2013 SIHH Preview: The Duometre Unique Travel Time.

Nov 20, 2012,01:00 AM

Jaeger-Lecoultre decided to unveil the latest Duometre, the Unique Travel Time, for the official inauguration of the all new Paris Boutique, which as a coincidence is today.

Before introducing you the new " opus ", I tnink it firstly is the moment to have a retro look at the Duometre Family, which, till now, counted 4 members

The Duometre à Chronographe:

The Duometre à Quantième Lunaire:

The Duometre à Spherotourbillon:

The Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie, which is also a Duometre:

Let's now have a look at their respective movements:

The Cal 380 ( A Chronographe ) :

The Cal 381 ( A Quantième Lunaire ) :

The Cal 382 ( A Spherotourbilllon ) :

The Cal 182 ( Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie ) :

Now that you have the while Duometre Family well in mind, it is time to discover the Fifth Member, the Unique Travel Time, which we'll familiarly call " U.T.T ":

The Duometre lovers and fans won't be lost with the U.T.T, as it is, conceptually and aesthetically, a real Duometre.

1/ THE MOVEMENT: Cal 383.

As for the Dual Wing concept, let's briefly summarize it:

ONE balance wheel animates TWO barrels which feed their own gear train.

One barrel and its own gear train is dedicated to the time, while the other is destined to the complication, each of them being independant, to preserve the accuracy of the time function against the pollutiion of the chronogaph, when it runs.

Thus, on the " A Chronographe ", the second barrel is used for the Chronograph, on the Grande Sonnerie, for the " Sonnerie ", when on the " Quantieme Lunaire " and on the " Spherotourbillon, it is intented for the.... Regulating organ.

On the U.T.T, the second barrel is devoted to the second time zone.

It is a movement made of 498 parts, with 54 jewels, beating at the pace of 21 600 vibrations per hour, 7, 25 mm high and 34, 30 mm big, offering a double autonomy of 50 hours ( 50 hours for the Time function, 50 hours for the second Time Zone function, to be clear ) featuring the:

- Local Hour, Minute and Seconds.

- The Second Time Zone ( Jumping Digital Hour, Classic Minute Hand )

- Day / Night Ring and World Map.

- Independant hands of the two Power Reserve Indicators.

As with any Duometre movement, the Cal 383 has received a special care in the finish, with the traditional ( for this family ) techniques of decoration, such as the hand chamfered bridges, gear trains or moving parts, and the polished sinks.


The case of the U.T.T won't disorient you.

You will find the usual finish provided on the Duometres, with the typical polished lugs and satin brushed caseband, which makes it so desirable.

Still there was a pending question: What are the dimensions of this new Duometre, since we had several: 42 mm for the Chronographe, the Spherotourbillon and the Quantième Lunaire, 44 mm for the Sonnerie, and 40, 5mm for the " small " Quantième Lunaire.

JLC opted for the " classic " size, here, with a 42 mm diameter case, which is 13, 65 mm thick.

The thickness is a bit surprising, because there is a gap of 6, 45 mm between the height of the movement and the height of the case. Same observation for the other Duometres, by the way, even if it more logical on the Sonnerie, due to the 1300 parts and the 26 complications housed in, or on the Spherotourbillon, because of the... spherotourbillon, which needs some space to move.

I still think that there is some room to make a slimmer case, at least one millimeter less.

Anyway, while the other Duometres have a monopusher, the U.T.T has two, located on the left side of the case ( The Sonnerie has, two, too, but on the right side ).

This is one originality of the case.

The second originality is that the bezel is not flat anymore, but round.

The case back is made of sapphire, and lets show the movement, as well as the curious 24 cities of the world, which are engraved on the outside part of the case back, thus, which doesn't turn.


The grained dial, seen on the Duometre à Chronographe, is back.

The " face " of the U.T.T is familiar, as you find the same architecture than on the two first Duometres.

Two main dials, one for the home time, the other for the time zone, of course, and a thrid subdial, for the 24 hours and the world map.

