Sizzling HoT!!! Seiko DISCUS BLACK (aka Burger)

Apr 15, 2021,16:41 PM

1 Jan 2008,  Starts with A Fun and Unique Seiko....

Since the day I saw the post of one of our Malaysian Purists wearing this Black Seiko in an event about two months, I was charmed by this unique 'burger'. Yes, the name strangely is  Seiko Disc Burger ! (by a couple of Japanese sites).
And who say reading the posts in this forum does not make you buy watches, my friends...if it has not happened to is "Not Yet, Not Yet."

Searched high and low for information about this Discus-Burger and discovered it belongs to the "Seiko Moving Design Collection" launched in  August 2007.  However the official name is Seiko Discus  and this series has 2 models.  One full black  ( Ref : SCBS007) and the other one is with white dial (Ref : SCBS005), designed by Tomoko Tomita from Design Center of Seiko Watch.

There should be a concept behind this collection.  Highly likely something related to  "GREEN &  Eco-Conservation"... I can't say much as the site ( is only in Japanese.  So any of you kind soul who understand Japanese, appreciate you can translate smile .

Coincidentally, one of my good friend, a Purists too (asked not to be disclosed), was going for a vacation in Japan just before Christmas.  And shamelessly I asked... and voila!!
Thank you my friend!

Here it goes....

The Packaging - Green Packaging, paper card-box. 

The Contents

Aha....alas .... the starring - presenting the Seiko Discus-Black ( in a green!)

A closer look.  Tinted crystal.  Full Black case....very stealth!

Do you like it?  I think this design, either you like or dislike it.... no 2-way about it smile.

Apologies for those dust particles. This piece is pretty challenging to take, as the surface is highly reflective. It doesn't help much with my Canon P&S.

Some details.... specifications are not provided, so I measured with my caliper.

Case Diameter : 41mm.   If includes crown, will be 44 mm.

Crown Diameter is 5.5mm, thickness is 3 mm.  A bit too thin to hold, making winding difficult for some people.

Crystal: some reported is HARDLEX, Seiko's patented surface hardened mineral crystals.... however, by tapping it and listen to the feedback, it sounds like sapphire crystal and not mineral or acrylic.  The diameter is about 35mm. 

As for the display-window, it is about diameter 14.5mm.  Pretty well-balanced look.

The Time Indicators - 3 Discs

Zoom in - The 3 Discs.  The Outer most disc is the HOUR (with half-hourly markings).  The middle disc is the MINUTE and the last one is for the SECOND.

For example, using the two green triangular-markers reference,  the time displayed is 10:43 and 48 seconds.   The discs rotate clockwise!

Initially will take about 2 to 3 seconds to read the time, after some practise, it will be easy! 

A Short Video-Clip to illustrate the rotating Second-disc

Side View.... observe the crystal is convex.

Observe the discs are stacked on top of each others.

A Closer Look.

The See Through Case-Back

Similar to the front crystal....tinted with a display window.  It looks symmetrical with each other.

A closer look. 
The movement is the Automatic 6R15B 23 Jewels with  6 beats per hour (21,600vph). This is a Seiko's robust movement and used primarily in their Divers range too.
Besides the HOUR, MINUTE & SECOND, it  has a date calender (which is not used in this watch-design).  However when you pull the crown, there will be 2 clicks. 

The first click is for quick date set which is redundant.

The second click is for the time setting and hacked the Second-hand.

Can be hand-wound with over-wound protection. Power reserve of 50 hours.

Daily Rate : between -15 sec to +25 sec ... strangely in the instruction manual, this spec is for a period of 1 week.

After wearing for 6 days, it runs at +10 sec/day.  Not that bad...should be able to finetune.

The workmanship is pretty good....observe the 4 caseback locking screws... same colour as the blacken casing...and not a scratch from the screwdriver after tightening.


The Balance Assembly

The movement looks close to the 7S26, which our John(ei8htohms) reported before.
If you would like to read John's report, please click here .

Side view of the blacken casework (with different texture/finishing)  and the crown

The Lug

Observe the 3 layers blackened casing. The bezel and the caseback (brush-finished) sandwiching the lustrous body. 
Not sure if it is PVD, however knocked a few times  past  days, still has no visible dings/dents or scratches on the crystal. does look like a burger from this side view!

The total thickness is about 15mm. The bezel and the case-back each is 4.5mm while the body is 6mm.

Full side view. Observe the straps were pre-formed to flow with the curvatures of the lugs. 
Not a good idea, as it does not embrace thin wrist! 

Another view of the convex crystal.
The straps (supposedly leather, 20 X 18mm) is specially made to follow the arc of the body, leaving no gaps between the body/lugs and straps.

