An Open Letter to Dr. Bernard Cheong

Jun 28, 2015,11:51 AM

Dear Bernard,

In the real world, we would never meet.  Social constructs would artificially keep us apart in Singapore and here, in the USA, I just wouldn't "hang" with people like you.

It just happens that our shared passion for horology has brought us together on the internet, ThePuristS and now PuristSPro.

On this open forum, everyone has an equal voice.  There are just simple rules which all community members agree to abide by.  The respect and civility of PuristSPro are testaments that participants here have developed a heightened sense of self control.  I think we throw a pretty successful virtual "cocktail party".

Amongst the community, a few of us have been selected to host and clean up after the party is over.  You were once on the moderating team, you know of the difficult and thankless tasks that we are sometimes forced to deal with.  The most troubling aspects of our hobby, which 99% of the collectors could care less about, are the business and politics of the watch industry. Yes, I know how being involved with the industry can change a person...luckily I am a "small fish" and have been able to avoid some of the pitfalls which you and others have fallen into.  Yes Bernard, you are a master.  A MASTER OF COMPLETE MARKETING BULLSHIT.

In an attempt to preserve the integrity of the community, I've repeatedly asked you to be transparent and disclose your conflicts of interests.  You have not.  Obviously we disagree on PuristS principles but this is a FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requirement which you continue to violate. 

I've repeatedly asked you to focus on watches, yet you continue to meander off topic to purposefully offend others. 

Why here?   Why always PuristSPro? I keep asking myself this question.  There are plenty of other worthy sites to promote yourself and your version of passion.  These are sites managed and promoted by friends.  The only answer I can come up with is that you still think you can sweet talk and "bundle" new customers for the brands you champion (or are being paid to promote).


On PuristSPro everyone has an equal voice, but as a moderator I've been fortunate enough to be granted the power of a "delete" button.  So while I cannot ban you from the site, I'm tired of asking fellow PuristS to simply ignore your postings.

From today on, I will immediately delete any posts from you.  Whether or not the content is relevant, I really don't care. If this is considered censorship, so be it.   I'm not perfect but I've given you enough warnings and you have given enough excuses. And I will continue to delete your posts until that editorial power is taken away from me.  I apologize in advance to any community members who will have already posted replies but these will be automatically deleted when the main post is removed ( Don't worry Bernard, I will archive everything per our PPro guidelines). 

I don't think we will be missing anything, I am sure some of us will be smart enough to see the "value" of a rounded versus a flat headed screw eventually. 

I don't hate you Bernard, I feel sorry for you...

Please go play in someone else's backyard and conduct your "paid marketing research" there.  Feel free to email me for some suggested sites.

Not submitted respectfully,

Dr. Michael Ting


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re: letter

 By: DRMW : June 28th, 2015-12:24

Stop posting these hypnose movies Ming !!!

 By: bimbeano : June 29th, 2015-00:39
I just sat for half an hour watching these people applauding until they would stop .... which they didn't .... :-) Hypnotised Bim

re: stop

 By: DRMW : June 29th, 2015-01:08
:) -MW ...  

Ming !!!

 By: bimbeano : June 29th, 2015-08:22
Why did you bring your lawyer into this discussion now ??? :-) Bim

Finally... some sense!

 By: andrewluff : June 28th, 2015-13:31
Well said... we all think it and I think the time is right for action. Cheers Andrew

Very well said...

 By: nilomis : June 28th, 2015-13:39
Thank you, Nilo ...  

Hi Salamanca, perhaps you misunderstand the term "open"

 By: mkt33 : June 28th, 2015-16:10
"Open" in the sense that it is transparent, written in honesty, with passion, and out on a limb without commercial agenda. "Open" in the sense that everyone in the community can respond, if they choose to do so, freely without edit (hence the thread was n... 

Perhaps you need to......

 By: Salamanca : June 28th, 2015-16:19

Salamanca, you say potato, I say potatoe

 By: mkt33 : June 28th, 2015-16:32
You say hate, I say something else. Again if you like to read Macromania parts 1,2,3,4, and 5 and other aspects of Dr. Cheong's life, feel free to do so. I've provided the link to Dr. Cheong's blog already for your easy reference. Its just not going to be... 

Bummer i am going to miss

 By: Salamanca : June 28th, 2015-16:52
his inappropriate sexual content.........


