Today the list is...

Nov 18, 2010,15:10 PM

Hard to narrow down to only 5, but here goes.

Dufour Simplicity

Image SteveG

Journe Resonance

Image F.P. Journe

Lange Datograph

Image ALS

JLC Reverso Gyrotoubillon

Image Amanico

Daniels Double Wheel Escapement Pocket Watch (we did say dream...)

Image British Musuem

Tomorrow, who knows ?

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Whats your top 5 dream watches.

 By: kevincosta85 : November 17th, 2010-14:49
What are you top 5 dream watches? Here's my top 5, in no particular order. 1) 2) 3) 4) [URL=¤t=IWC-IW377017.jpg] [/URL] 5)...  

My top 5 are....

 By: i_am_Sam : November 17th, 2010-15:51
1. Panerai PreVendome Logo 5218-201A 2. Rolex Paul Newman Daytona 3. Patek Philippe 5970P 4. Richard Mille RM004 5. Lange Datograph It's a tough call, so many nice watches out there, but these 5 came to my mind right after I read the tittle... Best, Sam

My current five....

 By: David Elliott : November 17th, 2010-17:51
Today, my top five are: 1.) AP Millenary Deadbeat Seconds - Wow! 2.) Richard Lange - One of the best three-handed watches ever designed 3.) GO Meissen - What a dial, truly elegant 4.) Maitres du Temps Chapter 2 (designed by Peter Speak-Marin and Daniel Ro... 

Something like this is just like the Dow Jones, it changes every day...

 By: Brava : November 17th, 2010-18:24
Dufour Duality Journe Resonance Blancpain 1735 AP Metropolis Lange Datograph

A slightly different list

 By: : November 17th, 2010-19:03
1. PP ref 2499 in RG 2. Rolex 6062 3.Rolex Prince in Platinum 4. PP ref 2526 in PG with Black enamel dial 5. PP ref 1593 in PG BTW Still seraching for PP ref 2540 Julian

I'll play

 By: davidcast77 : November 17th, 2010-19:26
My top 5 in no particular order 1: Roger Smith Series 2 2: Kari Voutilainen - Observatorie 3: Speake-Marin - Marin 1 4: Lange - Datograph 5: FP Journe - Resonance

My top 5 are

 By: Frederick : November 17th, 2010-19:29
1- Patek 5970P 2- Patek 3970R 3- Glashutte Stainless Panoinverse 4- Girard 1945 (any model) 5- AP Starwheel (1st generation in rosegold )

i could be wrong Frederick, but i dont think they did an RG Starwheel 1st gen

 By: G99 : November 18th, 2010-02:41
i have a 1st generation starwheel in YG and i've never seen any other colour than YG. if i'm wrong i'm happy to be corrected. if YG is the only colour available you never know, dreams can come true. best Graham

Dream watches?

 By: AndrewD : November 17th, 2010-20:37
This is probably the list. Nothing particularly new or trendy. There are many infatuations along the way, but the true 'Dream List' changes surprisingly little. I like to be sure. F.P.Journe Dead Second Tourbillon Pt/WG Beat Haldimann H1 Image: TM Girard-...  

Top Five Nightmare watches.

 By: amanico : November 17th, 2010-23:23
1/ JLC Vintage Polaris 65: 2/ JLC Gyro I: 3/ Panerai 6154: 4/ GP WW TC Tourbillon: 5/ VC Les Cabinotiers Minute Repeater Skeleton: Best, Nicolas...  

i knew it

 By: aldossari_faisal : November 18th, 2010-00:21
and even thought to myself that IF Nicolas answred this question ill be seeing more than a vintage watch in the list... amazing list my Friend. Best wishes. Faisal

2 Vintage, 3 Modern, that is a nice balance.

 By: amanico : November 18th, 2010-03:34
Hopefuly, I was limited to 5! Best, my friend. Nicolas

I shouldn't have opened this ...

 By: AndrewD : November 18th, 2010-00:34
... because I had forgotten about the VC skeletonised Minute repeater. Something else to add to my list - just when I thought it was manageable! A

My pleasure, Andrew.

 By: amanico : November 18th, 2010-04:25
Sincerely, to me it is one of the absolute 5 nicest watches in the world. Can't forget it, since I saw it in the flesh some 2 years ago. Best, Nicolas

Still nightmares, my friend? :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : November 18th, 2010-12:50
Me too... Best Blomman

I feel like it's different everyday.

 By: dxboon : November 18th, 2010-01:06
There are so many amazing pieces out there it is hard to choose only 5 to dream about. At this very moment I am dreaming most about: JLC Gyro II. Piaget Jazz Time Tourbillon Relatif. AP ROO Orchard Road (courtesy of Thomas M.) Roger W. Smith Series 2 (cou...  

It's a beauty, for sure!

 By: dxboon : November 18th, 2010-02:50
It hits on a lot of themes that I like: unusual displays, music, enamel, and the all-black look. Cheers, Daos

similar themes to mine my...

 By: G99 : November 18th, 2010-02:53
similar themes to mine my musical career was so long ago i often forget about it and i probably couldnt play a trombone now if my life depended on it. G...  

My top five ...

