Life with the MIH...

Nov 02, 2012,10:22 AM

This is one that I've wanted ever since it was introduced back in 2005, thanks in no small part to Magnus' terrific coverage of its development and unveiling; Daniel's ringing endorsements didn't hurt much, either. Now that I have it on my wrist, all I can do wonder is why it took seven years for me to close this deal.

Good question, and one that I'm afraid has no answer, other than the typical WIS wanderings that take us on and off the path to true horological enlightenment. ;-)

The minimalist design complements my personal aesthetic perfectly, though I can understand how some might find it too spare; taste is always subjective. What isn't subjective, however -- at least IMO -- is the delightfully simple Oechslin-designed annual calendar mechanism that's a breeze to set and equally easy to read. In fact, when looking at how the heavyweights pull off this complication, with the date spread out all over the dial, one has to wonder why it took so long for someone to design it the way that we naturally read it. For instance, today is Friday, November 2nd, and that's exactly how it's displayed on my watch. Perfect. Don't forget to throw in the AM/PM indicator for good measure, too. The lightweight titanium case is comfortable on the wrist, the crown is appropriately grippy and I love the rubber strap (ordered the XL), which blends nicely with the matte black dial and muted gray tone of the case.

There are some who deride the vestigial 30 min chrono subdial on the back as an afterthought, and something that goes against the Bauhaus-inspired proceedings, but this was a big selling point for me, and not because I have a burning need to time things, but rather because it offers me a way to interact with the watch. The action of the monopusher is nice and crisp, and the ability to instantly hack the second hand is quite useful in practice. Had Gerber decided to drop this whimsical feature, I wouldn't have been half as interested in this watch.

So, are there any cons? Well, it is a bit on the thick side, which is to be expected when dealing with a 7750 base movement, but a few millimeters less wouldn't have been unwelcome (the design of the watch seems to amplify the height). Also, the second hand motion is a bit rough in spots, which, again, is often seen in 7750s (not always, but this isn't the first time I've noticed this behavior). Otherwise, it's a comfortable, highly legible, practical and purist-worthy watch at an entirely reasonable price, IMO, even with the recent increase.

Ever since I took delivery about a month ago it has been a constant companion, and indeed, I find myself reaching for it over other, more conventionally desirable pieces in my collection from the likes of AP, JLC, IWC, etc; as a daily-wearer it's hard to beat. During these trying times here in NYC (we're still without power/water/gas/phones downtown), it has been a reliable tool that always puts a smile on my face, and the good Lord knows I need a smile right now. I don't know, but there's something that's reassuring about the honesty and integrity of this watch, and I'm looking forward to leaning on it for a long time to come.


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Thank you for the review ...

 By: nilomis : November 2nd, 2012-17:34
Great watch, not perfect (nothing is) as you pointed but this is a very desirable one. I don't see the 7750 usage as a drawback but as a plus, since this makes the long term maintenance a simple matter. Cheers, Nilo


 By: Mostel : November 2nd, 2012-17:51
I continue to lust for it's sibling, an Ochs and Junior... they have a lot in common, but this one is by now, classic, to me. Love it--love minimalism, and love choices off the beaten path. I can't seem to want anything by any major house currently. I adm... 

I'm a huge fan of O und J...

 By: craniotes : November 3rd, 2012-16:42
...and I hope to add one to my stable before long. In the meantime, I'll settle for the MIH. ;-) Regards, Adam PS - I hear you regarding the established manufactures. While there are still a few pieces from the big names that I'm eyeballing, I find myself... 


 By: craniotes : November 3rd, 2012-16:17
I'm actually a fan of the 7750, even in its base form, so I applaud its use in the MIH. In fact, I find that it fits perfectly with the overall honesty and lack of pretention that is the calling card of this watch. Rgards, Adam

A watch that is the minimum and maximum at the same time.

 By: jporos : November 2nd, 2012-20:21
A simple, beautiful minimalist design that makes it easy to read. A watch with an annual calendar and a chronograph makes it a maximum of function. Certainly one of my grails. Congrats Craniotes!

Thank you!

 By: craniotes : November 3rd, 2012-16:44
It feels great to finally have it on my wrist where it belongs. Now, here's to you putting one on yours! Regards, Adam

Adam, it's a watch I have admired for a long time.

 By: CaliforniaJed : November 3rd, 2012-21:18
And it looks great on your wrist. Best, CaliforniaJed

Thank you, Jed!

 By: craniotes : November 7th, 2012-11:34

I have always been a fan of the MIH watch. So inventive and clever

 By: L. Joel : November 3rd, 2012-22:08
Thank you for sharing your thoughts Adam. Fantastic post. Best wishes, Joel

"Clever" is a great way to describe this piece...

 By: craniotes : November 7th, 2012-11:36
Thanks for the kind words, Joel. We miss you over "there". Regards, Adam

It doesn't surprise me at all that you like this watch so much.

 By: amanico : November 3rd, 2012-22:39
We have the same admiration ofr its father.... And honestly, the concept behind this watch iqs really great. As for the minimalist style, it is part of the concept. Impressive and extemly appealing look. Yes, I wonder why I didn't get one, yet... I will, ... 

One of these days, Nico...

 By: craniotes : November 7th, 2012-11:36
I'm sure we'll be seeing pics of it on the rooftops of Paris soon enough! Regards, Adam

the MIH is a watch i was happy to buy brand new

 By: G99 : November 4th, 2012-11:45
Have had mine since 2008 i think, it might be 2009 and i used to wear it a lot. I really should wear it more as it is a great watch to wear being lightweight yet having all the information you need for any day of the year except one. My only imperfect bit... 

Thank you, Graham...

 By: craniotes : November 7th, 2012-11:38
Your glowing opinion of the MIH certainly helped in my decision to acquire one. Will I ever lose my love for it? Never. Regards, Adam

You may put it to...

 By: G99 : November 7th, 2012-11:43
You may put it to one side for a while, but will always love it again when you put it back on. I put mine on after reading your post and havent worn it since july. Its still on now. G On Nov 7, 2012 7:38 PM, "www watchprosite" *Alert from:* www:watchprosi... 

Congratulation to this wonderful piece, Adam.

 By: nitediver : November 5th, 2012-05:10
one that is on my list as well - unfortunately the list is still long. (i wonder it gets ever any shorter...) I had the chance to see Paul Gerber's workshop a year or so ago....shame i didn't take any pictures! I can only say that Paul is a admirably frie... 

Lucky man!

 By: craniotes : November 7th, 2012-11:39
What I'd do to be able to visit Paul's atelier, or simply walk down the block and check out the full line of Ochs un Junior pieces... Sigh. Regards, Adam

You're quite welcome!

 By: craniotes : November 7th, 2012-11:40
They're not getting any cheaper, so what are you waiting for? Get on it! Regards, Adam

I love mine, but it has one depressing aspect

 By: cazalea : November 7th, 2012-15:11
It lies there mutely, reminding you of EXACTLY when you last wore it! Can it really have been more than 90 days? I have got to put mine on now! That didn\'t take long, did it? Cheers. Cazalea ...