Some Golden Dreams: The Reverso Perpetual Calendar, and the Reverso Géographique.

Oct 04, 2011,00:13 AM

I couldn't resist to the pleasure to share with you some pictures of 2 of the most beautiful Reversos:

- The Perpetual Calendar, which was the last of the Rose Gold Limited Editon Reverso Saga, released in year 2 000.

- The Géographique, released just before the Perpetual Calendar, in year 1998.

While these complications were also used on round watches ( Master Perpetual Calendar and Master Géographique ), and even if these 2 Master were ( and still are ) very appealing watches, these 2 Reversos were a step above, in terms of finish and aesthetics.

They both share a GT case ( 42, 25 x 26 mm ), the number of pieces made ( 500 ), and a precious appeal, not to say a fatal attraction.

Now that you're warned, let's face the ravaging aesthetical shock:

1/ The RG Perpetual Calendar:

One of the most legible and elegant Perpetual Calendar I know.

The dial are perfectly balanced, complete, and well finished.

The Perpetual Calendar is not only nice, it is also complete, as you have:

- The Day,

- The Date,

- The Month,

- The Moonphase,

The Leap year.

For those who would think that the Day Night indicator is too much on a perpetual calendar, they have to keep in mind that on such a complication, there is a " danger zone ", between 9 PM and 3 PM.

If you set the date at this moment, you may ruin the movement.

So to avoid it, JLC included this Day Night indication, to be sure that you set the date at the right moment.

The Cal 855 offers another refinement...:

It also offers a retrograde ( ! ) date.

If you think about it, the Reverso is an ideal watch for a perpetual calendar.

Its 2 faces allows you to not ...perpetually see the perpetual calendar, so that you can enjoy it only when you want, by choosing the verso side.

Dedicating the perpetual calendar to the verso dial is also a way to insure a perfect legibility.

The symmetry and the balance are great, even ..harmonious, and the finish oustanding.

You will certainly appreciate the different guillochés on this dial, and the care in the realization of this watch.

2/ The RG Géographique:

Among the 6 special RG Reversos, the Géographique is certainly the most friendly one.

As for the Reverso Perpetual Calendar, the Géographique offers 2 faces.

One, classic and sober, very elegant, beautifully finished, with a superb balance of the informations displayed, which provides the hour, the minutes, the small seconds, and the day / night indicator which gives life and nicely contrasts with the silver dial.

The 2 different guillochages, and the heated blue hands complete the feeling of high finish of this watch.

The other side offers a totally different face...And an invitation to Travel.

There is something special about this dial, a blend of strength, given by this black color, of symmetry, as all the informations are nicely balanced, and of Elegance, if you pay attention to the sunburst guilloché, on the second time zone hour, which contrasts with the vertical guilloché all around ( even if on my pictures, it is difficult to notice, but in real, it is sublime ) .

How does it work?

The Caliber 858 offers to this watch a simple, intuitive and friendy use of the Géographique Complication.

The pusher and the corrector only work on the verso black dial, and are used to set the Géographique complication.

With the corrector, you can set the hour of the 2d time zone, while you'll have to use the pusher to synchronize the 2d time zone with the time on the chosen city.

So, first choose your city with the pusher, then set the time displayed on the round dial by using the corrector, and all will be synchronized.

To get it well, the pictures posted under show that it is 10. 10 PM in Paris, as the day night indicator shows " night ", and 10.10 AM in the Samoa, as the GMT indicator says " - "

As for the Perpetual Calendar, I appreciate a lot the possibility to have a look at the complication ONLY when I want to do so, and to not have it permanently under the eyes.

One side for everyday, another for the travels, isn't this a great idea?

Indeed, these 2 Rose Gold Reversos are pure Gold Dream!

Hoping that you will enjoy this post and share your views on these marvels...


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Thanks Nico,

 By: dr.kol : October 4th, 2011-00:40
If JLC would decide to repeat these watches in steel, I would take both! Best, Kari

Who knows? Maybe one day... Same size? [nt]

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-02:40
No message body

Some ladies say that size does not matter...

