IWC Vintage Collection dinner in Singapore

May 23, 2008,10:47 AM

Just last night IWC hosted a dinner for collectors to showcase the Vintage Collection as well as some of the new 2008 products. The theme of the event was a "Transatlantic Crossing", since F. A. Jones was an American who crossed the Atlantic to found IWC in Schaffhausen.

Click here  for earlier coverage of the IWC Vintage Collection.

The venue was the Raffles House at Fort Canning, reputedly the very spot where founder of modern day Singapore Sir Stamford Raffles had his residence.

Pre-dinner cocktails

Many thanks to Harry Tan for his excellent photographs.

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Part I: Before dinner

 By: SJX : May 23rd, 2008-10:53

Part II: The meal

 By: SJX : May 23rd, 2008-10:54

Part III: The band

 By: SJX : May 23rd, 2008-10:54

Part IV: People

 By: SJX : May 23rd, 2008-11:02
Wong Chee Hoong Right: Vernon Lim Left: Goris Verburg, Regional Manager, Asia, Middle East & Africa, IWC Jeffrey Sim Lionel Kok Joseph Koh Vernon Lim, Connie Goh of IWC and Dirk Janssen Zach Toh and Vernon Lim Vernon Lim, Tan Choon Seng and Eddie Sng Andr...  

Part V: Photos of the platinum Vintage Collection

 By: SJX : May 23rd, 2008-21:19
Click here for photos of the steel Vintage Collection. The Portofino The Portuguese The Da Vinci The Fliegeruhr The Ingenieur The Aquatimer This message has been edited by SJX on 2008-05-24 08:49:02...  

Thanks SJX

 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2008-23:10
After viewing your pics, I'm wondering if I don't prefer the Portofino in Platinum.. There is more contrast in this version between the dial and the moonphase... And the dial looks more classic, than in the SS version. But I prefer the Portuguese in SS...... 

some of mine from the 2nd nite :)

 By: raphmeister : May 23rd, 2008-23:13
thanks for the coverage of the first nite. some excellent pics in your post... what follows is a copy of the post from my blog sans list prices ... first off a big thank you to my wonderful hosts for the evening. Andreas, Vivien, Connie, Mike from IWC, Ko...  

Thanks, Raf

 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2008-23:15

A few more from the second night ;)

 By: elginyap : May 25th, 2008-07:13
Sincere thanks to Andreas, Mike, Connie, Vivian and Kong for all the behind-the-scene efforts that allow us to enjoy such a great evening. IMO, the vintage collection need to be handled in the "metal" to truly appreciate their beauty. I am thinking of the... 

oops here they are...

 By: elginyap : May 25th, 2008-07:22

Great post, Looks like fun SJX, but...

 By: DRMW : May 23rd, 2008-11:23
Did they make you wear those hats? lol. This message has been edited by DRMW on 2008-05-23 11:24:33

Yes, the guests were given hats, vests and scarfs to wear

 By: SJX : May 23rd, 2008-20:00
As part of the late 1800s theme. Fortunately I was late so I escaped the time machine! :-) - SJX

Great report, JiaXian - and thanks indeed to Harry for the photos

 By: Dirk : May 23rd, 2008-23:35
I only escaped the mad hatter because they could not find one large enough for my egg head, though I readily concede it added a very nice touch to the themed evening - dress maketh the man, after all - and it suited Jeffrey Sim to an extent that he might ... 

Thanks for the report SJX!

 By: AnthonyTsai : May 23rd, 2008-14:51

Thanks SJX *hats off* LOL!

 By: decksurgeon : May 24th, 2008-03:56

Hmmm, all the talk about watches made me a hungry man that night

 By: zephyr49 : May 24th, 2008-04:40
Let me supplement Jia Xian's excellent report with some of mine. What would such a delightful be without mention of the delectable and most excellent dinner that night. The theme of the crossing was well carried into the menu. The selection of items was w...  

Wow, impressive food, Lionel

 By: amanico : May 24th, 2008-05:04
Where was I??? Seems I missed a terrific event! Best. Nicolas

A great way to spend a Thursday evening

 By: J Sim : May 24th, 2008-06:56
Many thanks to IWC Singapore for the invitation and for putting up such a good show. It was most enjoyable to dress up and relive the crossing in period costume. Little known fact: the heavens above graced the "crossing" with a shower (rain) of blessing a... 

While wristwatches are all the rage this day and age ...

 By: zephyr49 : May 24th, 2008-07:23
... the presence of a handful of pocket watches also graced this 'vintage' theme event, adding more glamor and nostalgia. While I didn't manage to capture a very nice gold pocket watch, I did manage to capture a few shots of these two. Enjoy them! And a m...  

wonderful event...

 By: teckmeng : May 25th, 2008-23:55
thanks iwc, andreas, connie, mike and vivien.. cheers teckmeng