A new watch fair, the Manufakturmesse in Baden-Baden

Oct 22, 2011,07:09 AM

Manufakturmesse Baden-Baden

As the dominance of the big brands has become overwhelming the smaller watchmakers have been finding new outlets in smaller watch fairs.  One of these new fairs in Germany is the Manufakturmesse (Manufacturer Fair) in Baden-Baden which took place last weekend.  Not only about watches, this fair is dedicated to hand made products ( manufaktur=made by hand) and included also writing implements, jewelry, cutlery and silverware.

Baden-Baden with its famous thermal baths, casino and festival theatre provided a fitting atmosphere for this event.  Let's take a walk around and see what we can find.

Jochen Benzinger's engraved and with guilloché decorated watches will be well known to many PuristS.  He brought many stunning watches and also a work bench to show how the work is done.... by hand.

Jochen Benzinger at work with his graver.

The movements are hand skeltonised after engraving.  When the skeletonising is finished the edges will be engraved too.

Rainer Nienaber is an AHCI member that we meet at the Basel Fair every year.

Rainer has 2 versions of his regulator, here with seconds on top, like a clock.

If you really want to think every time you look at your watch the Nienaber Dezimalzeit watch is for you.  A decimal time watch.

A "watch regulator" with the seconds at the bottom of the dial and a 24hour indication.

Retrograde seconds

Regulator with retrograde minutes.

My favorite Nienaber watch, the Anterograd.  It is a one hand (with seconds two) watch.  The hand jumps forward over the sector at 9 oclock.

Retro 2

As Rainer says he made this watch using a chinese tourbillon just for fun.  It is his "Hummer", a monster watch, for people with "big arms".

Chronoseum is an exclusive dealer representing several high end independents.  This armillary sphere is an elegant astronomical sculpture.

Irene Bruckmann makes jewelry from nobel metals and also stainless steel.  Her designs are light and airy.

The watches of Dirk Dornblüth are well known on our forum.

The two level dial

Dirk Dornblüth

Torsten Nagengast's Timekeeper Chronometrie is based in Asslar Germany and makes some very handsome watches using well decorated several NOS movements.

Timekeeper is working on their own movement which will be released soon in their first sporty watch.  The movement plates are milled in aluminum which allows great freedom in the possible colors through anodising.

A prototype

Modeatelier Bischoff, Thorston Bischoff offers individual tailored suits and travels to his customers in the German speaking countries.

Click here to go to part 2.

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Manufakturmesse Baden-Baden - part 2

 By: DonCorson : October 22nd, 2011-07:11
Manufakturmesse Baden-Baden , part 2 There are many women watchmakers, but Christine Genesis is one of the very few women watchmakers with their own brand and making their own watches in limited editions. I find her watches quite attractive, very German i...  

Don Corson -- manufaktur

 By: MTF : October 22nd, 2011-07:28
Our friend Don Corson is too modest to mention that he was also in Baden-Baden to show his 'werke'. Enjoy! MTF Don Corson What's under the glass dome? Aha! Another glass dome under the big glass dome . Closer.....closer........ Don Corson's Dresdener Nr. ...  

Cool UFO. [nt]

 By: VMM : October 23rd, 2011-05:54
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I love the display

 By: AndrewD : October 23rd, 2011-16:07
Hi Don, I hope the show was successful and there continues to be a lot of interest in the watches, particularly, the 'UFO', which I love. Even MB&F's recent LM1 had the reminiscent 'floating' balance wheel, but you managed to do it first and with a tourbi... 

Thank you Don...

 By: pplater : October 22nd, 2011-20:19
That was a real eye-opener (and would have been a real wallet-opener too!). Cheers, pplater.

Thank you Don!

 By: SamEE : October 23rd, 2011-06:34
It's nice to see all the very small watch brands, I would have never seen any of these watches if if were not for your brilliant post. I enjoy all things handmade. Thanks for the virtual trip! Best SamEE

MORE shows like these

 By: lien : October 30th, 2011-21:02
there r some surprisingly cool pieces that i would like to check it out in metal hope to see more reports on these lesser known stars in the industry, shold invite them to post ADs in the collectors market! cheers, Ed~ This message has been edited by lien...  

Great overview of the show

 By: Intred : November 7th, 2011-23:21
Thanks for the great review of the show with beautifull pictures aswell!

Thanks Don

 By: aldossari_faisal : November 11th, 2011-01:29
some interesting watches in there.. a healthy ind of Exhibitions especially for such mid size brands and independents . Faisal

Definitely my kind of fair.

 By: grigo : October 22nd, 2011-09:14
God all the temptations, I would not know where to stop. I like the idea that the fair was not only devoted to watches. I happen to like knives very much also. Best regards, George

They are all so atractive!

 By: KIH : October 22nd, 2011-19:38
I hope to see them in person.... Only in Europe? Hope they do it around here. Surely this market would love some of these. I will keep your post in my fav and use as reference. Thanks, Don! Ken

thx for sharign these!

 By: playtime : October 23rd, 2011-05:05
quite a number of intriguing models will have to look into them further. J

Very interesting show ...

 By: AndrewD : October 23rd, 2011-16:11
Thanks for the ‘walk around’, Don. In a time when mass production is easier than ever, hand made products hold an even greater allure and become true treasures. Rainer Nienaber’s decimal watch is a very interesting novelty, but hard to g... 

Thanks DC! Great showpieces. [nt]

 By: Davo : October 23rd, 2011-19:51
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Great Report

 By: Tony A.H : October 25th, 2011-15:50
lot's of eye candy.! i like those Timekeeper Watches a lot. the 1st one looks really Nice (with Roman numerals). and i have one of those Pilot Base Watches in the same Grey Color too :0)) thanks for sharing.

very nice and refreshing!

 By: MattS : November 10th, 2011-23:54
thanks for the report! Matt