 By: MervC : June 28th, 2015-21:27
"Conflict of interests" I see the problem if a moderator has a conflict of interests, and wishes to remove post that make a brand look bad. I am sure no moderator here does this. How is this a problem when Bernard's not a moderator? He has no powers in th... 

Hi Merv, good questions

 By: mkt33 : June 28th, 2015-22:01
"I see the problem if a moderator has a conflict of interests, and wishes to remove post that make a brand look bad." --We discourage this within our team. We should encourage a healthy and respectful discourse on the problem being addressed. Unfortunatel... 

There was a time...

 By: dxboon : June 28th, 2015-22:32
...when I really enjoyed Bernard's posts. It's unfortunate that his continued flouting of the rules here has led to this. Daos

OMG ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 29th, 2015-02:54
I waited half a year for an opportunity to post this pic. But, seriously: I am convinced that neither this open letter nor the supportive reactions thereupon express any "hate". The letter tries to draw a line under a chapter that has accompanied our comm...  

This post by Marcus will clarify for those who don't understand.

 By: pingtsai : June 29th, 2015-16:32
Thanks for putting things in perspective.

Not often I react on posts like these...

 By: dedestexhes : June 29th, 2015-04:04
but this time: thank you for trying to keep the integrity of this forum alive. And yes, not being naive, it is give and take, so there is always a risk in crossing a line. But this was something else. On the other hand, the main issue I have with Bernards... 

Bernard violated the forum's rules.

 By: dsgalaxy1 : June 29th, 2015-05:10
So, why didn't you ban him? I know this world from more than 10 years and it is like all the others industries, money means conflict of interests, more or less clear. Compared to the pharmaceuticals these are really small toys (and earnings)....

How would you propose to ban him?

 By: DruidPadj : June 29th, 2015-05:39
Will you take away his laptop? His smartphone? Disconnect his wifi? No one can be BANNED from the Forum. It can be accessed by anyone with internet connectivity. But the Moderators have now vowed to delete his posts, apparently after many, many warnings. ... 

every forum can ban a member

 By: dsgalaxy1 : June 29th, 2015-05:45
when you login, your IP is registered. easy to block. p.s. this is a common practice

Perhaps ur way lies with the Sith ...

 By: lien : June 29th, 2015-06:29
while i too enjoyed Bernard's wild posts in the early days, i must admit to have also observed looming darkness that has finally consumed his purist force. a bit sadden to see that we lost one purist master to the darkside cheers, ed~ ...  

Why post if you not are welcome?...................

 By: Jocke : June 29th, 2015-12:54
If someone kick me out I'm gone. I haven't follow this mess and I'm happy for that. :-) :-) :-) I hope everyone come out good from this.

Because, this was an individual action

 By: mkt33 : June 29th, 2015-06:05
Initiated by myself, not a group mandate. This is a long, perhaps overdue, decision made after multiple attempts to ask Dr. Cheong to respect the community and the code of conduct. Sure, I have a "ban" button. You, being a previous MOD at another site, ha... 

Everyone on the web is selling something...

 By: dsgalaxy1 : June 29th, 2015-13:55, cars, hopes, truths.... the only thing that really matters is MONEY.

That post is just inane.

 By: DruidPadj : June 29th, 2015-15:36
The Moderators here are not selling anything. I'm not. Even you aren't.

Well I am a bit sad by this post...perhaps that is reality

 By: mkt33 : June 29th, 2015-16:44
I sincerely hope not. At least not here on PuristSPro Thanks Dsgalaxy1 for pointing out that there are alternate realities that I have ignored. Best, Mike

Oh, what a week!...

 By: pplater : June 29th, 2015-07:44
First Obamacare, then gay marriage, now this! We, the tired but the faithful, salute you Mike. Cheers, pplater.

So you are.....

 By: Mr Green : June 29th, 2015-07:58
opening that second bottle ;) Yours D

What a great idea!...

 By: pplater : June 29th, 2015-08:08
Yes, there is now definitely a 2009 CO Gran Teran on the horizon. Thank you again, dear friend! Cheers, pplater.

Dr. Ting, your open letter is full of hate and quite frankly, it seems

 By: kpk : June 29th, 2015-08:17
a bit immature. I have been visiting Purists every day for the last few years, and quite frankly I feel that it has really gone down while some of the other newer blogs are more entertaining and also confer more knowledge and much better information. Whil... 