 By: p@trice : November 18th, 2010-01:56
Audemars Piguet Concept : Patek Philippe 3974 : . Girard Perregaux chronographe sous trois ponts d'or : Vacheron Constantin répétition minutes : This 5512...  

Hope to wake up tomorrow morning with the following under..

 By: KC74 : November 18th, 2010-03:25
... my pillow Dont laugh...its only a dream... Not much thought given to what i dream one day to own..but within 5 mins this is what i came up with.. 1) PP 5959P 2) AP ROO.... maybe a Survivor..whats the most expensive ROO now.. T3? 3) IWC Portoguese Skel... 

I'll take the Lusso over the 5512. [nt]

 By: Brava : November 18th, 2010-14:08
No message body

Yow! That GP is fantastic

 By: Mostel : November 21st, 2010-09:57
Did not know it existed. 3974 aint too shabby neither...

my dream 5 are not all hyper priced, but still dream pieces

 By: G99 : November 18th, 2010-02:37
1. Omega central tourbillon RG/Chocolate PVD 2. Lange Zeitwerk WG 3. Cabestan black Ti 4. Glashutte Panoinverse 5. JLC Duometre RG obviously there are many many more dream watches, so many that my minds gone blank and i've forgotten most of them, but you ... 

Pleased to find kindred spirit

 By: ebcohn : November 18th, 2010-04:34
The Credor is on my list. Wish it came in Pt or steel. Also wish I could afford it.

too many beautiful Watches

 By: Tony A.H : November 18th, 2010-05:44
i'd love to have IF i had the DINEROS. but in no particular order here are the 5 Watches: * A.Lange & Sohne Lange 31 * IWC Big Pilot Sincere L.E * another IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar * Panerai Radiomir 262 Platinum Case with Brown Dial * Panerai Lumi...  

I am boring, I know…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : November 18th, 2010-12:48
But that’s who I am! My top five dream watches would be JLC Polaris 65 JLC/LC Deep Sea Alarm JLC/LC Polaris 68 Best Blomman...  

No particuar order...

 By: moc : November 18th, 2010-14:37
1)Lange Zeitwerk Luminous, 2)JLC master 8 days perp calendar Skeleton Rose gold, 3)Kari Observatoire (Custom made,maybe Titanium and ruthenium dial and black frosted movement...) 4)Vacheron 1921 5)UN Freak Diavolo..... Then I ll be happy... Mo

Today the list is...

 By: grumio : November 18th, 2010-15:10
Hard to narrow down to only 5, but here goes. Dufour Simplicity Image SteveG Journe Resonance Image F.P. Journe Lange Datograph Image ALS JLC Reverso Gyrotoubillon Image Amanico Daniels Double Wheel Escapement Pocket Watch (we did say dream...) Image Brit...  

No other chrono has really toppled the Dato

 By: AndrewD : November 19th, 2010-03:32
... And your other choices are all lovely watches. We concur on more than half of them. Nice stuff. Andrew

Just my dreamy dreams

 By: Mech : November 20th, 2010-19:02
1. Pam Luminor Destro 6152-1 2. Pam 202/a 3. Pam 36 4. Pam 217 5. Pam 339 Looks like there's a pattern in this list? Mech

I have a very simple dream

 By: E.S : November 21st, 2010-04:12
when this thread came up, 1. Amvox3 Courtesy of Nicolas 2. Lange Zeitwerk then I can sleep after this dessert. thanks best Eddy...  

The first looks good but the second

 By: kevincosta85 : November 21st, 2010-13:47
Maybe too big to wear lol, plus you'll have birds and dogs chasing you ha ha ha

Constantly changing 5

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : November 24th, 2010-01:13
but I think that these are pretty much regular 1. AP EOD 2. GP QP XXL 1945 3. Breguet la Tradition 4. PAM LOGO preV 5. AL&S Langematik Anniv + Set that will take my 3 spots so out of list this time is UN Trilogy :0) and we are not talking about wild dream... 

as for me

 By: Cookies : November 24th, 2010-17:43
My dreams are not that big...I should be able to attain them. Therefore: 1) Piaget Altiplano Skeleton 2) Sarperneva K2 Kaamos 3) Pre Bulgari GG Gefica with white dial 4) Omega Marine 1932 Museum Edition 5) Cartier ID one concept watch Pretty simple list. ... 

The current list as it stands today, as of now, is...

 By: 219 : November 25th, 2010-05:23
and in no particular order: 1. Patek 3834T 2. Greubel Forsey 24 second tourbillon incline 3. RM020 4. Rolex 'Newman' Daytona (white dial/black subdials - or perhaps the other way around!) 5. George Daniels Pocket Watch No18. Might change tomorrow! Andrew ... 

Top five dream watches

 By: peregrino : November 27th, 2010-07:41
Manual, white metal and timeonly: 1. A. Lange & Sohne Richard Lange 2. IWC Portuguese Jubilee 3. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultrathin 4. Panerai PAM 249 California 5. Philippe Duffour Simplicity Best, Rob.

my list would be...

 By: ticktocktimesup : November 27th, 2010-09:08 random order Patek Philippe 5207 Philippe Dufour Grande Sonnerie Audemars Piguet Carbon Concept Jaeger LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1 Vacheron Constantin Tour D'Ile but clearly I will settle formuch less......