Greubel Forsey and how it changed my world. Personal and emotional pov.

Jan 21, 2014,05:21 AM

Going over the posts I have made since 2002 or so...will reveal to newbies the crazy guy I am.

These are but a fraction of my passion.

And I mean passion...because any guy WITH LOTS of $$$$$ can do this, BUT...I am not a guy with a lot of that.


Then...I discovered thru ownership, the experience of owning my first Greubel Forsey.

This came about because I wanted to buy a Roger Smith..I was taken by the British finish..that blasted sandy look.

BUT...I wanted a little "more" than aesthetics.

After all, I had quite a few aesthetically challenging works already.

Here below is my second Greubel Forsey.

Bought just days ago.

I usually go for way over the top stuff, and this is certainly a departure.

I had also desperately wanted to get back that LANGE 1 feeling that I felt when I first saw that watch.

I sought out Dufour. finishing...but again I wanted that bit more.

The "more" that allows me to say...OK..this is the END.

Naturally...I found Dufour in Japan..back in 2010.

I looked for THAT ultimate watch, that piece for ending all pieces.

Now..that is TOUGH.

I only saw Invention 1 later.
It was perfect.
In technology.
In fact...I think...I guess...that Dufour had a hand in this.
I speculate.
It is the WONDER of the amount of perfect black polish over some IMPOSSIBLE angles and the tiniest spaces!!!!.

If you look at even the most basic 24 incline, which I bought yesterday out of can see how good it is.

It is a Dufour with a tourbillon.

Not just a tourb, but the best tourb I have seen...measured against my Richard Milles and APs.

Look at that angle!!!!

Look at the joint at the bridge of the tourb!!!!

Look at the dial finish.

This must spend a bit of money to get in platinum.

I will stick my reputation will be an awesome investment.

No matter what.

The rules of DESIRE drive it.

Being a carries the philosophical code of IMMORTALITY.

It is an awesome watch...this basic 24 incline.

Next to the ULTRA rare invention 1 ...OK..the invention 1 is not as "beautiful" superficially...but is awesome internally and has finish that is impossible, to me, at be better.

I own enough Langes and Pateks....I feel it.

I can be wrong.

I doubt it.

Look at the crown detail!!!!

Look at the British and French/swiss styled backs.

Look at the Roger Smith style or George Daniels style plates over blasted frost!!!

These are my precious babies now.

I am so so without money!!!!

Some body!!! GIMME some cash!!!


In 2010..I spoke with Steven and PROMISED.


I will buy a Greubel Forsey.

I kept my word.

Here is Steven in 2010..he did not need to try so hard really.

If I had more cash...I will put it ALL into Greubel Forsey.


This is the "sorry" state of my prized pieces...well..not that bad...but should be filled with 8 greubels.

I am an addict.

Now..I still love MB&F, and Vianney.

But those are art pieces per se.

Greubel Forseys are both state of the art, emotional, and simply DAMNED good.

And rare too...not does it matter to me so much.

This piece is a MUST.

My humble IWC perpetual.

Never stopped for many years.


A Christmas gift from friends.

Now, the Cabestan, is in a league of Vianney and MB&F.

It is another incredible piece that I once said will end all my purchases.

I was wrong.

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The Best from my PoV.

 By: Mark in Paris : January 21st, 2014-06:08
Hi Bernard, I had many watches in my hands and could make a kind of hall of fame of the best finishing (not exhaustive but a quite good overall view after all). I thought, well, once you are at the top, you don't see much significant difference between th... 

It is rare to...

 By: Dave G : January 21st, 2014-06:34
It is rare to even have seen many of these pieces yet alone acquire them, even in a horology wonderland like here in Hong Kong. You truly embody the art of collecting and the passion is evident. We share a like for the UN Freak I note as well from your op... 

Life style changes

 By: bernard cheong : January 21st, 2014-07:56
This is the hotel accommodations I will be getting used to, in order to save money for the GMT or the Technique. ...  

I wish I could own a double balancier

 By: bernard cheong : January 21st, 2014-08:12
Well, I don't know if I have ever been at the top. But I agree with you. AND...I finally agree that it took an event horizon to bring watches into an investment arena. I will concede that Lange failed. Patek, nope, better to buy shares is hard to...  

+1 GF is otherworldly...

 By: vitalsigns : January 21st, 2014-09:02
By far the most interesting and well-finished that I've seen (although I've never had the pleasure of viewing in person, so perhaps that disqualifies my opinion a bit). John

Thanks Mark. I am so blown away.

 By: bernard cheong : February 4th, 2014-03:42
The first time, it ws just before Opus 6, in 2005 or 2004. BUT. The price. Anyway, my theory fortunately worked, and by 2012, 6 years later...prices of tourbillons went up by 300% at the top end. Down by 200% at the weirdly world of carousel made in china... 

A really WOW post! I'm left completely speechless.

 By: fernando : January 21st, 2014-06:30
No one does it like you Bernard! Congrats! cheers fernando

But I have a love for animals which is often my balance..

 By: bernard cheong : January 21st, 2014-07:48
I would gladly save my pet for the price of any watch. ...  