Well said [nt]

 By: Salamanca : June 29th, 2015-08:54

I apologize for the tone of Dr. Ting's open letter but ...

 By: ThomasM : June 29th, 2015-09:13
I stand behind the action taken, even though it really saddens me. Bernard has been requested, then warned, many times, over many years, to please respect "local rules and standards." He continued to flout those polite requests and warnings. He then recen... 

In the name of decorum, I suggest locking this thread

 By: amerix : June 29th, 2015-09:31
after leaving those final words to Thomas M - and mkt33. It should be obvious to many that I endorse them. amerix

your suggestion is well taken.

 By: ThomasM : June 29th, 2015-10:17
Dear Amerix, Thank you for caring enough to comment and for your suggestion. Given the delicate nature of this situation I feel we need to give it just a little more time to "air out" - for both / all sides. Contrary to what might be believed (and certain... 

Surely you are right to let this thread run its entire course.

 By: amerix : June 29th, 2015-12:02
Dear Thomas, It is indeed strange how some factions of pro and con get together and tend to revolve around a central theme - in this case a self-made horophile who strives to become a prominent taste-maker and trend-setter within the watchmaking business ... 

please send Mr. Andersen my sincere and warmest regards. You know, it's funny...

 By: ThomasM : June 29th, 2015-12:46
You know, Amery, I find it funny... Anyone who knows me knows that I know a few people in the industry as well... And I have done more than a little to help shape and develop the industry, hopefully in the direction of respect and integrity towards the co... 

Hi Thomas, I surely will - personally!

 By: amerix : June 29th, 2015-13:55
The last time I have boarded a plane must have been around 40 years ago. Not only respect but enthusiasm from me - - for all that you have done at this site - and continue to do! I too have tried to explain to some naive but genuinely interested fellows w... 

Power corrupts

 By: wootwoot : June 30th, 2015-05:05
You are defending the indefensible. In the fullness of time, perhaps you will realize that this isn't about community standards or your dedicated service to the community as a moderator. Please. This is about a personal dispute between a poster and those ... 

Thank you for your point of view.

 By: ThomasM : June 30th, 2015-06:12
I disagree for the most part on "the facts" but will keep your opinions under consideration. Cheers, TM

Rubbish. Lord Acton was undoubtedly correct . . .

 By: Dr No : June 30th, 2015-08:13
. . . but his analogy does not apply here. Bernard flouted the rules, written and otherwise, of this forum for years. Mike meted out justice; nothing more, nothing less. Art

oh man, sorry you feel this way

 By: mkt33 : June 30th, 2015-18:44
before you slam me again can I share something with you? From Dr. Cheong's own Wiki page: "Cheong's knowledge of how to collect wisely is gleaned and developed from Karl Marx's idea on how the world works etc..." My memories from college philosphy classes... 

I am afraid there is a winner - Dr. Cheong

 By: amerix : July 1st, 2015-09:27
After setting up his operation, having it end this way was a foregone conclusion, if a bit earlier than he himself had planned. What he gains is an influx of migrant - or previously anonymous - followers, fans and staunch supporters into his other blogs, ... 

So what you are saying is that I should be more optomistic

 By: mkt33 : July 1st, 2015-09:52
instead of looking at it as lose/ lose that I should look at it as a win/win :-) thank you for your sage advice, I am grateful for a community that "has my 6" Best, Mike

Hi KPK, thanks for your insight

 By: mkt33 : June 29th, 2015-09:24
Like Salamanca you can call the open letter "hate" if you wish. I am truly sorry you and others think this way. AND if I wanted to remove all the "negative" comments, I could just as easily delete your comment and only let the positive comments stand. But... 

Not hate, but sad that Bernard brought this upon himself

 By: ED209 : June 29th, 2015-10:00
I don't understand Bernards jibberish rantings on PuristSPro, so I choose to ignore his posts. However I fully agree with every word that Dr. Ting wrote in his open letter along with the follow up responses that he has posted. Kudos to him for this. Berna... 


 By: cuibono : June 30th, 2015-14:35
without wanting to enter into a debate on bernard himself, i'd only suggest that if community has any meaning, then often it's a community that ought to decide. i don't know the logistics of how that would work here. maybe it wouldn't be the right way to ... 