 By: dr.kol : October 6th, 2011-15:04
I don't know about that but the original size is big enough to be readable and at the same time not stupidly big. Best, Kari

Yep. [nt]

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-22:17
No message body

A pair

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : October 4th, 2011-00:46
to keep...I can't think of a watch that looks better in all different combinations of metal and dial colour as well as different complications you can put in a watch... the range of Reverso over years is just mindboggling but never dull You can just say R... 

Well, I'm not a fan of ALL the Reversos introduced these last 20 years

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-02:44
BUT I have to admit that this RG series is just awesome. I had a problem with them, though as I found sad that there was such a lack of balance between round and rectangular cases. At this time, the only exceptional watches were rectangular. Nowadays, thi... 

yes the force is strong with the PG reversos

 By: darma : October 4th, 2011-02:59
, very hard not to get drawn into their tractor beam regards darma

Great review Nicolas and fabulous photography. I have always

 By: 219 : October 4th, 2011-04:54
loved the rose gold Reverso series (as you know) and your review is a worthy reminder of what made this series of watches great - and a turning point in MJLC's history. Thanks - enjoyed reading and viewing. Andrew H

During my next trip to the Manufacture, I will try to organize a photo session

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-02:47
Of your Tourbillon... I miss some good pics of this RG Reverso Tourbillon, and of the RG Chrono, to end the series of post I will dedicate to these golden marvels. Stay tuned! Best, my friend. Nicolas.

thank you for your review--two stunning watches indeed!

 By: playtime : October 4th, 2011-05:20
my only reservation is the "QP" text on the perpetual--seems superflusous given the subdial that it surrounds. But surely I can live with that! And the rose gold cases lend a sophistication and fin-de-sicle opulence to the affair J

Agreed on your comment. Less wording on the dial is ALWAYS better.

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-02:49
Aren't we a bit too picky, though? Best, Nicolas.

Great Review ...

 By: W72 : October 4th, 2011-05:56
As usual by the master himself. Your description of the watch is more than what I had observed even when I have owned and worn it so many times on my wrist. Great observation to style and to the various finishing details. BTW - isn't the Geographique in y... 

Thanks for your kind words, W 72.

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-02:56
To answer your question, on the example taken from my pics, Paris is at 10 PM, and logically, Samoa is at 10 AM... Which corresponds to the " - " symbol. That is simple and intuitive to read. Thanks for your nice words, be sure that many other reviews are... 

Thanks for the confirmation.

 By: W72 : October 6th, 2011-22:51
Is'nt silly that II was using it wrongly for so long. /W72

That may be a good idea for a post. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-23:16
No message body

I want a combination of the two! (or both)

 By: cazalea : October 4th, 2011-09:16
Géographique front dial please, with the supremely balanced display at the top rather than at 1 o'clock And the rear dial of the perpetual calendar, with the days and months in English please. It shouldn't be that hard to find one of each and do the swapp... 

Well, you should ask that to Max Busser...

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-02:58
Not only because he makes original and mad watches, but also because he worked, at this time, at the Manufacture! Best, my mad friend. Nicolas.

Two dreams in rose gold…! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : October 4th, 2011-14:35
Stunning pair! In many details similar but very different in character. I prefer the symmetric PC case… But in the same time my choice would be the GMT complication! What can I say – the only solution would be to get both… Thank you, Nicolas for another w... 

Well there is another brand, very dear to my heart, which could satisfy your request...

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-03:00
Ulysse Nardin, which associates these 2 complications. You see? There is always a solution. You juste have to ask! Best, my friend. Nicolas.

Truly breathtaking. I like the front dial of the geo very much.

 By: Ruckdee : October 4th, 2011-18:33
The same is true for the symmetrical back of the perpetual. Please tell JLC "not" to make something like that next year in a Grande Reverso size otherwise my endless financial grief will be forever "perpetuated"! Thank you for the education. I have seen t... 

Thank you for this closer look at these two

 By: respo : October 4th, 2011-19:28
Really, every one of the RG series is a masterpiece. You are right that the Reverso is such a great canvas for a perpetual complication. Do you have a favorite from teh series...the minute repeater, perhaps? Best always, respo

Tough question, Respo...

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-03:09
I didn't find MY Perpetual Calendar, yet... THe MC 8 Days Skeleton is an awesome choice, yes, but I would prefer something slimmer... I have my eyes on a Vacheron PC Skeleton, in platinum, but the beast is a bit pricey... This RG Reverso PC is a very temp... 

