Expensive Quartz Watches

Jul 27, 2022,18:07 PM

Some expensive quartz watches I can only dream of. One day, perhaps, I’d hunt for one:

Credit: Vianney Halter

Credit: Monochrome Watches

Credit: SJX

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My goal for quartz is not cost...

 By: Ronald Held : July 27th, 2022-19:36
But accuracy/precision.

I can think of some stellar examples

 By: Cookies : July 27th, 2022-20:02
Indeed, the accuracy of quartz is the goal. I wish they revived more high quality quartz models, and perhaps some meca-quartz too. Credit: ebay Credit: catawiki Credit: HA.com ...  

Citizen caliber 0100s, Citizens and GSs with...

 By: Ronald Held : July 28th, 2022-16:16
Specs of 5 s/y offset.

Not that expensive but

 By: Arronax : July 27th, 2022-20:56
If accuracy is a concern, I would suggest adding this one to your list, incredibly light and the minute repeater is a great feature too! ...  

I second that motion

 By: cazalea : July 27th, 2022-21:49
One of my favorites! ...  

Love it

 By: Cookies : July 28th, 2022-00:04
Beautiful N Funky

Owned one. Did not care...

 By: Ronald Held : July 30th, 2022-19:15
For all operations controlled through the crown. Accuracy was not as good as 5cs/y

It is a sleek and elegant piece

 By: Cookies : July 28th, 2022-12:14
I really like the finishing of the circuitry, and the sleep mode on it. It is pretty hard to get. I tried to put my name on the list for it, but never got the call.