, or in other lines. For example, an " affordable Belle Horlogerie " segment, in between the Duometre and the Master Control families, would have interestingly welcomed some exciting new watches, with small complications. ... 

I kind of agree with you Clavi.......

 By: Sandgroper : April 13th, 2014-04:41
I think that this "re edition" of a watch similar in looks to the Geophysic is very nice indeed. Now, perhaps it should have been called differently and not "Tribute To"?! But in the end it is anti magnetic and although not housing a manual movement, the ... 

Without actual knowledge of vintage JLC, I would only dare say that...

 By: Ruckdee : April 11th, 2014-04:36
...the re-edition is not the so-called "bastardized" version of its predecessor. There are more ways to ruin a watch than to put a self-winding movement where a hand-winding movement belongs although the use of the latter would be welcomed more joyfully .... 

Thanks for your feedback, Ruckdee.

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-05:58
With a manual winding movement, that would have been a great Watch. With an automatic movement, I still think it is a cool Watch. Best, Nicolas.

Thanks for your awesome review my friend ...

 By: p@trice : April 11th, 2014-06:12
I'm in love ... I like the vintage, i like Tribute !!! Best Patrice ...  

Wow, 4 original Geos in the same picture... That may be a first!

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-06:14
Thank you, Patrice. All the best, Nicolas

Wow, Patrice !! .. What an amazing Foursome.. Both metals & 2 dials.. Pretty unbeatable..

 By: hs111 : April 11th, 2014-06:58
.. thank you for kind sharing ! -- Impressive .. Best, also for your WE ! Best, hs

Long thread...and I feel sad

 By: ramon74 : April 11th, 2014-07:04
Won´t talk about this reedition, but the idea that arised from reading most messages here. JLC didn´t consider it to be viable to develop a new relatively affordable manual movement. It must mean something about the future of mechanical watches. Of course... 

I hope it doesn't mean we'll have some exciting / affordable manual movements

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-09:57
I do hope so... Thanks for your input; Ramon. Best, Nicolas

This thread seems to have produced...

 By: pplater : April 11th, 2014-08:39
...more heat than light. It's a watch , guys! Anyone would think that JFK had been exhumed and shot all over again! As a ... watch ... think about it: a great size; a good look; a variety of metals; a couple of aesthetic variations; prices to suit all poc... 

LOL, Pplater. It is a discussion watch, for sure! ;)

 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-09:58
And that is pretty good to have such a strong conversation. Best, my friend. Nicolas

I agree and don't...

 By: ztirual : April 11th, 2014-10:56
Yes, far too much written on a very ordinary watch, because the expectations were high. At least for some more than others, it seems. With its the Geophysic tag this watch does actually pretend to be what it isn't and does not respect its inspiration. Her...  

on the email front....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 11th, 2014-11:26
......don't hold your breath


 By: amanico : April 11th, 2014-11:42

i am working on the basis that soon....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 11th, 2014-12:09
....i will be offered money just to shut up.

Only bad news, Baron...

 By: pplater : April 11th, 2014-18:17
It took Mlle. Jame precisely two hours and seventeen minutes to respond to an email from Australia, complete with full details of the models, pricing and banking details for funds wire. What brand of deodorant do you use? :-) By the way: Mlle. Jame also a... 

Correction from the Manufacture: None of the versions will be numbered.

 By: amanico : April 13th, 2014-23:37
Just the mention of the numbers made: 800 for the SS, 300 for the RG and 58 for the Pt. But not numbered, I mean no mention of xx, xxx / 58, 300 or 800. Best, Nicolas

+1 on both points.. Response quite quick in half a day.. No numbering on the ss..

 By: hs111 : April 11th, 2014-23:45
.. am with you, that this is some sort of disappointment. - Also when, interestingly so, on a pic of the back of the prototype, one finds the wording " Limited edition of XXX pieces " (?!).. - saw it on another website, also posting pics + report.. ( not ... 

It is a confusing situation, indeed.

 By: amanico : April 12th, 2014-00:36
JLC hesitated between the Limited Production in a short batch and LE. If not numbered, it woul have been more coherent to opt for the Limited Production, indeed. But what I can confirm you is that JLC will not make more TT Geophysics than announced. That ... 

Thx Nico, for that clarification .. But then..

 By: hs111 : April 12th, 2014-01:03
.. without to re-iterate : -why making the engraving ( "LE for XXX pieces") on the backside ?.. Either way, we will have to live with that , - And again: Also a number is just a number- not more, not less A somewhat little itch it remains - but not the mo... 

