Vintage Ads: The Series – Part #4 The Planet-Sphere

Jul 02, 2011,09:36 AM

Hello Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Lovers,


I am back with just a small observation…


If someone mentions JLC case backs to you, what do you think of?


I think many would think about open case backs…


Me – one of the first things I think of is the planet-sphere!



AFAIK, the Geomatic was the first watch with the golden medallion on the back.


The medallion on the Geomatic was inspired from the Geophysic that had a sticker on the back.


Photo credit, Nicolas.


The planet-sphere came from the IGY, 1958.  


Scan credit, Nicolas.


This planet-sphere gold medallion has been used for over 40 years on different JLC watches.


Last series that used the golden medallion was (AFAIK) the Master Compressor series, discontinued just a few years ago.


Here is the Master Compressor Memovox.



Over the years the golden medallion evolved and was used on many different watches with solid case backs.


Like the Master Control.



Also in different material, here shown in YG on the Master Revéil.



BUT, did you know that JLC started to use this symbol much earlier?!


1937 in this Jaeger ad a planet is used as a symbol of… Time?


Jaeger, French ad, 1937.


The latest series of watches from Le Grand Maison using planet-spheres on the back is the new Master series.


Master Memovox International.



Now the golden medallion is gone…


Too bad – a detail I am really fond of.


But the planet is still there - or IS it?!


If you look real close on the photo and then look at this old ad from 1947…


Jaeger-LeCoultre, French ad, 1947.


You will realize that the designers at Jaeger-LeCoultre did go back much longer then 1958 to find inspiration for this one!





Thank you for reading Part #4 of this Vintage Ads Series.


Hope you enjoyed!







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Actually, when I think of JLC casebacks...

 By: gatorcpa : July 2nd, 2011-10:14
... I'm thinking of something like this: However, after reading your post I might be changing my mind. Excellent article! gatorcpa...  

Agreed, Gatorcpa. I would also add...

 By: amanico : July 2nd, 2011-11:56
The Gyrotourbillon and the Duometre. Best, Nicolas.

Ah, the sun feather! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-01:59
Yes, another beautiful and significant trade of JLC and their case backs! As I understand JLC have patented this pattern for movements decoration. Thank you, Gatorcpa – hope to one day join you in the MMR club! Best Blomman

Very interesting observations about this topic, Blomman.

 By: amanico : July 2nd, 2011-12:03
The planet sphere is certainly one element of JLC DNA. It is very interesting to see the evolution of the planisphere design through the byears. The one from 1947 is without hesitationj my favourite. No wonder why I love the one on the new Master Memo cas... 

Many different things to discover in old documents…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-02:31
I was very surprised when I saw this one and made the connection! Was actually planning to write about another topic when I saw this… Indeed the Planet-Sphere is a part of the JLC DNA! I hope it won’t get lost… Thank you for your kind wo... 

favorite one so far...

 By: playtime : July 2nd, 2011-12:09
was always tickled by this detail--an intriguing and now iconic marker--on the back of a watch case! thx for sharing J

Maybe a small but very significant detail...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-02:34
And IMO, a very intimate detail as you normally don’t show to others. A detail just for your own pleasure! Thank you, J ! Best Blomman

As soon as it is about JLC and Planet-Sphere...

 By: Marv : July 2nd, 2011-15:15
What comes immediately to my mind is: The JLC Globe. Both an impressive World Time clock and a beautiful historical object, don't you think? Blomman, thank you again for your posts and your selection of ads, Regards,...  

Ah, yes!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-03:10
The actual Globe! On my hunting list for some time now… A question of clarification: the electric cord is it for the lamp only or also for the movement? Marv, as I know you are a connoisseur in old ads and documents it makes me very happy you like this on... 

The electric cord is it for the lamp only

 By: Marv : July 3rd, 2011-03:23
If you look at the 2 male connectors at the base of the globe, you see that norms were not as secure as today! Otherwise, the clock movement is a 8-day mecanical movement. Regards,

Thank you for the confirmation, Marv!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-03:37
I have read earlier that it has an 8-day movement. But when I saw the electrical connectors I got worried… Best Blomman

Thank you for sharing with us Blomman!

 By: renerod : July 2nd, 2011-17:33
As a Jaeger fan I really apreciate when those of you enlighted share your hard earned knowledge with us mere mortals Master Compressor Memovox is one of my favourites (Now that it's been discontinued, I have an eye on one...but don't tell anyone), and tha... 

