Visiting Red Army Watches (lots of pics) Part 1

Dec 31, 2008,20:06 PM

Red Army Watches (RAW) opens its latest branch (5th branch in total) at the brand new Tropicana City which is the newest mall in the suburbs of Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. I found out about it and decided to drop by to have a look. My thanks to Team RAW - Sugiharto Kusumadi (MD of RAW), Soemantri and Julianna Chai (MD of RAW Malaysia) for accommodating my visit by providing the explanations and taking the time to provide me with kind attention smile

Fyi, RAW retails some affordable German, Russian and Chinese brands of watches and it was an interesting experience for me as these brands are not often highlighted especially with so many of them in one retail outlet.

Some scenes in the shop...

A lot of thought has been put into the design of the shop to streamline and highlight the pieces

Limited Edition corner

Moscow Classic showcase

Aviator showcase

Aviator Wings and Moscow Classic Amphibia

Lots of details to enhance the theme

And on the T-shirts

And a cool watch case

Onto the watches...

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Part 2

 By: K T : December 31st, 2008-20:09
Schaumburg Auf/Ab Gnomonik Poljot International CCCP 1973 Poljot International CCCP 1924 Poljot International Baikal Buran V.M. Zeppelin LZ127 Denissov Vodolaz Aviator Wings 2007 Moscow Classic Soyuz Sea Treasures Sturmanskie Team RAW (Sugiharto, Soemantr...  

KT, i love the Schaumberb single hander with sub sec and power reserve. unique.

 By: G99 : January 1st, 2009-08:38
there are a lot of single handers around now, i have one, but this particular watch is very balanced and gives features not normally seen on that style of watch. a bit like the Meistersinger chrono. very nice indeed from a brand not considered to be very ... 

I agree

 By: K T : January 1st, 2009-08:40
I was impressed with that piece as well. Even though the finishing on the movement side needs a bit more work, the porcelain dial caught my eye.

Wow, I have not seen a porcelain watch for a long time...

 By: patrickau : January 1st, 2009-21:16
I will go and check it out...

As aloresa mentioned

 By: K T : January 2nd, 2009-09:55
I called them to clarify further about the porcelain and after checking the literature further, it's actually burnt ceramic gloss coating. So I'm guessing it's not porcelain in the traditional sense. Sorry to disappoint.

Its ceramic gloss paint

 By: aloresa : January 2nd, 2009-03:44
Would like to clarify that the dial is covered with burnt ceramic gloss paint giving it a surface similar to porcelain.

The Russian watches have also gone through serious

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 1st, 2009-13:56

Great post!

 By: Peter  : January 1st, 2009-15:24

Is there 2 models with porcelain dial?

 By: Kong : January 2nd, 2009-01:29
Thanks for the coverage KT. Kong