JLC SIHH 2014: Master Ultra Thin 1907 Rose Gold, or White Gold Enamel.

Feb 24, 2014,00:03 AM

You loved the Master Ultra Thin 39 Jubilé, but you preferred a warmer version?

So this one is for you.

Same case than the Jubilé, 39 mm big, 4, 05 mm high, but a rose gold case instead of the Jubilé platinum.

The dial is the same, at one exception, a very small one: There is no more " 1833 " wording, as it is NOT a Jubilé édition.

The case is THE big asset of this Watch, with a breathtaking profile you can see here, on one official picture published last year:

Here it is:

And a last picture for you to compare the " new " with the " older ":

It is always amazing to notice how much a Watch can change, with the choice of a colored gold case.

With the platinum version, it is maybe cold, but it has a very modern, actual look. A modern interpretation of the Past.

With the rose gold case, not only the contrast is evident, but also it enhances the retro spirit of this Watch.

And what about the 1907 White Gold Enamel Grand Feu?

Due to the natural thickness of the dial, the Watch is 1 mm higher than the rose gold or the Jubilé sister ( 5, 04 mm, to be precise ), but you will always have this superb profiled case, and an envouting enamel dial.

The leaf shaped hands are the perfect complement to this elegant Watch, as well as the long and thin indices, which are, in fact, part of the white gold base of the dial. You can imagine how tough and complex it must be to work on such a dial, to let show these gold indexes, without compromising the integrity of the enamel... It is all an art.

One detail I don't like too much is the writing email grand feu located at 7 and 8 o'clock... I would have preferred without, but maybe it will disappear on the definitive Watch?

A simple Email mention, just below the JLC Signature, would have been enough, if it was unavoidable...

Here are the live pictures, taken at the JLC Booth, during the fair:

What do you think about this new 1907?


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What's not to like, just like the platinum this is surely classism and elegance personifie

 By: Miranda : February 24th, 2014-00:36
Can you please share the reverso next? Thanks Imran

I would post a quick picture of your Reverso, Imran.

 By: amanico : February 24th, 2014-00:38
But I would prefer to wait till my next visit to the Manufacture to take some much better photos! ( 6th of March ). Best, Nicolas

Quite like the Grand Feu (don't mind the writing at 7)

 By: Bounce781 : February 24th, 2014-01:24
Good to see JLC still kicking goals post-Lambert. The "1907"s) are both Beautiful pieces My $0.02

Thanks for looking, Roman.

 By: amanico : February 24th, 2014-04:45

Yes ,a big Yes..

 By: moc : February 24th, 2014-01:59
On both versions,even if the "email gran feu"is a clear winner…. That writing?,well in this case I can understand the necessity of maybe break the whiteness of the dial….but overall its the concept that I don t like much,just the description of the watch ... 

We agree that the writing should be removed, on this one, and on the HM 11.

 By: amanico : February 24th, 2014-04:47
You are absolutely right, I don't see the purpose of these writings. For the res,t the enamel moves me, as each time I see an enamel dial. But her,e you have a big PLUS, the case... Spectacular. Let's see if they remove the writings on the definitive Watc... 

Yes, please Mr. Riedo, eliminate the writing...

 By: watchme : February 24th, 2014-08:43
of the Enamel Grande Feu. I think to have it, like a BILLBOARD, is NOT classy. I think subtlety should be the rule of thumb for enamel dials. PP on the 5119 (vs 5116), doesn't let you know it - except by the price tag. JLC should follow suit, or at the ve... 

These MUTs are my piece of cake.. Still would prefer the Pt, cool as ice .. But.. :)

 By: hs111 : February 24th, 2014-10:00
.. this 1907 is magnificent, understated - but with a commanding noblesse + 1 on taking away with the Email Grand Feu writing.. - otherwise it is a near to perfect offer, now in RG again a piece of art with the emailing process and art-work - personally I... 

Thanks for your feedback, HS.

 By: amanico : February 24th, 2014-11:26

Thought this is a good opportunity.. For kind greetings with my "WG-thin" Ref 1901 ! :))

 By: hs111 : February 26th, 2014-11:49
.. Yes, it is always a pleasure to dress up a bit and attend a Theatre, - and having the noble company of this elegant jewel .. Find it always compelling, how her WG case and the bright, almost minimalistic, silver dial collect the shines, reflect some, p...  

They're all beautiful, but I like the Platinum the most

 By: watchthatman : February 24th, 2014-15:22
Not to take anything away from the white gold, which is beautiful, and would do better without the "email", the platinum just hits me harder. It could in part be the leaf hands on the white gold, but I"m not quite sure. The profiles of all three are amazi... 

Well, all the no colored gold guys risk to think the same. ;)

 By: amanico : February 24th, 2014-23:01
Your input made me smile, as I am feeling the same. The Platinum has a big merit: It was the first to come, the surprise / WOW effect. Now, it is a matter of taste, some will prefer the warmer look of the rose gold. The enamel is ultra nice, but the wordi... 

A Welcome Return to The Essence of the MUT Line

 By: Tim_M : February 24th, 2014-20:51
Thank you for the outstanding on-scene reporting. After a few years of expanding the MUT line (literally and figuratively) with larger watches and (admittedly appealing) complications that pushed the outer limits of acceptable "ultra thin" dimensions, it ... 

Very well written Tim.

 By: amanico : February 24th, 2014-23:09
It is indeed a mtter of choice. I prefer the leaf hands on the whie gold, and I am fascinated by the enamel dial, too, for the same reason you eloquently wrote: The high complexity of making an enamel dial on such a thin Watch. But, to me, a platinum case... 

These are really golden words of a comprehensive opinion.. Enjoyed to read your assessment

 By: hs111 : February 26th, 2014-12:16
.. +1 on the JLC efforts to do more on the segments of thin and ultra-thin tic-tacs - if combined with a fine movement and/ or elements of complications or even Haute Horlogerie, for me these are welcome ambitions to strive for perfection Nice to know, th... 

Beautiful watches...

 By: Archy : February 24th, 2014-23:45
...and I would be happy with any one of them! I like the warmth of the 1907 compared to the Jubilee (at least it looks a warm rose gold in the first picture, although more of a yellow gold in later pictures). I love the idea of the enamel dial, but agree ... 

The first pictures I took of the rose gold version were of a proto.

 By: amanico : February 24th, 2014-23:51
Which can explain that... You are right, Archy, it is all about tastes and personal préférences. But one thing seems to be clear, there is a clear unanimity on removing the wording on the enamel dial! All the best, and thanks for your feedback. Nicolas. ... 

Will have to see them in the metal

 By: stromer : February 25th, 2014-13:43
I had the chance to try the Jubilee edition in platinum and that was quite amazing for its low profile and simple elegance. The certain je ne sais quoi that makes these "simple" watches work or not work is probably impossible to catch in photos. So I am l... 

I think this is the sapphire which is thicker, to let some place to the dial.

 By: amanico : February 25th, 2014-13:54
But I will check that when I am back to the Manufacture, which will be soon. Best, Martin. Nicolas

I agree about the "je ne sais quoi". There's nothing like seeing

 By: watchthatman : February 25th, 2014-19:37
these simple watches in person to see how they all come together. Subtle differences on their own can contribute to the success or failure of the design.

The In the Real experience, nothing can beat that.

 By: amanico : February 25th, 2014-23:10
The only way to know if a Watch is talking to you... Or not. Best, Nicolas.

rose gold...

 By: Stefan : March 1st, 2014-07:42
... i was lucky to see the rose gold today, what i can say, it is simply awesome! stefan