The Deployant Buckle

I like this quick adjust deployant buckle!  Good more chipped nails!

Well finished deployant, blackened to match the casing.

Buckle signed 'SEIKO' , seemed liked laser-marked.

Some Wrist Shots

Anyone can tell the time?

Observe the Second-disc... rotating upward (clockwise)..

Another interesting thing, at different lighting and angles, you will get to see different views... a fun piece!

The next picture, observe that the "Seiko" logo disappeared!

If the position of the watch-face perpendicular to your eyes, the logo will disappear....arrh....a parallax-error indicator!
That's when you read the time with more accuracy smile

A Short Clip of The Seiko Logo Disappearing Act

A Wristshot under the sunlight...

Extremely good if wore on right-hand. You can easily 'steal a peek' ....

Very comfortable to wear... the release buttons of the deployant.

On closer look...this is accuracy or even attention to details... the strap head-end meets exactly at the intersection of the bezel and the body and flowing out at the same diving angle of the lugs! 

The Seiko Discus won the Good Design Award... details could be found on the g-mark link (in the picture above).


This way of telling time is not new and it was common during 1970 when Spaceman Watches by Andre Le Marquand was hot. 
However the Seiko Discus is more than a retro revival.  The design is simple, current and minimalist but strangely appealing.

So far it is a head-turners and get many excited and want to have it immediately...not sure why...just something magical to the senses.

A point to note, to have a more accurate time adjustment, try to adjust at half-hour as it has a clear distinct half-hour white mark (on the disc) for alignment. 

It would be nice to have the HOUR disc in 24 hour format and the Display-window shifted to the right-side for left-hand wearer like me smile so I can easily read the time just by pushing the cuff a bit.  If you are Right-hand wearer, this watch is specially made for YOU!! Lucky people.

Only improvement would be the lugs & strap design, to accomodate thin wrists.

I think the Seiko Discus is a versatile piece, it can be a utility watch and subtle enough to transform for  formal event.

Please tell me if you like this Seiko Discus or not!

Happy New Year !!!



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Sizzling HoT!!! Seiko DISCUS BLACK (aka Burger)

 By: Kong : April 15th, 2021-16:41
1 Jan 2008, Starts with A Fun and Unique Seiko.... Since the day I saw the post of one of our Malaysian Purists wearing this Black Seiko in an event about two months, I was charmed by this unique 'burger'. Yes, the name strangely is Seiko Disc Burger ! (b...

Great Review

 By: nycWIS : December 31st, 2007-14:31
Thanks for the great review. I must admit that I really like this Seiko and may pursue one in the coming year. It would be an excellent addition to my collection which at this point lacks a timepiece with a novel time display. Happy New Year Best, Mitch

I love it!

 By: SteveH : December 31st, 2007-14:42

I like it Kong!!

 By: AnthonyTsai : December 31st, 2007-15:52
The videos are great, and love the music selection on the 1st video It must be nice to start off 2008 with a new watch! Cheers, Anthony

Thanks Anthony & SteveH. [nt]

 By: Kong : January 1st, 2008-10:19

It will be my first piece in year 2008

 By: ling5hk : December 31st, 2007-16:22
Kong, our friend will try to get a few pieces in Japan for the purists in Malaysia. It is a cheap and great watch. You can't get a better watch for that price. So subtle and yet avantgarde. I totally agree with your comments on the watch. Regards Ling

The Burger was my last piece for 2007

 By: Sleng : January 1st, 2008-02:48
Ling, you will definitely get yours very very soon. :-P Kong, great photos and review, I agree that the Black burger is indeed a versatile piece. Very comfortable on my right wrist(you are right, it is specifically made for right-handed wearer) and yet at...

And what's wrong with wearing them both at the same time?

 By: waien : January 1st, 2008-03:58
GMT ma....

You devil. That is a great idea

 By: ling5hk : January 1st, 2008-05:39

Kong, great review, very cool watch>>>

 By: timerider : December 31st, 2007-17:06
hope they arrive in California soon. Tim

Thanks Tim... not sure will they be over in ..

 By: Kong : January 1st, 2008-10:29
USA as the press release (after translation from Babelfish ang Google) the context is exclusively distributed in Japan and limited commodity. We need a kind soul to intepret. Kong

I must have missed it

 By: masterspiece : January 2nd, 2008-11:13
but what do you need translated? Let me know. Tomodachi o dekimasu. I can speak and read some but have friends that are Japanese nationals. As for the crystal, the specs at the Seiko does specify it as being Hardlex. ???????????=Glass: Hardlex. Bob

Thanks Bob...