Classic, clear, clean... And legible, at least the home time and the time zone.

The color of the hands change according to the function, which is a great idea with which we are familiar, too. Blue for the Time Zone, silver for the hme time.

The second hand is painted in dark ( the pictured watch is a prototype, its color will change ) and is linked to the home time.

The jumping digital hour is painted in black, and are red for the 5th and the 7th hours.... A " clin d'oeil " to the address of the Paris Boutique, which is located 7 / 9 Place Vendome.

The world map turns. As well as the Night and Day ring.

The grained dial is made of silvered brass.

You will notice that there is no foudroyante hand anymore in the subdial located at 6 o' clock.


On the U.T.T, as on any other Duometre, by the way, you have an alligator strap, which is tappered ( 21 mm between the lugs, 18 mm at the buckle ).

The buckle is a pin, not a folding one. In white gold, and with the same design than the one goes on the Quantième Lunaire in white gold.

Pretty appealing... And more comfortable on the wrist than the folding buckle which pinches my wrist each time I close it.


The subdial at 2 o clock shows the home time

The subdial at 10 o clock with the jumping digital hour tells the time zone.

The subdial at 6 o clock displays the Night / Day information, through the inner ring which turns, as well as the world map.

To wind the home time, you turn the crown ( which is not pulled, of course ) clockwise. To wind the time zone, you turn the crown in the opposite direction, which is a familiar system to those who well know the Duometres.

To set the time zone, pull the crown to position 1, and to position 2 for the home time.

While pulling the crown on the second position, the second hand will stop.

As for the two pushers on the left side of the case, they will allow you to set the GMT of the country you live in. The one at 10 o' clock sets the GMT forward while the one located below does it backward.

The first thing you will have to do is to properly set all the functions of your watch, in this order:

A/ Put it to the right GMT zone ( + 1, + 2..... - 1 / - 2.... by using the pushers at ten or eight o' clock. The small triangle below 6 o' clock is your repere.

B/ Then, set your home time, with the crown pulled at level 2.

C/ To end, choose your time zone, with the crown pulled at level 1.


The Duometre U.T.T provides an interesting complication for those who travel through the world: The possibility to set the time zone to the minute, in some countries where the difference in time is not in hour(s), but in minutes, is a really friendly detail.

For example, there is a difference of half an hour in India, Afghanistan, Birmania, Marquises Islands, and of three quarters of hours in Nepal.

A classic world time watch, or even a Travel Time won't allow you to set the precise time zone if you travel in these countries.

You will have to check on the 24 hours ring, then on the ring of the cities of the world, and finally on the minutes hand to know what time it is.

With the U.T.T, you have an immediate reading of the time it is in the part of the world you are travelling. Which is, undisputably, a plus.

Now, the question is to know if you have, with the U.T.T, a World Time, or a Travel Time watch...

Indeed, you have the 24 cities of the world on the back side, but is it enough to call it a World Time?

I would risk a personal take on that, and say that the U.T.T is somewhere between the Travel Time and the World Time.

First because this Duometre is called Unique Travel Time, and not Unique World Time.

By the way, is is also interesting to try to guess why it is called UNIQUE.

After speaking with the JLC Team, I felt there were two explanations:

- Because it is the first time a world time can be read and set " At tne minute ".

- Because, and I love a lot this explanation, what makes it unique is the fact that you can set your OWN time.

If, for example, you want to set your time zone 10 minutes forward, for you to not miss an important appointment, a flight, a train, a phone call or what ever you want, you can do it without changing the correct time in your " home time ".

It is YOUR time, and yes, I really like this idea.

But it is also a world time, with the 24 hours ring, and the world map which turn.

I only regret that for some tired eyes ( such as mine ) it is not that easy to read, to be honest.

Therefore, locating the 24 cities on the back side is not really practical if you want, in a glimpse, to know what time it is in the rest of the world.