The answer to YOUTH is a Greubel Forsey

 By: bernard cheong : February 4th, 2014-01:12
Here is a patient who is younger than I 8 months. ...  

That is..

 By: fernando : February 4th, 2014-01:46
hard to believe. At first glance I thought he's your Dad. (Pls. don't tell him this.) If GF can do this, then I'm in. :)

I wish I had not so much $$$ as you Bernard

 By: Ed. W : January 21st, 2014-08:24
Greubel Forsey has always stood at the pinnacle of 21st century haute horologerie from both technical and aesthetic perspectives, as you said, not merely art pieces.

Yes. It would take a mountain of "ultimate craftsmanship" to move me

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-01:19
I am so "into" way out watches, that I forgot about my reasons: I was tired of so called superlative work around, with superlative prices, BUT not delivering, even in the classical style, superlative quality of construct, not to mention any minute tiny im...  

Congratulations Bernard!

 By: tudorctin : January 21st, 2014-10:35
I wish you to have all G&F models! You deserve them! Regards, Constantin

Thanks my friend. I don't know how I can buy another without selling my car

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-01:22
I am seriously considering this. Cars here in Singapore are very expensive. BUT...I think a Greubel Forsey is so damned good a product that one has to make these choices.

Thanks...I think that there will not be enough GF to go around

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-01:25
I cannot imagine any collector not having a Rolex and a Patek or Lange. At least one. But these Greubel Forseys are such intimidating in quality, that and the price....there will not be easy to find people posting them up. I hope that we will see more own... 

Its up to you Bernard! You have to post wonderful pics and macros :)

 By: doubleup : January 27th, 2014-11:10
I agree with you. In my opinion, it is a purists duty to share in the splendor of such wonderful pieces through macros that are done to the best of their ability! Just kidding.... Not really though, post pics please :)

That is exactly what happened to me.

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-01:34
This is a lesson for retailers...desires and passions are not easy to read off the clothes, shoes and car of a person. I mean, no one will think that I will go ballistic for GF, since I do not buy high end Pateks. BUT...they were wrong. It is the PRODUCT,... 

Bernard no one can say you collect watches in totally unemotional fashion....

 By: Ronald Held : January 21st, 2014-15:00
Is the finish on those watches as good as Dufour or Kari?

The finish of Greubel Forsey is a topic I will promise

 By: bernard cheong : January 21st, 2014-20:43
to go into detail during these 3 months. This is because I was taken away from focusing on finish until I saw Lange and Dufour. BUT...these soon became purely academic. It was a challenge about whose marbles were more shining. Greubel Forsey brought to me... 

These watches blow them out of the water! be fair...

 By: bernard cheong : February 4th, 2014-01:31
In all fair play, GF had an advantage of actuallying applying what most would say I was mad....that $100,000 USD will not be the pain threshold. Instead, a violin like the Guaneri or many of the good furniture collectables, should be used as a yard stick....  

I love both kari and Dufour..BUT

 By: bernard cheong : February 4th, 2014-01:42
If you trace my comments in 2004...many did not agree that Lange would be anything. I was a pure Patek man. be good, and to be incredible, one has to master the art of building a name, reputation, and also...the right customers for that price. It... 

Holy smokes Doc!

 By: Nicko16 : January 22nd, 2014-04:52
Congrats on getting another GF! Your photos are wonderful! I didnt realise the back of the movements had similar elements that were a mix of british/french/swiss watchmakers. I remember reading somewhere Mr Biver collects GF's but he cant remember how man... 

I am sure the owners of these machines have no problems to justify

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-01:42
a car versus a watch comparison. There are many many watches that will out price a car...but only a GF will need no explanation to the wife. Trust me, they are that good. It's not that I can't find any flaws, but they are about 10 to 100x less than a Pate... 

GF Pics.. white gloves, really??

 By: tshark : January 22nd, 2014-16:19
One thing that really makes me feel uncomfortable viewing nice watches, is when the company rep pulls out the white (or black) gloves!! The velvet tray is one thing, but gloves, really? I understand the need to keep things clean but you're going to wear t... 

Chuckles. To be fair to...

 By: bernard cheong : January 22nd, 2014-16:43
Chuckles. To be fair to Stephen, that picture was a long time ago. It could have been one of the few they made then. I agree about the over the top protection. However, I had one of my now 9 year old precious watch ruined by a deep scar from a diamond rin... 

wow that is passion !

 By: cisco : January 23rd, 2014-08:02
unbelievable piece. The double tourbillon secret was maybe one of the very rare tourbillon that could make my jaw drops and want it badly, it will never happen but I am amazed by the TWO G&F you got there! A quadruple and THAT invention piece N°1 ... ... 

I wish to add the quad soon.

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-01:47
You read my mind. But I have the humble single tourb with two axis. However, this white version is not seen often, and when the retailer showed it to me, I bought it within seconds. It is not a stealth watch, it is BIG. But, it is not too boastful. Howeve... 

I wish you the Quad !