A lovely pair.

 By: grigo : October 4th, 2011-22:13
I however thought that we were going to see the Shark first? You might actually get me to like RG. Best regards, George

You made my heart stop nt.- [nt]

 By: mariosf12 : October 5th, 2011-00:03
No message body

My pleasure! :))) [nt]

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-03:09
No message body

One additional, not mentioned, detail:

 By: watchme : October 5th, 2011-06:53
The perpetual in the Reverso GT QP is the thinnest one ever built (IIRC), and is used for a second time in the carrier of the Reverso a Triptyque. Nice photos. I've always loved both. -Dean

Thanks a lot Nicolas !

 By: foversta : October 5th, 2011-12:27
Thanks a lot for this excellent post. I will prepare a review of the PC one day ! I really like it because I think that a reversible watch is perfect for this complication. Fx

I agree. One side for the time, the other side for the PC datas...

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-03:12
Nothing can beat that configuration, and it also helps the watch to be more legible. Best, Nicolas.

Nice Reversos...or very nice Reversos...

 By: Jacky : October 6th, 2011-04:16
I guess that Geographique is rarer than the Perpetual in this part of the world and I saw it only once so far. Seen the Perpetual couple of times although still considerably rare. I would say both this Reverso is understated and make very good daily wear ... 

Well, borh of them are limited to 500 pieces.

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-07:55
But it is true that I saw more PC than Geographique for sale. The bad thing is that the retail of these 2 pieces has gone very high ( more than 50 000 euros for the PC !!!, nowadays ). There are still some brand new for sale ( Geo and PC ) at the JLC Bout... 

Mesmerizing captivation.. Almost would not dare..

 By: hs111 : October 6th, 2011-09:02
.. To decide to which my senses would incline.. How shall I put it: - So beautifully balanced the Perpetuelle, with this lovely jour et nuit -- I LOVE that blue indication ! And the calendar on the Verso side.. a feast of its own, once you have made the '... 

There is so much to rediscover in the JLC recent past, my friend.

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-11:14
And that is just the beginning, I have other posts in the tube... Dream, just dream. Best, hs. Nicolas.

the QP is beautiful!

 By: MattS : October 6th, 2011-11:00
a true master piece, vey elegant! nice review, thanks Nico. Matt

Thanks for your input, Matt. [nt]

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-11:12
No message body

Thanks Nico

 By: Greg D : October 6th, 2011-12:25
Inspired me to wear my Geo today. I'm off to Normandie for the weekend tomorrow - so a chance to turn it over - One question for PC owners - a manual wind QP means you either have to do a lot of resetting - or a lot of winding - which I think is why manua... 

Hence another solution than the auto... The 8 Days Power Reserve.

 By: amanico : October 6th, 2011-13:24
But with a beauty, I guess that it would be a pleasure to wind itr every day... Thanks, my friend, and if you can ever come and join us in Paris on next Monday... You're more than welcome! Nicolas.

Outstanding review as usual !

 By: bgillis : October 22nd, 2011-07:16
Hi Nicolas, Your reviews are outstanding as usual ! The RG Perpetual Calendar is for sure the best interpretation of a perpetual calendar ever made in a so small watch case ! I'm dreaming about this Reverso every night from the day I discovered this model... 

Ciao, Bertrand.

 By: amanico : October 22nd, 2011-07:24
If you look after it, you may find one not too highly priced. This Reverso PC is a pure marvel, I agree. And I would have fallen for it if in white metal, not necessarily in steel, as ss doesn't work on such a classic look, IMO. Thanks for the link ,I wil... 

You must be right for sure...

 By: bgillis : October 22nd, 2011-08:03
You must be right for sure... but I've read one of your answers to another post and you are talking about 50k EUR for the PC nowadays ! And the average price on the second hand market is around 25-27k EUR. I would love to catch one below 25k EUR for my 40... 

I took these pictures at the Manufacture.

 By: amanico : October 22nd, 2011-08:26
I asked JLC to allow me to spend one hour to take some shots of these watches, and many others. If you're interested on the Reverso PC, I can tell you by PM where to go for one which will be less than that. Best, Nicolas.