New JLC pictures. Part IV: A dizzy approach of the modern production.

Jun 23, 2013,00:30 AM

There are few brands, only, which can offer such a diversity of high end watches.

Jaeger-Lecoultre provided me some nice and fresh pictures of Tourbillons and Minute repeaters, as you can see by yourself.

1/ The Tourbillons:

- The Gyrotourbillon One, which remains my Grail watch from the Grande Maison, in a superb dark shot:

And its movement, the Cal 177, on its dial side:

- The Cal 174 of the Gyrotourbillon Two ( dial side ) :

- The Extreme Lab One is certainly one rare bird, almost impossible to meet in the real life.

The dial side is certainly most interesting to admire than the back side.

What a watch! Not the finest, but how innovative and brutal!

The Cal 988C ( dial side of course ) :

- The Reverso Grande Complication Triptyque, another ultimate expression of the Tourbillon, but in a rectangular case, naturally.

Here, the Cal 175:

- The Duometre à Spherotourbillon:

A picture I didn't have when I wrote the article on this watch:

An amazing profile photo of the Cal 382:

2/ The Minute Repeaters:

Round or rectangular, once again, you have the choice.

- The definitive Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie:

On this fresh shot, you will notice that the dial is not the same, that the digital hour has been replaced for a more conventional system.

But the magic is still here, and this is not only a minute repeater included in a Grande Complication, but also, and better, a Grande Sonnerie!

- The Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication.

A view on its movement, the Cal 945:

- The Reverso Répétition Minute à Rideau.

The Fresh pictures give us a confirmation. Jaeger Lecoultre changed this watch in a deep way.

When it was unveiled, in 2011, the rideau ( curtain ) was hiding the recto face and the hammers of the minute repeater, when in action.

The 2011 prototype:

The definitive version,as shown on the pictures below, sees the curtain moving to the verso dial, which is a better solution, as the verso face is more interesting, not only because of the presence of the hammers, but also due to the decoration.

The Recto:

The Verso:

When you think about it, it is just breathtaking to see what JLC did these last 9 years, in the field of Grandes Complications.

These recent photos are only an aperçu of the richness of the Collection, as we could also mention the new Gyrotourbillon III, and- but these are not grandes complications- the Master Minute Repeater, the Master Tourbillons, the Reverso Tourbillon, skeleton or not , the 8 Days Perpetual Calendar, skeleton or not, and so on.

When I said that it iwas a dizzy approach of the modern production!



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New JLC Pictures. Part I: The inside of a Manufacture.

 By: amanico : June 23rd, 2013-00:27
I will start to post some fresh pictures which were sent to me by Jaeger-Lecoultre. A few are well known, others are new to me. All are beautiful. It will allow those who didn't visit the Grande Maison to have an avant gout of what is a Manufacturen and i...  

New JLC Pictures. Part II: Outside the Manufacture.

 By: amanico : June 23rd, 2013-00:28
The Jaeger-Lecoultre Manufacture is impressive inside, with its cortege of rooms, laboratories, desks, rooms, workshops. You can really loose yourself, inside. Outside, it is just monumental. Here are the pictures. The Vallée de Joux in all its splendor: ...  

New JLC pictures. Part III: A Journey into Time.

 By: amanico : June 23rd, 2013-00:29
An array of marvelloous pcket watches from the collection and the patrimony of the Grande Maison. We don't often see them, which is a pity as they often are the roots of the present of the brand, and they are just beautiful. From the simplest expression o...  

New JLC pictures. Part IV: A dizzy approach of the modern production.

 By: amanico : June 23rd, 2013-00:30
There are few brands, only, which can offer such a diversity of high end watches. Jaeger-Lecoultre provided me some nice and fresh pictures of Tourbillons and Minute repeaters, as you can see by yourself. 1/ The Tourbillons: - The Gyrotourbillon One, whic...  

Just mesmerizing, I am still picking up my jaws from the drop:)....

 By: Sandgroper : June 23rd, 2013-02:06
jokes aside, JLC IS really great in my opinion The greatest watch manufacturer due to its diversity, ingenuity, guts, dreams, courage. The pocket watches are sublime, the mouvements awsome. The wrist watches almost from another world. No wonder it is call... 

I had the idea to post these pictures for a long time.

 By: amanico : June 23rd, 2013-02:33
As I thought they quite well summed the spirit and the talent of the Grande Maison, François. You can even save them in your HD, they are worth it! Best, my dear friend. Nicolas

Don't know about the Extreme Lab, definitely not my taste.....

 By: Sandgroper : June 23rd, 2013-03:56
beside the engineering which enables it to run without lubricant, I don't see the grace in this watch. Perhaps, as for The Who, it is too innovative and brutal for me:):) Cheers Francois

Thank you Nicolas

 By: Dje : June 23rd, 2013-04:53
Hi my friend, You brought us a fantastic diaporama of one of the finest manufactures of time masterpieces. The more time passes and the greater my love for their work. After more than 25 years of interest in horology, and around ten years since I know the... 

Well, Jerome, I guess JLC introduced a lot of us in the watch world, my friend.

 By: amanico : June 23rd, 2013-05:47
Through their iconic models, such as the Reverso ( who doesn't know the Reverso??? ) and the Memovox, to quote the two most famous JLC watches, and though the huge diversity of styles. It would be a funny but interesting game to know which model, from JLC... 

Seems like that with the departure of mr Lambert..

 By: moc : June 24th, 2013-01:14
A little piece of you is departing too.......I can read melancholy in your words.... Mo

Thanks for all these pics.

 By: VMM : June 23rd, 2013-08:58
beautiful portraits of some of the jewels from the JLC family. vte :)

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

 By: horology8 : June 25th, 2013-03:33
Hi Nicolas, Thank you for the pictures, I visited the Manufacture 2 times and the time is never enough, you have to really live there to understand and see everything. The pics remind me of my beautiful trip to JLC. JLC is the brand I like the most. Raman... 

I think that these pictures speak very loud for all of us who did the trip.

 By: amanico : June 25th, 2013-10:41
And that they are very incitative for the others... Best, Horology. Nicolas

The Gyro II deserves the care of an angel's beautiful hands. :)

 By: marcelo : June 23rd, 2013-17:41
At least I think it is the Gyro II. ;)

Great post....

 By: moc : June 24th, 2013-01:18
I just tried for fun the minute repeater a rideau venise,just the live experience makes you fully understand and appreciate the watch. The system is wonderful and the sound is so clear. A great watch,finishing is just superb,and what a romantic intriguing... 

Aah the Reverso A Rideau! It was not my favourite, when it was unveiled

 By: amanico : June 24th, 2013-16:09
But now that the changes came, I like it a lt! After all, this is a Minute Repeater, and a very nice o,e. Thanks for your input, my friend. Best, Nicolas

Fantastic post and photos!

 By: respo : June 24th, 2013-08:35
This brings to mind all that I love and admire about JLC. There is always something to discover in their past and present. Thank you! respo

The pocketwatches are astounding!

 By: jporos : June 26th, 2013-10:28
Thank you, Nicolas!

This has been a very fascinating series of pics.

 By: Ruckdee : June 26th, 2013-18:08
I am hopeful of my return there one day. And this time I will be sure to spend two nights in Le Sentier to explore the town in full. It is such a lovely place. I plan to visit in the summer because last time it was all snowy and I didn't get to see much o...  

Yes, Ruckdee. From end of April to early October, this is the good timing, for a trip there.

 By: amanico : June 26th, 2013-21:30
With a bit of sun, the place is superb! Best, Nicolas