Hi René!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-03:19
I hope you find your MCM! One of my favourite modern watches, actually she is my daily beater! A lady you can dress up or down depending on your mood… Thank you for your kind words! Best Blomman...  

What a nice planetsphere .. A globe can be.. Elements of joy to look at :))

 By: hs111 : July 2nd, 2011-21:33
Blomman, how pleasant : - your selection and focus on the backside of some iconic pieces and ads was again quite educative and somehow puts things into an interesting perspective. You are right, some of these beautiful backsides, are simply beautiful, and... 

Well, HS…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-03:24
In the world of JLC a lot of “hidden” pleasures! Almost like an archaeologist you have to look under every stone to get the whole picture! Thank you, HS – hope you have a great Sunday! Best Blomman

Hej, blomman.. Which kind of piece on the left of your last picture ??

 By: hs111 : July 2nd, 2011-21:44
Am I day- dreaming? - Next and lefy to your lovely Geomatic, ( another Geo.... ??) Almost hesitant to use the word ? ... Did I miss something here ? Anyway, great post - and IF my snses are right, well - then unbelievably nice ! Pretty mesmerized I curiou... 

This magnificent duo ! .. Happily I had been fortunate to see it once .. With you :))

 By: hs111 : July 2nd, 2011-23:25
I still vividly recall 'my' moment .. Of first sight ! Good that some caffeine was there .. THAT was real pleasure ) But with Blomman ? - nice Sunday surprise My best to you, hs

First time is always hard to forget…!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-03:31
Especially like in your case, a parade of Grail watches in front of your eyes! Happens to me every time I am in Paris… I am thinking about asking the French government to ban me from French soil! At least that is what my heart doctor is recommending... 

You don't miss anything?! ;)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-03:27
Yes, in the photo is my Geo duo..! Best, my sharp eyed friend! Blomman

OMG.. stunned.. mesmerized, as well !! :))

 By: hs111 : July 3rd, 2011-04:29
WOW,you had taken me by Surprise .. -- as had not been aware, that also the uncomparable, unbeatable Geophysic was with you.. -- Delighted for you, honestly .. with a (tiny) Little envy, as well.. Even more, thanks for that so 'en Passant' , nevertheless ... 

I still have a few surprises…! ;) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-10:36
No message body

Now you are teasing! Come on - tell me! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-10:42
No message body

Look who is talking! ;)

 By: amanico : July 3rd, 2011-10:43
Give me just 24 hours... Best, Nicolas.

OK, counting from now! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-10:44
No message body

Great post Blomman

 By: grigo : July 2nd, 2011-21:55
I really love medalion on the back of my MMI even if it is not in gold. Best regards, George

Thank you, George!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-03:33
Yes, I love the MMI medallion too! But imagine if it was in RG..? Best Blomman

You are just hurting yourself Blomman,

 By: grigo : July 3rd, 2011-11:21
But it would indeed look good. Best regards, George

We can always dream..! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-13:44
No message body

trade-off of solid vs sapphire caseback...

 By: FanFrancisco : July 3rd, 2011-08:58
... Blomman, you brought us another very interesting and stimulating observation: solid vs sapphire caseback which is a very tough decision for us. as like those signature solid symbols engraved on the caseback you showed us, each of them represents signi... 

Partially agreed, Stefan.

 By: amanico : July 3rd, 2011-09:01
On the Duometre, for example, having a solid case back would be a pain. On a more modest MUT, same observation. But on most of the automatic movements, I really don't see the interest to have a see through case back. And I don't regret seeing these nice s... 

yes, agree with you on...

 By: FanFrancisco : July 3rd, 2011-09:07
... on those automatic movements, if the rotor is big to cover most of the movement, it is really no point to have sapphire back, except micro rotor may be still okay. stefan

Like Nicolas, I would not like…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-10:41
I would not like a solid case back on a piece like the Duo for example. But I rather have the solid on some of the “simpler” watches. Honestly I have very few watches with crystal on the back, and I don’t miss it at all. But if I had a M... 

amazing post blomman and always enriching

 By: georgeszaslavsky : July 3rd, 2011-21:18
Very nice ads and very nice detail on the geophysic which later inspired jlc to create the master control. thanks again for sharing. best regards georges

My pleasure, Georges!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 9th, 2011-04:39
There are so many small details that all together makes the typical JLC DNA. Best Blomman

Thank you, again

 By: nilomis : July 4th, 2011-03:11
To continue our education. Cheers

You and me both, Nilo!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 11th, 2011-13:30
There is a lot to learn from these old documents. A very enjoyable way of study! Again, thank you! Best Blomman