 By: cisco : January 24th, 2014-08:25
These white dial doesn't look so impressive on photos, but when people shows macros they are superbly and perfectly finished. I wish I will have time one day to handle one, I just saw once a GF on a wrist but not long; enough, too bad I would have loved t... 

Thank you cisco, I think THIS writer...

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-19:29
deserves accolades for his work. I am only a collector, but scholastic articles like this piece: was and is still very impressive and convinced me, after 5 years, to buy this watch. Of course, it took me time to save. I hope to visit GF factory in spring... 


 By: SidV : January 23rd, 2014-08:09
I had the privilege of visiting the the Greubel Forsey Booth at SIHH this week and entirely support your findings - the quality and technicalities are ourstanding

I sincerely hope that there will be MORE owners soon.

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-01:50
I know these are troubled times for money. BUT...these are the BEST times to buy. Once the economy returns, I am afraid that the GFs will be too high to buy....for normal folks, like me, who save and starve. It sure helped me to loose weight!

Oh Bernard, Bernard....

 By: TOPLIMIT : January 24th, 2014-20:02
Another outrageous and yet exceptional piece once again. HAHAHA damn, whenever I look at your posts, it makes me really envious! However, it is still a long long long long way to go for me... Cheers, Robin

you will have a Greubel Forsey

 By: bernard cheong : January 24th, 2014-23:05
Although when I saw the Lange Datograph and Lange 1, I was like you or worse. But over the years, I was thinking that Lange and Dufour was so good, that no way was it possible to make any finish more beautiful. But this company of Greubel Forsey is soooo ... 

As the Chinese saying goes...

 By: TOPLIMIT : January 25th, 2014-21:47
“一山比一山高", there will always be someone who will surpass what is deemed the impossible. Hahaha, there is still a long way to go. There is no surprise that GF will perform better than Pateks in an auction setting; in my opinion they are slightly in a differ... 

I agree. This is a serious contender for Patek's crown...

 By: bernard cheong : January 25th, 2014-22:45
The players here will be big boys. No status and flash. I think also, because the numbers of GF is so low...imagine 4500 watches by Lange, with Patek maybe 20 x more..and GF at 100 per annum. On top of that, the entry bar is at $500,000 approx. And, like ... 

Not surprised...

 By: TOPLIMIT : January 28th, 2014-05:16
Actually, I am not surprised that those Indies that you have mentioned are run by nice folks. I mean, if I am a watchmaker, I want owners who can appreciate what I do, and not owners who are rich snobs who just wants to buy an expensive watch to show off.... 


 By: Gianko : February 3rd, 2014-06:59
Wow Bernard, Amazing as usual ! When did you get the Cabestan recently or long ago ? One more question what kind of box is the black one ?? Thank you have a nice day !! Giancarlo

The Cabestan number 1

 By: bernard cheong : February 4th, 2014-01:35
This is the number 1 serial number...when Vianney had just left. ...  

I don't understand

 By: Gianko : February 4th, 2014-11:04
What do you mean by saying when Vianney had just left ?? I don't think Vianney has anything to do with Cabestan, am I wrong ?? Isn't Eric Coudray the one who is In Charge of all Cabestan ?? Can we know the brand of the black box ? Thank you have a nice da... 

OH. That's for Vianney to answer. The box is specially made by

 By: bernard cheong : February 4th, 2014-14:51
LV in Paris for my daughter's le Bal last nov30th. They were wonderful. And...that's where/when I got the Cabestan too. I was torn between going for the GMT or the Cabestan, but...I will now have to save for a car for my kid. My bank account is about $48.... 

You have to save.......

 By: Gianko : February 6th, 2014-08:19
Also for the GMT now !!! Very good Bernard ! I really like the black box as far as you know only Le Bal shop can make one or any LV shop can make it ?? Also the size of the cushions is very good, they really looking superb ! About Vianney I'll have to ask... 


 By: Gianko : February 6th, 2014-09:33
Only now I realize that Le Bal is the famous Paris rendez-vous pour toute l'haute bourgeoisie. Very well done Bernard...and compliments to you and all your family ! Bravo Giancarlo

We were VERY surprised to be invited

 By: bernard cheong : February 10th, 2014-15:18
We met everyone. Fact is strange...we are the ONLY Singaporeans. There were other 3 Singaporeans...but they studied in other bigger countries. The USA and Australia. So...we really felt honored. BUT....realistically. We are not there yet. I have NO blue b... 

You know what.....

 By: Gianko : February 12th, 2014-04:14
Your family probably deserve it !!! About the black box any LV shop can make one or just the shop in Paris ? I really like it ! Take care have a nice day Giancarlo

Thanks...but it makes people have envy..not good.

 By: bernard cheong : February 12th, 2014-17:31
Especially when they may be right..bec they work hard, nd they have 100x more $$$. I am blessed by God. That's it. I was and am still shy because I think I donated the LEAST of money...and they see my watch...arrrggghhh.

You know what.....

 By: Gianko : February 17th, 2014-08:25
Show off is for many but not for all, let the people watch and think of you what you are not or what you are, they will never know for sure! have a nice day.. Giancarlo