Thx again .. No problem, my friend !.. I'll take it with a knowing smile .. ;))

 By: hs111 : April 12th, 2014-01:53
.. I nevertheless will be looking forward how all this is unfolding, after "the smoke" clears - or as pplater above said: ".. until chilled out".. Have a great WE for you & yours, Best, hs

Aaaah Pplater, it is a watch but.......

 By: Sandgroper : April 13th, 2014-05:58
a very nice watch and with all that anti-magnetic soft metal stuff! no wonder it keeps heat and doesn't allow light...;) Cheers mate! Francois

Thanks for Nicolas information. The watch is nice and .....

 By: terenceho : April 11th, 2014-23:08
looking forward to see one in flesh one day. For whatever watch the manufacture is making, it is never able to please all people while some will have critics which I think it is normal. As long as it is constructive, it is always otherwise, we do not see ... 

There is something in the waiting. . . . .

 By: spinoza : April 12th, 2014-03:35
Dear Nicolas, Thank you for such a wonderful intro and review to an iconic piece. I think we all agree that a hand wound calibre, a "real" chronometer, and less writing on the dial is actually more. (The affluence of written information on the dial seems ... 


 By: proestak : April 12th, 2014-05:15
I couldn't agree more with you spinoza. Best

Thanks for your interesting answer, Spinoza.

 By: amanico : April 12th, 2014-07:57
I wouldn't be surprised to see JLC digging the Geophysic theme, since you asked. I dare say that these Tributes to Geophysic are cool, I just regret that JLC missed an opportunity to make them great. I had the opportunity to wear them all for a couple of ... 

Nicolas, isn't the movement achingly disappointing?

 By: Mostel : April 12th, 2014-11:14
When I first saw this Tribute, I was ready to call the AD as fast as I could! then the movement... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It's a rather hollow tribute IMHO. Thank you for your amazing report as always.

Of course, it is disappointing to see an automatic movement in a Geophysic, Mostel.

 By: amanico : April 13th, 2014-00:29
We are many here to have preferred a manual movement, Inside! Now, let's travel in time, and imagine that Watchprosite existed in 1958. We discover the original Geophysic, a new Watch, at that time. 1st, we would have MAYBE preferred an automatic movement... 


 By: cory : April 12th, 2014-11:20
Yes please.

Automatic Movement is fine with me...

 By: HaWei : April 13th, 2014-03:49
This is my very first post and I am pushed to it because of this vital discussion about a really great watch. Thank you amanico for your interesting review, the nice pictures and also for your contribution concerning the highly-discussed question "automat... 


 By: HaWei : April 13th, 2014-04:16
.....I asked for a reservation for the steel-version in the JLC-Boutique in Frankfurt but they could not promise me to get one....

I am very happy to welcome you here, HaWei.

 By: amanico : April 13th, 2014-05:07
It is a real pleasure and honor to read that this topic and these passionate discussions made you go out of the wood. Thanks for your elaborated input. Please read my answer to Mostel above your answer, there are very similar points of view between you an... 

Thank you Nicolas

 By: HaWei : April 13th, 2014-05:22
Thank you Nicolas, it is always a pleasure to read your reviews and articles and to look at these well made photos of beautiful JLC-Watches. I am sure I will participate in your discussions also on other occasions in the future. Nice to be here. Hans

Thanks for your kind words. Aaah, I edited your previous answer

 By: amanico : April 13th, 2014-05:25
Which was wrongly located. I hope you don't mind! Best, Nicolas

Thanks! ;-) [nt]

 By: HaWei : April 13th, 2014-05:55

Bravo mom ami

 By: Mr.Gatsby : April 13th, 2014-06:55
Merci for such a wonderful write up! You're truly the lifeblood of this community. I really like this watch, and also remember you are particularly fond of its vintage. This one is surely on my horizon. Such an elegant, unpretentious watch that speaks vol... 

First thank you Nicolas for a fantastic report

 By: emcquillan : April 13th, 2014-18:40
I am very impressed by the passion this thread has invoked. I can appreciate the disappointment for the vintage aficianados. A cutting edge watch that has become well just a nice watch... contemporarily speaking not a mechanical marvel. Again, I sympathiz... 

You summed the TT Geophysic perfectly, in my opinion.

 By: amanico : April 13th, 2014-21:44
Veeeery well put, my friend. Best! Nicolas

mixed feeling actually...

 By: FanFrancisco : April 14th, 2014-09:57
...we all have been waiting and waiting for the day of this reissued Geophysic to come! was so happy to see this day being come. however, it did come but the feeling has been mixed for me! as like most Geophysic fans, most striking issue to us is the auto... 