Less charming or romantic than a Patek 5110 / 5130 which is THE reference in the World Time category, but more " tool " and sophisticated than the Patek, the U.T.T is also a competitor of the Parmigiani Hemispheres.

The Parmigiani has beeen as far as I remember, the first to introduce the possibility to set the travel time within the minute, but the U.T.T offers more, since it has the world tine indication as well as the travel time.

Therefore, some will prefer the manual movement and the concept of the Cal 383, over the automatic movement of the Parmigiani Hemispheres.

So, all in all, a clever and original offer from JLC, for the Travel Time and World Time Lovers...

A last detail: This U.T.T will be available at the Paris Boutique only, in a Limited Edition of 100 pieces,  only in white gold, and the first pieces will be delivered on April 2013.

If I had few doubts that other versions will come, Jerome Lambert himself assured me that it will be the only white metal one.

The retail is 37 500 Euros, VAT included, for this version.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts and opinions on that new watch,


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Thank you Nicolas....

 By: Sandgroper : November 20th, 2012-01:49
Very nice watch, I really like the dial with world map, I guess the production one will have a better hue of blue or perhaps it's the picture, I also very much like the fact that you can get the real time difference and to the minute, wow! but don't under... 

I took the pictures very quickly as I didn't have much time to do so.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-11:53
Yes, it looks better in the real, the blue being deeper. Best my dear friend. Nicolas

Not a World Time but one of the most interesting Dual Time for sure

 By: Mark in Paris : November 20th, 2012-02:56
Hi Nicolas, Once again you did a very good job here as we have many many data on this watch launched only a few hours ago (usually we get a very few details, and nothing more). I must say than the Chrono was my favorite until now (I put the HM Grande Sonn... 

Keep in mind this is a proto, indeed. As fro your observation about the World Time...

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-11:56
Basically it is, as the world map makes a turn with the different time zones, in 24 hours. Then, you have to report on the case back to see the correspondance between the timzzone and the city. But I agree that JLC gave more importane to the Dual Time. Mo... 

New Duo, lots to digest

 By: moc : November 20th, 2012-03:16
Wow lots of thinking to do here , but in a hurry now. At first it leaves me a bit puzzled but.... I be learnt to wait. Boutique only? Mixed feelings about that but with JLC you ll never know. I ll get back to you soon Nico , thanks for this. Mo

I had to digest it very quickly before writing anything about it, so

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-12:03
I do understand that it takes some time to make an opinion on it. Not that easy to understand, I have to admit. Best, Nicolas

Very nice, looks great.

 By: VMM : November 20th, 2012-04:02
A very interesting Duometre, I like the colorful dial. Let's wait to see it live, but from your pics I would that I like it. Thanks for the preview. Vte :)

just received the emailer from jlc

 By: patrickmaniac : November 20th, 2012-05:12
the globe display looks a nice touch. have to find out and digest more. thanks vlad cheers PAt

A question...

 By: Dave G : November 20th, 2012-06:25
I like the watch, but sTill find the Chrono to be my favorite. A question: do you know how the world map is constructed? I assume it is painted not enamel.

Not enamel. I asked, but I don't remember what was the answer.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-12:22
Will recieve it in the following days, and will keep you updated. Best, Nicolas

I am disappointed...

 By: elliot55 : November 20th, 2012-07:07
... that JLC took the foudroyante hand off this piece. I know, I know.... where would they have put it? Well, my dear Nicolas, they didn't have to stick a big ol' globe at six o'clock. And placing the world's zones on the back doesn't help. Of course it's... 

I totally understand your hesitation.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-12:25
A Dual Time only, not associated to the Wolrd Time... Would have been better? At least this one is original. It is so subjective... Best, and thanks for your input, Scitt. Nicolas

Two weaknesses

 By: sancerre : November 20th, 2012-07:18
My first weakness is a GMT/World Time/Travel Time complication. The second is the duometre. So on face value, this could be my holy grail. Having said that, I am a bit concerned with the balance of the dial, which has always been the strength and beauty o... 

