Pictures of the PuristSPro All-Black Rescue aka "PPro ABR"

Sep 20, 2008,10:16 AM

Hey all, here are some pictures of the PuristSPro All-Black Rescue watch aka "PPro ABR".

Tomorrow on Sunday will be the both the Singapore and Los Angeles PPro ABR Launch GTG's, so thought I'd stir it up and build some anticipation for those attending either of these 2 events with posting some pictures of the final version PPro ABR smile

Btw, I changed the strap to a light grey strap (which you can order from St Gallen) because it photographs better than with the black strap - there's not much contrast with a black strap and black PVD case.


PS.  Sorry for the dust in some of the pictures.  Time to get the vacuum cleaner out :P  

PPro ABR w/ straps removed

"PuristSPro" engraved on left side of case

3-D affect of the real carbon fiber dial

Screw down crown w/ St. Gallen cross

"PuristSPro" personalization on PVD buckle

Curvature shot of rubber strap w/ buckle

Rubber keeper of the strap is built into the strap

Caseback w/ "PuristSPro" relief and # of 178 pieces

PuristSPro is in black luminova which has been discretely
placed at 6 o'clock to blend into the dial

Red orange colored hand which glows in dark along with
the other 3 hands in the unique 4-propeller hand

Another shot of the propeller hand

Date window is outlined

A wrist shot of the PuristSPro All-Black Rescue watch

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Thanks for stirring up anticipation, Anthony!

 By: masterspiece : September 20th, 2008-11:36
Can't wait to get my hands on it! Bob

those are GREAT pics, Anthony, the dust notwithstanding!

 By: ThomasM : September 20th, 2008-15:16
You've really captured some of the unique qualities of the design. The watch is really eye-catching on the wrist, in an understated, non-flashy way. I would be surprised if every owner didn't get an unsolicited comment on it when worn on the wrist sometim... 

Nice watch & pics!

 By: Peter  : September 20th, 2008-20:25

I think it look great in white!

 By: Jacky : September 20th, 2008-23:44
Hi AT Thats quite a stunner but i'd say this is a watch that looks even better in the dark, looking at your photos and 008...nice....wish it could have been just 8 though without the 00 in front=p so whos Mr Bond 007? Regards

Took delivery today and ...

 By: nasty204 : September 21st, 2008-06:41
Anthony, Sad to say , in spite of the fantastic photograph you posted, it was not able to capture the minute intricacies of this piece, this piece looks much much better in the flesh. The carbon fiber dial's 3 D effect , the 4 hands moving together gives ... 

I agree with you Noel about the Carbon dial...

 By: DRMW : September 21st, 2008-07:30
That carbon dial really looks great especially with the blacked out PuristSPro logo. I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the ABR! As pointed out in MTF's contest, there were so many many great elements incorporated into the watch. The uniqueness of ...  

Beautiful, unique watch!

 By: SteveG : September 26th, 2008-13:05