No I don't but I propose these ones to complete your post...

May 07, 2012,13:01 PM



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F.P.Journe Mother of Pearl Boutique Editions

 By: AndrewD : May 3rd, 2012-18:43
I had seen them in pictures, but when I visited the Paris F.P.Journe Boutique recently I was able to view two delightful pieces from this collection. Firstly there are mother of pearl (MOP) Boutique Editions of the Chronometre Souveraine, the Octa Automat...  

MOP Isn't my thing

 By: aaronm : May 3rd, 2012-19:29
But these are quite nice. I prefer the moonphase, but thats just me.... A

They are not for everyday ...

 By: small-luxury-world : May 3rd, 2012-19:45
but so are clothes like a dinner-jacket as well. For special occassions I would love to own one of these. You (or at least me) don´t need them that often, but when you wear them it is just perfect MOP is great for special occassions, but it doesn... 

I love mother-of-pearl, ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : May 4th, 2012-02:51
... especially when applied decently (and tastefully) as in this case. These watches are real beauties. Regards, Marcus

Those call to mind...

 By: pplater : May 4th, 2012-06:07
...the black MOP Resonance. MOP can be a tricky addition to a "man's" watch, but oh, that black Resonance.... If only we had a Journe forum. Cheers, pplater.

It haunts my dreams ...

 By: AndrewD : May 6th, 2012-18:36
... and I think I could pull it off. As to the Journe Forum, you know your soaking in it. ;-) A...  

On my wrist today!

 By: Greg D : May 7th, 2012-08:49
In fact, is that mine before the previous owner sold it to me?

Are you serious, Greg?

 By: AndrewD : May 7th, 2012-11:34
Congratulations if so, but I'm not talking to you any more. PM me with all the gruesome details. Andrew

PM sent [nt]

 By: Greg D : May 7th, 2012-13:03
No message body

It would be great to see more and ...

 By: AndrewD : May 6th, 2012-18:40
... the MOP dials look so different under changing conditions. I'm sure your photos will be lovely. Hopefully you have something of the Octa Automatic Reserve as well? Andrew

The Octa LineSport? Yes I have! [nt]

 By: foversta : May 6th, 2012-23:23
No message body

Actually I meant the MOP Octa Automatic Reserve, but ...

 By: AndrewD : May 6th, 2012-23:29
... happy with any Journe pieces. Andrew

Gorgeous. A Question for you

 By: db darien : May 7th, 2012-14:36
How accurate have you found your Journe to be over the years?

Sorry, I can't answer you !

 By: foversta : May 7th, 2012-15:19
I don't own a Journe! But Andrew does! Fx


 By: AndrewD : May 7th, 2012-20:04
Only observations on n=2 ... ... but the Octa RdM does +1 second per day after its service last year and prior to service (its first in 9 years) it was doing +3 to 5 seconds per day. ... and the DS does +5 seconds per day. However, it gains 5 seconds EVER... 


 By: db darien : May 9th, 2012-09:27
That's an impressive record for the 2 FPJs you've had. I've generally noticed that when one get into the upper stratosphere of horology (e.g., FPJ, Lange, DuFour, Patek, etc.), the presence or non-presence of "COSC" certification becomes an absolute irrel... 

Hi Andrew, nice report, really took me back to Paris

 By: timerider : March 24th, 2014-11:54
which is always a good thing. Did you get to see anything new in Platinum? Something with a special new dial technique? Keep the watch pictures coming. Best, Tim

Sounds like you have heard some rumors, Tim?

 By: AndrewD : March 24th, 2014-12:16
I have a few more Journe related topics to share, but nothing on new dials. Always like to be surprised by Journe. Quite a remarkable laboratory if ideas given that Francois-Paul is so dominant a figure. Andrew

FPJ is a creative tour de force IMHO! Not only artistic and imaginative, but

 By: timerider : March 24th, 2014-20:16
A true innovator. Can't wait to see the official releases. Best, Tim

Andrew, thanks for sharing these.

 By: CaliforniaJed : May 6th, 2012-07:16
They are gorgeous. I don't see myself ever wearing an MOP dial, (not in Queensland anyway ) but I can appreciate how beautiful some, like these, can be. Best, QJ

There is a Journe for every occasion and ...

 By: AndrewD : May 6th, 2012-18:43
... every state! Pleased you enjoyed seeing them. Andrew

Wow I've always liked F.P Journe...

 By: mark_third : May 6th, 2012-08:10
and you prove me once again that I was right

Agreed. For a small manufacture

 By: AndrewD : May 6th, 2012-18:42
... producing under 1000 pieces per annum, they do a remarkable job keeping the lines interesting and innovative. Andrew

Love the moonphase here...

 By: dxboon : May 7th, 2012-16:57
...but the salmon and MOP on the RG CS is creeping me out. Something weird and fleshy about that one. Daos

Beautiful dials.

 By: VMM : May 9th, 2012-09:45
Those blue numerals look great on the MOP dial, to my eyes. Thanks, Vte