I think we are used to a certain aesthetic, when it comes to the Duometre.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-12:30
Thus, any change requires time before deciding if it is for us, or not... I need to see it again, to be sure. But what I can honestly say is that I much preferred it in the real than on the official picture... Best, Nicolas

JLC does it so well....beauty + practicality

 By: foowy : November 20th, 2012-08:14
thats what I like about JLC....truly masters in making practical complications which are beautiful too......thanks Nicolas for the report and also making it so easy to understand only thing for me is the 24cities in the back, while it serves no real purpo... 

The 24 Cities of the world just help you to make the relation with your GMT Time.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-12:39
It would have been difficult to find the place to put it on the dial side, I think. It would not have helped to make the WT function easier to read. Best, Nicolas

yet again..fantastic coverage Nicolas!

 By: ocwatching : November 20th, 2012-08:44
Merci! so much to digest for this new release.. My first impression is that this may be the most pratical one of all Duometres. Until now, the chrono was the only one that I could possbily see using but the foudroyante on these pieces have always bothered... 

The Quantieme Lunaire was more intellectual, this one is more " friendly ".

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-13:14
Even if it is not really easy to get how to use it... But once you get it, you will certainly enjoy it. Now the question is to know which one is the most desirable, between the UTT and the Chronogaphe... What? Both??? ;) Best, Nicolas

Saw it today in the flesh, it's a fantastic watch

 By: Asimut : November 20th, 2012-14:54
Very easy and very useful. A great addition to the Duometre family. Cheers, Asi

Is the globe flat or curved outwards as in 3D kinda effects Asi?

 By: patrickmaniac : November 20th, 2012-19:12
Can't really tell from the pics. cheers PAt

That is very nice. Too bad only in Paris boutique.

 By: patrickmaniac : November 21st, 2012-01:23
cheers PAt

Really domed.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-13:16

I'm thinking of giving up traveling.

 By: Asimut : November 21st, 2012-20:14
When I stay home, I buy less watches ;-) Cheers, Asi

Interesting addition to the Duometre collection

 By: ED209 : November 20th, 2012-19:46
Thanks for the debut Nicholas. This is an interesting addition to the JLC Duometre collection. Can't wait to see it in person. Regards, ED-209

Very interesting Nicolas...

 By: =RWK= : November 21st, 2012-00:35
Merci! -- Richard.

Mixed feelings about the new Duometre

 By: moc : November 21st, 2012-00:39
Well,I have learnt to hold my piece till I see the real thing. I can only judge by the pictures and tech description. At first glance ,it doesnt make me go WOW!There is something about the dial that I find unbalanced,maybe the earth picture takes over too... 

At the contrary of you, I quite like the choice of the round bezel, and

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-13:51
The case back makes the watch very comfortable to wear, combined to the pin buckle. Now, the world map... This expression of the WT disorients us a bit, for two reasons: 1/ We are not used to such a decorum on the Duometre. 2/ We are not used to this kind... 

you might be right, as i said....

 By: moc : November 21st, 2012-14:41
I d like to reserve my judgement till I see it . My feelings for the original duometre is known so I welcome any change to it's standards with skepticism . The bezel could be a nice introduction , but still I don't like the back case ring. You are right i... 

Let me rephrase

 By: moc : November 22nd, 2012-00:29
Its not a world timer in a classic sense,like the PP or the VC Patrimony. They sure managed to squeeze in a WT reference(Like the Grubel and F ,you have to turn the watch around which I find a bit.....uncomfortable),but still the WT is only a side dish no... 

On that we agree, totally. As for the other iterations...

 By: amanico : November 22nd, 2012-02:50
Not in white metal, only in colored gold, later... Best, Nicolas

Thanks for the great report and can you give us any clue about other SIHH 2013 news?

 By: axel : November 21st, 2012-10:26
In particular, do you have any idea on which new Reverso we might see at SIHH 2013? I am going to buy the 976 but maybe I should wait...