Stefan, I totaly understand you, and I don't ask you to understand JLC reason behind the

 By: amanico : April 14th, 2014-10:54
Automatic movement. All the Geophysic fans are not accepting that, or at least have tough time accepting it. The automatic movement is quite accurate as I've received the comfirmation that it is within the - 1 / + 4 secs per day, which is better than the ... 

I agree w Stefan

 By: Mostel : April 14th, 2014-12:55
I was thinking over your reply to me, Nicolas... Although it would be interesting to look back at the Geo w/ a Purists site in mind... decades ago... The reality is that the legend of the watch was built upon the movement's excellence and VISUAL BEAUTY! I... 

Let the haters hate. I have a stainless steel one on order...

 By: docfink : April 14th, 2014-15:35
I guess I'm a rather pedestrian collector of watches (despise the term, "collector", actually), but I'm excited about this watch. More importantly, I'm excited to WEAR this watch. It's simple, plain, classic, functional, versatile, timeless, and in today'... 

Thanks for your enthusiast feedback, Docfink.

 By: amanico : April 15th, 2014-06:42
Actually, I would not say that the TT Polaris has a too Advanced movement. It is auto, it is an alarm, both characteristics being shared with the Vintage. Now, I well understand your love for the TT Geophysic. A Watch I've worn for several hours, and whic... 

I can't help but think...

 By: CouchTomato : April 14th, 2014-17:57
Had JLC made the Geophysic exactly as before, we would not have such a big discussion on this piece. Rather, lots of "finally!' "love it!" comments but nothing of substance. It'll quickly be forgotten as the next new thing comes along. This much discussio... 

Indeed, what is interesting is to discuss what is a Geophysic, for us.

 By: amanico : April 15th, 2014-00:30
Then, to discuss what a Tribute should be. That is the most interesting discussion, to have, me think... Thanks for your input! Best, Nicolas

Thanks for another terrific article, Nicolas! and please

 By: SteveG : April 15th, 2014-11:14
excuse me if my comments are covered elsewhere in the responses, this thread is so long I seem unable to keep track of how much of it I have read! Like many observers, I think these watches look great, although I admit a good part of this must be the refe... 

Answers, Steve...

 By: amanico : April 15th, 2014-13:32
1/ No, JLC doesn't have a round manual movement with a centrale second, except the Duometre... 2/ There must be some NOS movements, but in too low quantity for even a short production. Now, you raise an important question: JLC can, or could have found a m... 

My pleasure. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 16th, 2014-10:32

A very late Question came along.. Referring to the positioning..

 By: hs111 : May 6th, 2014-00:24
.. of the lume dots for the TT Geophysic 1958: - I've come across some other reviews, that report the lume's positionings NOT on the inside of the glass, as mentioned here, but actually - on the surface of the inner bezel ! (?) That way it would also avoi... 

I don't see how you can replace the glass with a non original one, on the TT Geo.

 By: amanico : May 6th, 2014-00:31
But I just sent an email to my contact to get a confirmation or an infirmation on what I wrote. Best, hs. Nicolas

You are right.. Saphire glass has to be the same !.. Thus, it would..

 By: hs111 : May 6th, 2014-00:53
.. have to be one with the lume dots, (if on inner glass).. Thx anyway for asking the Manuf - Hope I didn't bother you too much ! Was just a Q, out of curiosity, also.. Best, also for your week hs Shallow view: appears as on inner bezel , somehow (?) ...  

I just received the confirmation, hs...

 By: amanico : May 6th, 2014-11:24
And you were... Right! On the rehaut, not on the sapphire. Best, Nicolas

Thanks, for the kind info.. Padawan's little luck, in a way.. :)

 By: hs111 : May 6th, 2014-12:17
.. Will be looking forward, of course - Nice.. - 6 to 7 months, though :) But there will be good times in-between, I trust. Thanks a lot again for the kind feedback, Best, hs

Yes thanks, indeed.. Great to have such good contacts.. :))

 By: hs111 : May 6th, 2014-13:37
- Again, thanks for your kind efforts & the friendly efficiency of your manuf's contact Best, as always hs

What a fantastic post and what...

 By: elliot55 : May 7th, 2014-07:52
... an impressive reissue of an extremely rare classic. Platinum please :-) - Scott

Thanks for your feedback, Scott.

 By: amanico : May 7th, 2014-08:02
If you are really interested, you should hurry up, my friend. They are almost all sold out, in platinum. Best, Nicolas