Deconstructing Reverso

Jul 10, 2008,02:52 AM

Have you ever wondered what a Reverso case really looks like from inside?  Well, when my watchmaker took my Sun/Moon for a cleaning he took these pictures.









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Thanks a lot

 By: Dje : July 10th, 2008-03:38

Thanks for the ed.

 By: matrix : July 10th, 2008-08:13

Thanks for a very informative and behind the scenes

 By: timerider : July 10th, 2008-11:04
look at a classic. Just for reference, about how long had it been since the last service? Best, Tim


 By: AndrewD : July 10th, 2008-18:35

Very informative

 By: Peter  : July 13th, 2008-16:17

Great photos!

 By: Maverik : January 10th, 2010-13:14
Hi Loujo, Great photographs, thanks for posting. Although it was a long time ago, hehe. I found the link via Monochrome. Very nice to see how the case is built up. Now we can see what it looks like beyond the outside. Greets, Rik