Well... No. :)))

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2012-13:52

dual wing, dual zone...

 By: foversta : November 21st, 2012-11:55
I really like this Duometre. I find the complication logical for the Duometre concept. The dial is very nicely made and the cities ring on the back improves the readability. Now I need to handle it in the metal! Thanks a lot for the presentation. Fx

So, I guess the question is...

 By: watchme : November 22nd, 2012-05:52
when does the 18ktR version for the world come out (non-limited, of course)? -Dean

I will read all your relies carefully Nico but one question...

 By: moc : November 24th, 2012-02:59
What do you really think personally?Do you like it or do you LIKE it? Would you consider it?,does it make you shiver a bit?What are your feelings, Mo

You know my story with the Duometre, Mo.

 By: amanico : November 24th, 2012-07:00
I got one, which has gone in a sad way, the " A Chronographe ". to answer you, I''d say that IF I owned the " A Chronographe ", I would, without any hesitation, go for this UTT. But if I had to get only one Duometre, then it would be the " A Chronographe ... 

Yep I hear you loud and clear..

 By: moc : November 25th, 2012-04:58
to me the Duometre line is a big love as you know,definitely the first step into yhis family would be the "A Chronograph" I fell in love with the Lunaire and went for it too because its so charming and complements my chronograph so well,I liked the idea o... 

I always let my heart speak, Mo. Its english is better than mine. ;)

 By: amanico : November 25th, 2012-09:17
More seriously, thi UTT is gronwing on me. Once you get the concept behind the watch, and that you play with it, it is rather funny, and interesting. Let me know what you think. Well, if you have the time, tomorrow, to mae a jump to the Paris Boutique, yo... 

Are you sure about the price?

 By: Habano : November 27th, 2012-11:40
I saw it today at the boutique Place Vendôme. Beautiful. I was surprised the price was 39,500€, not 37,500€.

He He just back...with this rate..

 By: moc : November 27th, 2012-14:32
we better book it soon...what will the price be next August when it will be delivered? By the way,,,live experience is another thing....I will post my impression tomorrow. Mo

If walls had ears we would have discovered a world better timed.

 By: PoyFR : November 28th, 2012-04:03
If walls had ears we would have discovered a world better timed. well sadly this one it is not really for me… When I saw this piece in the flesh I was relieved because it was no doubt a great deal better than the appreciation I had made of it based on the... 

I don't follow you that much on the ALS ressemblance...

 By: amanico : November 28th, 2012-04:35
Except if you had the case of the Lange One in mind... BUT,n where I follow you in a very close way is: - The Readablilty of the world time. - The asked price for this watch. As for the readability, the WT subdial is too small, which makes me wonder if JL... 

Ah so you actually fully agree with me ;-)

 By: PoyFR : November 28th, 2012-08:44
Indeed in the style of the ALS watchcases The rest you agree, that’s a good thing to not be alone ;-) I would have loved to see the infamous sticker tagged at 39… and a tad more worth every part of the globe, particularly from our one and only loved manuf... 

We both need glasses, yes. ;)

 By: amanico : November 28th, 2012-10:19
The problem is that WE love WTs, and WE love Duometres... Yes, we are very demanding, but isn't it always the case with your beloved friends, brands or watches? Best, my dear friend. Nicolas

My live experience....

 By: moc : November 29th, 2012-01:42
Well well, I ve tried it and played with it at the wonderful Paris Boutique a couple of days ago. A watch to see live essence of the Duometre line is well kept,my main concer really,. The smooth round bezel of the Duo aQL 40.5 ,goes well with the bigger ... 

You got it about the necessity to set your GMT at the bottom.

 By: amanico : November 29th, 2012-20:09
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Duometre UTT after havng seen it in the real, Mo. I told you that the real experience was much more interesting than pictures. We were many to be skeptical on the press file picture, and to have a differentb feeling...