Hi Chris, I appreciate your comment and understand

 By: mkt33 : July 1st, 2015-06:25
the impression that my action has caused. Yes, I made a "selfish" decision to delete Dr. Cheong's future posts in response to his multiple violations of our community rules. Have I deprived the community of the controversial opinions of a member? Some wou... 


 By: DRMW : June 29th, 2015-12:33

Chapeau - for your countenance, Mike!

 By: anaesdoc : June 29th, 2015-10:36
Dear Mike, I am one of probably many forum members here who have had no idea (and most likely do not have it even now) about the background of your post. But I now understand by your initial post and your replies and those of others that there is a long-l... 

Guts & Glory

 By: Mr Green : June 29th, 2015-12:45
Dear Mike Taking "one for the team" is never an easy task but then again it feels good ;) :) Fun aside in this not so humorous times for PPro Bernard was the icon .... learning about Dufour, Vianney and others (he never cared for Kari much...very interest... 

Hi D- Not looking for glory

 By: mkt33 : June 29th, 2015-13:13
just time for me to do what I feel is right. Its not just me, many mods have tried. In the end, right for me and my decision to delete Dr. Cheong's posts, may not be the right one for PuristSPro and the community. Again this was an "open" letter. If someo... 

Emotions are high

 By: Mr Green : June 29th, 2015-13:28
tension as well we truly don't need this..neither we deserved it by no means known to me Sorry if I didn't expressed myself correctly never thought you are doing this for glory but still think you have guts Cheers D

apologies are a cheap commodity these days.

 By: amerix : June 29th, 2015-14:09
like "Sorry!". amerix

What would be expensive commodity...

 By: Mr Green : July 4th, 2015-01:26
these days? Damjan

Insults [nt]

 By: amerix : July 4th, 2015-03:15

Hi guys,

 By: mkt33 : July 4th, 2015-06:07
the internet is a wonderful communication tool but sometimes it lacks "color" to get across the right message. I want to thank you both for your kind words regarding the forum, the community, the moderator staff, and myself during the public barrage. Plea... 

Hi D, eventhough we have not met, we are sympatico

 By: mkt33 : June 29th, 2015-16:51
I understand exactly what you meant and I truly appreciate it. Just clarifying for others who are following the thread who may misinterpret the phrase "Guts and Glory". Warmest, Mike

Over the past couple years I often wondered why...

 By: Emil Wojcik : June 29th, 2015-14:27
...Bernard was allowed to continue posting what he did. I thought maybe it was just me. Now I see I was not alone in my thinking. Thanks to all the moderators for doing an more-often-than-not thankless job. Kudos.

Ok, now everything has been said, expressed and discussed. Let's move on...

 By: amanico : June 29th, 2015-14:31
And back to watches, don't you think? Bernard was the one who captivated me some 11 years ago, and for some later years. His Madness ( in a positive meaning ) made me see watches in a different way. For that, thank you, Bernard. Now, I was disappointed fo... 

Entendre, entendre!

 By: DruidPadj : June 29th, 2015-15:57
Though it can be very hard to let stupid comments pass by unchallenged. watches.

Hear, hear! (Nt)

 By: ei8htohms : June 29th, 2015-16:00

Well, if I may just add a positive spin to all that has been discussed...

 By: ik2000 : June 29th, 2015-18:51
One thing I have seen is the passion that MOST of us have, in defending the moderators of this site. I haven't been here that long, probably since 2005 or 2007, I forget now, and I don't post that frequently... But the passion and dedication that moderato... 

Since years I try ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 30th, 2015-05:57
... to make this "gold watch with Ferrari in night club"-picture, but when I had the gold watch, nobody would lend me a Ferrari, and I grew too old for the night club. World is unjust ... Marcus


 By: ik2000 : June 30th, 2015-06:44
There was one day I had a gold watch, AND the ferrari, but they wouldn't allow it through the front door of the nightclub... the world truly is unjust :) (completely tongue in cheek, of course!!)

I see, poor you ....

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 30th, 2015-06:55
.... and a picture of a gold watch in a Ferrari parked in a Burgerking Drive thru is just not as likely to attract young ladies scantily clad in glittering costumes. Could it be that the world depicted by pictures like those described are not real, rather... 

I have used Purists

 By: docsnov : June 29th, 2015-20:02
since 2010 and it is the only website I faithfully read to obtain knowledge and opinions about watches. I do not have the time or desire to read multiple websites and consider myself lucky to have found this place early on as I developed an interest in wa... 

