The launch of the Alain Silberstein 2008 collection!

Mar 18, 2008,03:15 AM

Alain Silberstein will not be exhibiting at Baselworld this year, instead he is embarking on a world tour to showcase his 2008 collection. Yesterday, a small group gathered at Garibaldi Italian Restaurant to see the 2008 collection while enjoying a wonderful lunch.
We were privileged to be one of the first in the world to see the new watches and now all Purists can similar enjoy the new range of watches.
(Click here    to read an interview with Alain Silberstein from November 2007)

Michael Tay, Executive Director of The Hour Glass with Peter Chong, Lange Moderator on TimeZone

Harry Tan

A familiar logo?

Many thanks to Ching Wyin, Roslinda and the rest of The Hour Glass team for the excellent afternoon.

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Part I: Lunch

 By: SJX : March 18th, 2008-03:29

Part II: The 2008 collections

 By: SJX : March 18th, 2008-03:34
Three collections are being launched this year: 1. Black Collection 2008 2. Basik Collection 2008 3. Bronze Collection 2008 A common theme of the 2008 collections is the use of titanium, all the watches are cased in titanium with some being available with...  

The Black Collection 2008

 By: SJX : March 18th, 2008-04:22

The Basik Collection 2008

 By: SJX : March 18th, 2008-04:24

The Bronze Collection 2008

 By: SJX : March 18th, 2008-04:25

Part III: More watches

 By: SJX : March 18th, 2008-04:44
These watches were spotted on various wrists around the table. Mr Silberstein was sporting the Tourbillon d'Art in titanium. Almost unnaturally light, it reminds me of the RM009 except much less serious looking. Inside beats the STT (formerly Progress) to...  

JX - really great images and report considering how dark the place was...

 By: Horolographer : March 18th, 2008-07:16
You managed to capture all the watches accurately with your new camera set up. Hope to see MTF's photos as well! For all the rest of you - some of us had to sing for our lunch - like this duo SJX and Peter Chong here doing a what looks like a "Stylistics"...  

Thanks Harry

 By: SJX : March 18th, 2008-07:25

I'm really beginning to like his work....

 By: Andy : March 18th, 2008-08:24
and these pics are fantastic....really show the 'fun' element to the pieces..!!! Could somebody please E-mail me some prices of the Basik Smileday, or a full price list as I can't find any prices anywhere..!! Much appreciated. Yours, Andy.


 By: argon : March 26th, 2008-18:20

Ouou I miss again, I think I miss again

 By: cen@jkt : March 18th, 2008-08:33
I miss the show again, how I wanted to be there and meet my favourite designer Hear it thru the grapevine, that by next week a mouseful of fun is coming my way. Just as I planned to stop and enjoy my bounty, come a rat gnawing at my wallet. cen@jkt

My take-home messages

 By: MTF : March 18th, 2008-10:35
Alain Silberstein Smileday models? Or Twins? Alain Silberstein and Mike Tay (The HourGlass) greet PuristS and guests to the 2008 novelties' preview One of two stellar main courses got rave reviews - Cod au gratin Got the tee-shirt? Now - get the watch! Ch...  

The Parting Shot

 By: MTF : March 18th, 2008-11:00

Lovely playful watches.

 By: jimsbk : March 18th, 2008-20:47

Thanks for these images

 By: AndrewD : March 18th, 2008-21:32

Bronze is cool

 By: Massi : March 18th, 2008-20:41

Great report.

 By: Krieng : March 19th, 2008-00:33