 By: Kong : January 3rd, 2008-22:33
I will PM you later for some of the stuff to translate about this Burger piece. Thanks. Kong

No problem, Kong,

 By: masterspiece : January 3rd, 2008-22:57

Hai! Watashi wa suki desu

 By: cen@jkt : December 31st, 2007-21:45
I go Japan Jan. Should we wear it together when I go to Spore? cen@jkt

Sumimasen, cen@jkt...

 By: masterspiece : January 1st, 2008-23:08
Watashi mo hoshin desu yo! That is a cool watch. I'd like t get one also. cen@jkt would you PM me and let me know where, in Japan, it is available? I go there often. Domo! Bob ps Happy New year, all!

Oouww, man.....

 By: cen@jkt : January 1st, 2008-23:52

Nice watch Kong.

 By: yw wong : December 31st, 2007-23:07
Thanks for the comprehensive report. Reading the time in this format does take some practice. Sure woild like tosee this in the metal.

Any chance of this watch retailing in Singapore?

 By: RW Kev : January 1st, 2008-00:50
Great Watch, Any chance of it ever coming to SG? Can someone PM me the retail price for this? Cheers and Have a wonderful 2008. Kevin

Noticed that small indent...

 By: HW : January 1st, 2008-01:16
Kong, I noticed from your pics that there is a small indent on the discus at the 45 second mark, and also the 45 minute mark. So I checked my watch and discovered that it too has a similar small indent at the exact same locations! Not sure why that indent...

Yes, my guess, they should be datums for ....

 By: Kong : January 1st, 2008-10:14

Congratulations on your first 2008 piece...

 By: Horolographer : January 1st, 2008-01:46
I just love it! While it reminds me somehow of Rado (possibly the shiny black case finish as well as the black crystal - I would love to wear one of these watches. Seiko keeps going up in my estimation. Cheers Harry

Thanks Harry. Seiko is a formidable! [nt]

 By: Kong : January 1st, 2008-11:34

Love It

 By: waien : January 1st, 2008-01:55
Hi Kong, I just took delivery of my Burger yesterday from our good friend and haven't left my wrist since. Amazing value for this black beauty. Wear it in good health. Cheers, yn

great watch. i actually saw it on the bay last week and put it on my

 By: G99 : January 1st, 2008-03:25
watch list, but then took it off again for some reason. i know very few purists buy from the bay but when you live a million miles from anyone and from Japanese Market watch sellers its sometimes the only way its probably the nicest revamp of an old desig...

Love it...!!!!

 By: Andy : January 1st, 2008-03:30
Where can you get them from..?? Andy.

Thanks Andy. Seems like as of now is Japan only. [nt]

 By: Kong : January 1st, 2008-10:34
No message body

Reminds me of Storm......

 By: Andy : January 1st, 2008-11:08
Who do a similar watch - nowhere near the quality obviously and also quartz..!! From their website.... Andy....

There are a few companies having this approach... but

 By: Kong : January 1st, 2008-11:39
comparison with Seiko , that companies will need to be have some clout in watchmaking and design too. Kong

The Seiko is really nice.....

 By: Andy : January 1st, 2008-12:10

Looking good Kong

 By: Bill : January 1st, 2008-04:21
Happy New Year Kong .. Real simple and elegant timepiece. Simple obviously from the esthetic point of view. Cool watch hope to see one at some time son to get a feel for the watch on the wrist. Thanks for the review. Bill

Thanks Bill and ...

 By: Kong : January 1st, 2008-12:07

Good review and interesting watch. Can you PM me...

 By: Ronald Held : January 1st, 2008-04:59
with the price and dealers?

Thanks Ronald...

 By: Kong : January 1st, 2008-12:09
to access the information, proceed to the link I placed at the start of my review . Kong

Darn, Kong, you are wearing down my resistence to this piece!

 By: ThomasM : January 2nd, 2008-02:35
Watch obssession...even when you think you are completely innoculated, you're never really! And to close with a bottle of Otokoyama...sneaky! very sneaky! Cheers, Kong, and thanks, beautifully and comprehensively done. TM

i've done it and just bought one !! will i be the first in the western

 By: G99 : January 2nd, 2008-10:26
world to own one? i went for black and there is still a white one available so if anyone wants one please pm me and i'll happily give sellers details. shipping from Japan. isnt life strange, i saw it last week on the net and commented to my wife how nice ...

I have one on the way too!

 By: SteveH : January 2nd, 2008-11:28
I'll race you to see whose gets here first

Wow....let's see whose arrive first! [nt]

 By: Kong : January 2nd, 2008-13:32

Digging the root cause... its all started with....

 By: Kong : January 2nd, 2008-13:37
K T's photos! (during the IWC event).... Dig must the Malaysian Purists (TL) who bought it... Going deeper.... it is the internet... Deeper again.... the person who started this darn forum.... TM!
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