Awsome new watch in: JLC Master Extreme World Alarm Rossi

Jan 07, 2008,06:32 AM

Just received it yesterday and is – of course – really impressed. Have yet to figure out the right way to read – and set – the worldtimer, but the alarm bit I figured out pretty fast. Wonderful watch and I really appreciate the rugged matte red gold compared to the – IMHO – rather bling steel version.

Will post some pix when my other straps tick in. Oh, BTW, the extra rubber strap has DLC'd ardillon, not S/S like the EWC Rossi. AND it is a run of 346 units, not 246 lke the EWC Rossi.

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Thanks, Haagen, to share with us >>>

 By: amanico : January 7th, 2008-06:49
This EWA Rossi. We don't see so many, there,! Yes, you're right about this version, that is much nicer than the SS one. This is my personal taste, of course, but I , like you, find the SS vezrsion much more bling bling than this rose Gold one! Isn't that ... 

Alfa Wrist Shot ? >>>

 By: amanico : January 7th, 2008-11:35

Congrats to you KH

 By: Asimut : January 7th, 2008-19:46