HOT-NEWS: Bell & Ross Instrument BRS

Jul 03, 2008,04:17 AM

Hi Folks,

It's a real pleasure to introduce the newest Bell & Ross Instrument!
Its name: Instrument BRS
It's a 39mm, manual winding, ultra-thin and a ceramic-case version of the Instrument BR.
I've been lucky to try it a few weeks ago, but wasn't authorized to post scans of this marvel before today!
I don't have the press-kit yet, but will share it with you asap.
To be continued...

Instrument BRS available in stores from October '08

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how thin is "ultra-thin" ? [nt]

 By: aaronm : July 3rd, 2008-06:59
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Here are the live shots:

 By: EdouardG : July 3rd, 2008-12:58
Hi Friends, As promised, here some live shots I've taken this afternoon from Bell & Ross HQ. Special thanks again to Christel and Carlos for their warm welcome, and for letting me be the first to share the new BRS live-shots with you Size comparisons with...  

White is definitely girls watch

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : July 3rd, 2008-14:44
and I wonder what will people from JLC say about this ultra thin thickness ;0))

Ultra Thin Priced? LOL

 By: amanico : July 3rd, 2008-22:19
Thi is not my definition of Ultra Thin... And even more, I don't get the sense of making an Ultra Thin version of this model. This is quite a non sense for me, as it is supposed to be a tool watch. The only nice thing here is Edouard G pics! Best. Nicolas

Thanks for sharing...

 By: Rob : July 3rd, 2008-15:30
with this direction that BR is taking, it is SCARY to think where they will be in the next few years. They seem to really have their pulse on the market and its quite nice to observe this relatively young company take the horns of the established "trendy ... 

My pleasure! nt

 By: EdouardG : July 3rd, 2008-15:32

Look great

 By: Peter  : July 3rd, 2008-16:15

Looks good to me

 By: Ginger : July 4th, 2008-08:52
My taste is more classic and tends to smaller watches, but the plain black really appeals to me - no "purity" in adding diamonds to this sort of timepiece. 42mm was impossible for me to wear, 39mm is acceptable. I certainly hope that it is available in a ... 

as promised, the press kit:

 By: EdouardG : July 8th, 2008-09:45
Hi folks, As promised, here is the new Bell & Ross Instrument BRS press-kit: " " Enjoy!