Henri Duvoisin watches

Feb 18, 2014,20:47 PM

Is anyone familiar with the rebirthed Henri Duvoisin brand? I have been searching for vintage examples of their watches following Anders recent thread on his acquisition of the beautiful triple calendar, but they seem rare indeed and I cannot currently find one example for sale. Instead I visited the Henri Duvoisin website and found some extremely appealing watches. It appears they have very few distribution centers so it may be a while before I can actually see one, but if any of you have dabbled in the new company watches, I would appreciate your views.


Pictures taken from Henri Duvoisin website.

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Looks nice!

 By: Esharp : February 19th, 2014-07:03
I don't know anything about them but the example you posted looks very nice (apart from the unnecessary 'regulateur' on the dial! Argh!). Do you know how they're positioning the brand?

No idea

 By: Spellbound : February 19th, 2014-18:51
All I know is what is on their hardly functional website. The movement finishing looks good. If the price is right, I might certainly dabble. Dean

Much can be found buried

 By: . Anders : February 19th, 2014-13:37
. This brand, too many unknown, same for me. When I bought mine, it was a gamble, but I suspected that it could be something special. Thats why I bought mine. It's an old watchmaker who are still out there, I appreciate that. Thanks for showing the new wa... 

I think you certain picked up a bargain

 By: Spellbound : February 19th, 2014-19:00
Given the rarity of your watch, and the stunningly beautiful dial. It is certainly on a par with the other triple calendars of that era, and at a mighty attractive price. What a find! I am close to considering buying two very fine examples of triple calen... 

Thanks Dean

 By: . Anders : February 21st, 2014-05:56
I really have done a bargain and the cost was low, comparatively. Now it has been serviced at a cost of SEK 2,800 (400 U.S. dollars) and now it works perfectly. I've seen a couple of these for sale after I bought mine, but these have not been in the same ... 

Totally agree

 By: Spellbound : February 21st, 2014-06:22
A great layout, and nice sunburst dial. The only issue perhaps is that from a distance, the logo looks like Harley Davidson ! Dean