Dx . . .

 By: Dr No : June 29th, 2015-20:41
. . . 301.81 . . .

Great Track! :-)

 By: SALMANQ8 : June 29th, 2015-23:12
Here is another one S

Most poignant, S. If I were ever to change my avatar . . .

 By: Dr No : June 30th, 2015-07:16
. . . it might well be . . . . . . for this album cover.

Very Cool...

 By: SALMANQ8 : June 30th, 2015-10:15
Album Art, listening to the Album now, great sound, thank you :-) S

I hope that you'll never

 By: Mr Green : July 1st, 2015-02:26
change your avatar...that would break my heart :) Moreover I was sure that if you would change it it would be to this one ;) ...  

Well, if I were going with that theme . . .

 By: Dr No : July 1st, 2015-09:29
. . . it would be . . . . . . this guy ;-) . . . ...  

The start of that track sounds like

 By: NickO : June 30th, 2015-15:49
a sample from the Strangler's "All Day and All of the Night". Oh wait, that's not an original, that's a cover. The original was by the Kinks. Oh wait, these are the Kinks. Never mind.

The lyrics . . .

 By: Dr No : June 30th, 2015-16:36
. . . seemed to fit. Self-destroyer, wreck your health Destroy friends, destroy yourself The time device of self-destruction Light the fuse and start eruption Art

This is a reply to your

 By: TS1987 : July 5th, 2015-03:10
rambling post that has nothing to do with Bernard or your distaste for his "rambling" posts. I have been disappointed with multiple aspects of this forum, least of which is the lack of watch knowledge. I've noticed that most of the people whose knowledge ... 

Sorry to hear on your feedback Tim

 By: jrwong23 : July 5th, 2015-04:28
I just posted on the Indies forum so I hope you are not referring to me as a snob I think many PuristS here are sharing their incoming Joys or their collections with us so I don\'t see these as snobs but as fellow collectors sharing our joys. Agree though... 

Hi Robin

 By: TS1987 : July 7th, 2015-06:06
The snobbery is done via Private Message, so it's invisible to Moderators. You would expect that; it's common sense. I have not had that many watches ( about 28) I worked my way through every iteration of 31 and 32 series Girard Perregaux, had 3 box sets ... 

I share Robin's feelings and thank you for your feedback.

 By: ThomasM : July 7th, 2015-07:46
Hi, Tim, While I don't see the reality as being quite so grim, "perception" is important too and appreciate very much your feedback. Thanks for sharing your POV. TM

+1 on The Kinks. ;)

 By: amanico : July 6th, 2015-14:46

Mike, I understand your frustration.

 By: lhk1 : June 30th, 2015-01:50
In this world, there are simply too many people not even worth mentioning in your life. I know you are doing your job but cool down, my friend. Don't let your bp shoot up. Regards Ling

Mike, I need to plead for clemency

 By: NickO : June 30th, 2015-07:43
for Bernard's rabbit. Seriously, I've grown very fond of seeing pictures of that little guy. It's sort of like Amanico's ferret, I think of them as our furry little mascots for this place. Must the sins of the owner be conferred to the pet??? Perhaps we c... 

Fully second your view on the rabbit part! ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 30th, 2015-14:13
His login and avatar suggested: Roger Rabbit, of course! ...  


 By: iceheller : July 10th, 2015-05:51
Well who dun have agenda here? Mine is to share some interesting pics and kill time. Sadly fr a reputable forum like this, open banning had to occur...Hmms where is the freedom of speech (provided you do not harm/insult others) that is preach in this free... 

Peace to you as well

 By: mkt33 : July 10th, 2015-07:32
Hi Iceheller, You are right, everyone has an agenda. The key is, especially if you are an opinion maker sharing your opinion on an open forum of like minded enthusiasts, that you disclose your agenda. But I like your agenda. Keep posting interesting pics ... 


 By: iceheller : July 10th, 2015-23:02
Well we all have to stand firm even if the tide of majority is charging against you. We all need to our own beliefs which do not harm others. Cheers. ...  

Interesting timing!

 By: mkt33 : July 11th, 2015-05:24
Was cleaning and reorganizing my challenge coins from my Airforce career. My favorite...a simple coin but belonged to the best Airmen on Yokota The first core value: Integrity Best,Mike ...