Brown dial, you mean the rose gold Reverso? It didn't come with syringe hands... [nt]

Jul 23, 2019,14:29 PM

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Your Top Five modern Jaeger Lecoultre watches?

 By: amanico : July 23rd, 2019-03:09
Let's first play in the modern category and see what are your most favorite five Jaeger Lecoultre. You can own them or some of them, but it is not necessary. You can add those you are dreaming of. I start with my selection. 1/ My top one: I hesitate a lot...  

1. MUT moon in RG with white dial

 By: LS : July 23rd, 2019-04:17
2. MUT with cal. 849 3. A nice reverso duoface 4. Geophysic 1958 in yellow gold 5. A vintage memovox

I will only mention two JLC watches.

 By: SpanishCastle : July 23rd, 2019-04:22
The Duomètre à Chronograph in the same configuration as yours. And my favourite one (of all times): The Reverso Tourbillon from 1993. Photo credits: Hodinkee. Both are grail watches to me, especially the second one. I know there are better options for a J...  

I hope you are right.

 By: SpanishCastle : July 23rd, 2019-09:38
Maybe in the long term, but being realistic is an unlikely scenario in my personal case.

1.ExtremeLab1 from 2007.

 By: proestak : July 23rd, 2019-04:50
2.Gyro 5. 3.Hybris Mechanica 11. 4.ExtremeLab2. 5.Amvox2 black concept. Best Yannis

Top 5 is TOO difficult for me as there are too many spectacular JLCs over the years BUT...

 By: holdemchamp1225 : July 23rd, 2019-06:07
if forced to choose this would be my list: This would be ALL TIME top 5 JLCs for me. 1. Gyro 5 2. Gyro 1 3. Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie 4. Extreme Lab 1 5. Duometre à Chronographe Honorable mentions 6. Master Grande Tradition Minute Repeater in tit... 

Why do you tease me :-) :-) [nt]

 By: holdemchamp1225 : July 23rd, 2019-08:00

Duometre UTT is my choice

 By: mahesh : July 23rd, 2019-08:28
Technically ahead, very useful complication with an incredible dial - I can’t ask for more except a reissue of the Paris Boutique edition 😈

In tantalum? :))) [nt]

 By: amanico : July 23rd, 2019-09:29

I would be in! [nt]

 By: amanico : July 23rd, 2019-09:51

Me too 😁👍🙏 [nt]

 By: holdemchamp1225 : July 23rd, 2019-10:54

I have 3 favorite Jlc

 By: JeSuisJLC : July 23rd, 2019-13:01
1) 39 mm Master Ultra Thin Date in stainless 2) 2013 Master Ultra Thin jubilee 3) Reverso Ultra thin tribute to 1931. Boutique Edition. Brown dial, syringe hands, Casa Fagliano strap. dial is the one i meant

 By: JeSuisJLC : July 24th, 2019-04:43

Sadly, no. [nt]

 By: JeSuisJLC : July 24th, 2019-06:06

I would go home with the Gyrotourbillon One....

 By: Izhik : July 23rd, 2019-15:09
I like retrograde date function....

My top 5 depending on the definition of modern are:

 By: Horo_Traveler : July 23rd, 2019-21:52
1. Duometre Chronographe WG black dial 2. Master Geographic in steel, silver dial 3. Reverso duo in most flavors 4. Amvox II Chronographe 5. MUT 34mm steel

My choices

 By: jml_watches : July 24th, 2019-02:57
Hi My top five 1 Master Ultra Thin Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillion 2 Reverso Duo - any version ( though v impressed with trigger on latest one ) 3 Memovox - take your pick 4 Reserve De Marche 5 Geophysic True Second Cheers JML

For change a little :

 By: tombub : July 27th, 2019-07:12
- gyro 5 - duometre chrono black dial - duometre white enamel dial - reverso squelette - Amvox 2 racing white dial (Pvd or not).